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Me? I'm just like most of you here.
Anime nut who has the uncontrollable desire to own my favorite characters.
My collection consist mostly of trading figures. Though recently I've been getting scaled figures and prize figures.
Space is becoming a factor.

Some other (useless) facts about me:
-I'm a Aquarius.
-I really like MALE figures.
-I'm a Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fan.
-I'm a fan of Marvel comics.
-I'm an artist on good days.
-Yaoi? Yes please.(Fujoshi Alert)

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07 months agoTerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
Jigen Arrived!!!!!
~super happy~
010 months agoTerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
MetroCon 2016 just concluded yesturday. I only got two figures from the convention, Creator x Creator Jigen and Kamen Rider W. I got my Bartholomew figures before MetroCon and my two Trafalgar Law figures arrived from Big In Japan during the weekend. ^U^ Happy collector.
01 year agoTerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
Sadly right after MetroCon my hours at work were cut. I've had to cancel alot of orders(from HLJ) to be able to make my bills. I am not a happy collector, but alas, bills are far more important.
01 year ago (1 year ago)TerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
Well, MetroCon 2015 in Tampa Florida has come and gone and it went far too fast for being a 4 day convention. I didn't really start with much money and then my student laon hit. Needless to say I passed the 60$ Alter Haruka and the 40$ FigZero Law Dressrossa Ver. And the 30$ GLM 15th Anniversary Zoro. I did on the other hand get MANY posters and KPop music cds (100% BigBang).
I got little things ... Oh and ART from the artist alley. All and all I loved it very much and wish to do it again sooner than next year. /_\
02 years agoTerraToyaSiTerraToyaSi
Thankfully GLM 15th Anni Law and Mingo arrived.... More than a month from getting the tracking number. The box was crushed and damp. The figures appear to be fine. So YAY!!

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