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Umh....I'm a recently graduated Doctor in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, with a thesis about Date Masamune, and since i was a kid, i love to collect everything XD
Sengoku Basara is a series that i really love from the deep of my heart. It changed me. I never loved in all my life a series in this way. I could say lots of things and continue for days, so let's finish here XD
I also love all the Type-Moon works. Such greatness.
I'm a little bit obsessed with a japanese actor, Yuki Kubota. He has the role of Date Masamune in all the theatrical plays of Sengoku Basara <3 He's very talented! >w<

Err, waht else can i say...that i miss so much Osaka and Den Den Town T^T and....dunno LOL
Bye-bii °u°

Other things i've ordered not listed here:

- Bessatsu Spoon 2Di Vol.59
- Pash! 2015 January Issue

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05 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (7 days ago) #2816799My favourite inscriptions are, side from the ones that grant you more HP, attack, defense and element, the "Tasty" (increase potency of healing items), "Bloodsucking" (recovers HP when defeating an enemy), "Rest" (recovers HP when guarding) and "Experience" (gaves you 20% more experience when defeating an enemy).
Yup, surely they didn't advertised the game in the right way, and I also think the lack of the double language English-Japanese influenced a lot, I'm an example. I found various people who bought the jap version to have the original dubbing.

Ooh, the experience one will be helpful for someone starting over like me! Really didn't look at those enough, thanks for the tips! XD
Yeah, dual audio would have been fantastic, though a lot of games these days just go with subs so I think if Basara were to be localized here Capcom wouldn't bother with the English VAs anymore. The fanbase that is still very into the series is probably too much of a niche. IMO the market has really changed since then. What anime game still uses dubs even (besides Naruto I guess)?
07 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (10 days ago) #2797861yeah I know, getting all the inscription is quite painful, especially searching for that particular one you need. I don't like complex things too, but now I'm used to this system and I find it quite funny, even tho it takesa lot of time to prepare for every battle.
Ah of course, after the anime it would nice if someone decide to play the games, you can even understand better what's gogin on in the anime, searching for that scene, that reference, that phrase *u* but everyone is different, maybe they just don't want to get into games .u.
Yes, Q-Ball XD seriously, I don't know what arcaic meanings these names may have, but surely they had a lot of fantasy while naming them XD just because they thought it was "too japanese" for us...bah =_=

Oh yeah, it takes me so long to figure out all of the inscriptions after battles sometimes. I haven't paid much attention to any of the affects of inscriptions aside from the elemental ones though. Do you have any favorites?
I can understand because as much as I love video games, I'm not as into them as I used to be. And if someone doesn't have the right console that's even worse. But for Basara I definitely wouldn't love certain characters as much if I didn't play them till they were maxed out.
lol seriously, they butchered it so badly and we'll never even know what they were thinking with those names. Shame Samurai Heroes didn't do well when it stayed true to the series, I blame Capcom's crappy marketing but I guess they did try. :/
010 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (12 days ago) #2795720Funny thing is, even thought I had the asian version of SB3, the trophies were in English XD
Ah yup, the inscriptions at first are quite a pain, but thanks to the Raindrops' translated lists and a bit of practice, it's really easy. Once you have found the most useful inscriptions, you just focus on them and discard the others.
Oh really? °u° most of the people in the Basara fandom were introduced through the anime, very few of them went first to the game. Another part only saw the anime and never played the games.
Don't forget Arslan, Kahz, Q-Ball, Iron Ox, Irdine.....where the heck did they come out with such names XD

Ooh cool, I wonder why that is. One Piece Kaizoku Musou had a similar thing where the Asian version had English subtitles.
It was more getting all of the inscriptions and having them all at once for completion's sake that annoyed me, but either way I'll always prefer the simplicity of the weapon systems from the earlier games. I don't play Basara for something complex lol.
Wow really? I thought a lot of people played the games first but I guess it would make sense that the anime is more popular than the games in the West. I wish more people that just watched the anime would play the games too though, they're so fun!
Wait, Q-Ball?? Xavi was Q-Ball?? I can't believe I even forgot that one, it doesn't make even a bit of sense. O.o None of them really do, but damn, poor Xavi. XD
012 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (13 days ago) #2794262Acc, that's really troublesome é_è Oh wow, SB3 platinum? °A° that's great! I never got all of them mostly because some where too difficult for someone like me who just wants to play without thinking too much XD
Ah Motochika got my love also because he's shirtless, pupupupu~ and the giant anchor is really innovative *u*
Yup, always played all the games in japanese, I was used to the anime voices, so I couldn't really stand the English ones...and Masamune without the engrish thing, yes, he's not the same. Also, I heard a bit his English voice and in my opinion doesn't have the same enthusiasm and determination he has in japanese. Surely they made a better job than the unglorious dubbing of Devil Kings XD

The English thing definitely made the Basara 3 platinum a lot easier than if it were in Japanese, but some of the trophies were kind of a pain- getting all of the allies and creating every accessory especially. I didn't bother going for an Utage platinum but I was kind of going for Basara 4, it was just the inscriptions that were giving me a lot of trouble and they were easily the worst part of the game. >.< I want to completely ignore inscriptions if I go back to it and just focus on maxing everyone for Sumeragi and having fun with it. ^^
Haha yes, that's also a big plus. I really love that one move where he surfs on his anchor, I abuse it.
I was introduced to the whole series through Basara 3 so I had no preconceptions about it whatsoever. I actually didn't even know there was an anime. XD Going back to English now would be annoying though. I love how Masamune's moves are always written in English anyway. Oh gosh, Devil Kings...let's not forget Scorpio, Puff, and Lady Butterfly. XD
013 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (13 days ago) #2794110Oh gosh, that's terrible °_° Glad you're feeling better about it, I would be totally off for months @_@
Infact that's why I love Motonari's outfit, that's really soooo strange XD the alternate costumes too, I love everyone of them.
My first Basara game was SB3, bought the asian version because I wanted the original japanese voices. Now I'm so used to play every game in japanese that when I see them in English I get shocked XD

I was so upset about it I couldn't even look at my PS3, but putting it away made me even more upset so I had to put it back lol. Probably not going back to the Tales of games anytime soon and I'm pretty bummed that I lost all of my Project Diva data, but I still have my trophies at least (Basara 3 platinum woo).
Yep, I don't think I've ever seen a design that looks even remotely close to Motonari in any other series, it's great. XD Motochika's design on the other hand puts together so many cool things- big white hair, eyepatch, giant anchor, and pink! It was already a done deal that I was going to love him.
Oh nice, so you started with the original voices? The English voice actors generally did a pretty good job but some of the characters sounded sooo different when I first heard them in Japanese- Masamune being the biggest one. He's just not the same without the Engrish though! XD

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