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Umh....I'm a recently graduated Doctor in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, with a thesis about Date Masamune, and since i was a kid, i love to collect everything XD
Sengoku Basara is a series that i really love from the deep of my heart. It changed me. I never loved in all my life a series in this way. I could say lots of things and continue for days, so let's finish here XD
I also love all the Type-Moon works. Such greatness.
I'm a little bit obsessed with a japanese actor, Yuki Kubota. He has the role of Date Masamune in all the theatrical plays of Sengoku Basara <3 He's very talented! >w<

Err, waht else can i say...that i miss so much Osaka and Den Den Town T^T and....dunno LOL
Bye-bii °u°

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08 months agoDjibrilDjibril
Auguri!! ritardo ^^"
01 year agoLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
May I ask a question?
It is regarding the Animate Exclusive version of the Kotobukiya Sengoku Basara One Coin Grande Figure Collection 2nd Formation. What does the limited edition package contain aside from the raw box of 10 figures? Thank you! :)
01 year agoMamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
You see that s.i.c zangetsu is exclusive?
01 year agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (1 year ago) #9281718AAAAAAAAAAAAAH SO MANY FEELS!!!!! And Ibushi-san!!! Really he had a great welcome like he deserved! He already charmed everyone! Have you ever seen on Twitter Bayley and Sasha Banks fighting over him? XD That's so cute XD But you know who else was there too see Nakamura? Another wrestler named Nakamura....Chinsuke! They even filmed him I think XD He is a mimicry wrestler of Shinsuke, and he's truly adorable! He went all the way to America to see Ibushi at EVOLVE and then his beloved Shinsuke QuQ MY KOKORO *cries*
Ah yep, I saw Asuka won the title! Japan all the way!
Ah, ah.....Wario-chan I really don't deserve such words QAQ I never thought I could have such an effect...I don't know what to say. Sometimes I think I don't deserve such words because I'm basically a NEET who doesn't know what to do in life (and my country doesn't help, since no one wants me to work LOL), everyday I change what I want to become, but maybe with wrestling I can settle my mind. I just hope to finally find the day when I suddenly stand up and do things .u. (it may be strange but that's how I function, basically one day I wake up and start to change LOL it happened even at school, one day I completely changed my way to do things and I became unstoppable with grades XD ) But I'm so happy to hear you revived your passion! Sometimes one can lost sight of things like this, and being able to start fangilrling like old times...gosh, must be feel amazing *u* I'm really, really happy to hear this. Especially because like you said there are more cynical people about it, while I'm just here being crazy for everything and everyone like a kid with his toys XD I noticed I rarely criticize NJPW matches...maybe I should be more objective? XD
Seeing women fighting gave me strenght too...I know that when the day will come, I can do anything! I just need a bit more time and...fuel XD I'll remind your words every time I need strenght! >w<
Aaaah well, with Dio is complicated XD like, he's a true asshole, but at the same time you can't just not love him in some way. He's charming, a true fascinating villain.
Well, Elgin fought a lot in the past for NJPW, and he got much attention from the company and especially the fans. His strenght surely doesn't get unnoticed. Aaah, don't mention TNA to NJPW XD Dunno if I already told you, but they once had a working deal with them, sending their Young Lions to them to improve, then, from what I recall, they weren't satisfied on how they treated Okada and interrupted everything. But I should say, many talented wrestlers came from TNA (AJ, Young Bucks). I don't know the whole TNA story tho, dunno what happened to this promotion. Mh no, when they take a wrestler from another company there isn't a training period as far as I know. Even so, Will is really young and can learn a lot.
Eh you know, Naito may be a heel, but he truly is a good guy. He even said it himself in an interview X3 as you said to me once, he really was refused by fans, so he became a heel in spite of it. So I think that's why he keeps this equal treatment among his group, what's left of him as a babyface.
Speaking of Naito...................oh you know. Please let me go crazy as I never was....
Oh gooooooosh, I'm crying TAT Finally he put an end to Okada! That's so heart-warming seeing him holding the belt, even tho he throw it in the air LOL guess was again in spite of the audience who refused him at the time. A new era began *^* now thay booked a match for the IWGP against Ishii...pfff, he can't have it. I'll be so mad if they let Ishii win, it's not something that can happen now. Let Naito keep the title for an entire year dang it, he deserves it. Aaaaaaaaaah I almost forgot, have you seen the new LIJ member??? I never expected a new member to come! Didn't really know who could he be and then...Sanada Seiya! Never actually saw a match of him, but I've heard his name. I discovered he knew Naito and also wrestled together with EVIL.
Eh well, guess the belt isn't gonna fuse with Okada anymore LOL but yeah, Okada's character fits him a lot, even tho he is a truly sweet guy in real life, he acts very well as the Rainmaker. Speaking of WWE, today there was the match for the Intercontinetal between Kenny and Elgin, and Kenny bought a ladder with him XD I was like: "Kenny this is not WWE" XD but he didn't use it to jump, he attached Elgin with it and then opened it over a laying Tanahashi to keep him blocked XD Kenny climbed the ladder just to make and announce and nothing else.
Yep, Eurovision is really particular, and so is Finland XD last year Finland sent as their rep a band of mentally challanged and with Down Syndrome people, to show us that everyone can do what they want. They didn't care about win.
Yeah, guess so XD even tho I never watched too many episodes of Power Rangers, didn't like at the time. Yes, Sentai are still profound, but Kamen Rider can be more obscure and gore if they want. Amazon and Shin were really splatter, especially the new spin off series Kamen Rider Amazons, with Amazon Alpha and Amazon Omega. In the trailer they basically pass their time ripping off limbs and tear apart enemies LOL
Super LOL at Godzilla
Teheheheh~ you know, if I had a lots of muscles I'd like to wear tight clothes, to show everyone how much bIIIIIIg I am, teheheheh
Aaaaah, dunno, I lost it with Bandai. I'll just wait and see what they want to do. The second series of Terra Formars started, so....speaking of which, gosh I don't like the new chara desing at all!!! They look so sloppy, no more bad ass, the strong lines and the intense eyes...sigh T^T but also Jojo part 4 started and anime is saved once again. The ending song! *A*
Well, my comments are long too X3 our comments are always so long because we have a lot to say X3 this time I haven't logged in for a lot because issues, so....ah! Listen here Wario-chan! You know, some days ago there was our local con, and I went the first two days. Suddenly I see some guys wearing...a Bullet Club t-shirt!!! I couldn't believe it! Luckily I met one of these guys before leaving the con and I complimented him for the t-shirt! *u* I was so happy! Aaaaaaah I want to talk a lot more with you X3

The "fight forever" chants were especially crazy, because I've never heard anything like that before. :o Fitting that Nakamura would get them in his first freakin match here lol. Now Nakamura is always the main event (it doesn't even matter who he's going against really, all the commercial will say is "see Nakamura in action" to get people interested) and on the official YouTube channel for WWE music, Nakamura's new theme was the first and only to reach a million views. It really speaks to his talent, doesn't even have to say a word and people are all over him. Ooh I'm surprised you saw that! Sasha Banks is probably my favorite female wrestler right now so seeing her argue over who's closer to Nakamura with her babyface arch-nemesis was glorious. XD Ohhh is that his name? I remember seeing him in a picture (can't remember if it was Nak that posted it or a fan, a lot of people got a kick out of seeing him there lol) but that's some crazy level of dedication!
I love that "Asuka's gonna kill you" has to be chanted at every one of her matches haha, it's really true though, she's brutal! There's this documentary-type series on the Network that shows how wrestlers train to enter NXT and this one girl was booked in a match against Asuka. She was like "I'm not scared" but then when they were practicing their match there was this one move that really caught her off-guard because it was so painful, and after that she was actually scared to go in the ring with her lol. She's like "AHHH MY CHEST" and Asuka's just like "oops." I love her so much...
Wow, I wish I could change so suddenly, I'm just so darn lazy with schoolwork lol. Yeah, I can't really think of another way to describe it besides contagious enthusiasm haha, and it is kinda hard to criticize NJPW because there isn't much wrong with it... Really can't think of anything off the top of my head, they have great talent and they know how to use it. WWE is a different story lol.
Oh yeah, now that I think about it, wasn't Dio's father a huge dick/alcoholic?
Gah, I'm soooo bummed... NJPW and ROH are having a War of the Worlds show here and I found out way too late, the tickets are so expensive now... Oh the pain. ;__; NXT is going to be in Brooklyn this summer but I actually missed that too. I suck. ;__; I guess my only choice now is to go to a WWE show and boo their top guy with everyone else. :P I keep forgetting that Okada was in TNA, damn. But I think since he went there he was able to vouch for the Young Bucks when he came back to New Japan and get them into the company, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise? TNA is just a mess right now, AJ Styles was pretty much their top guy (besides Sting and maybe Samoa Joe, who WWE was able to get their hands on, but neither of them have built the company up like AJ) so having NJPW take him was no doubt a big blow. TNA has been especially bitter about AJ leaving ever since he signed with WWE - I guess they were under the impression that when he returned from Japan, he would rejoin them - and they've been throwing his name under the bus, saying he backed out of a contract, didn't stick to his word, lucky they aren't suing him, etc. All AJ said is now he knows he made the right decision. I've heard their show is improving and ratings have gone up, but they're out of money and the owner is stubborn about holding onto the majority share of TNA (ROH is interested in buying it, so why not just sell??) so it might be too late to save it. They've been holding on this long though, so we'll see. :P
Ahahaha, I couldn't believe it, I really didn't think Naito would win, but when he hit the Destino I was just like... ohhhh shit... This was the first NJPW PPV I stayed up to watch live too (it went on from 3 AM to 6 or 7 here, what's your strategy for watching these? wake up early?) and I was feeling dizzy because I caught some kinda flu a few days before, but it was worth it lol. I only regret missing the middle of the show, after the first couple of matches (I think they were just quick tag matches) I tuned out because I figured I should get some sleep instead of staying up to watch. But then when I couldn't sleep I said screw it and turned it back on, only to find that I completely missed Matt Sydal/Richochet's match (found out later that they lost ;__;) and just missed the Kushida/Ospreay match. D: Also sad that the Elite lost lol, they were definitely the high point of that match for me. Omega calling out Wrestlemania for sucking before the match even started, one of the Young Bucks mimicking Jeff Hardy's hand sign and signature move outside of the ring (and injuring poor Cody Hall), and all the coordinated moves between the three of them were just stunning. *_* But Omega vs. Elgin should be interesting. Back to the main event, it was shocking that the fans were booing Okada and even chanting at his friends that came to help him to go away. Like wow, people really are sour on him! All I could think was Kaoru-chan is such a trendsetter, she liked Naito before it was cool. ;P As for Sanada, I don't know who he is so when he was introduced as the new member I didn't know what to think. It'll be interesting to see what he's like against Okada though.
lol oh Kenny... But did they have their match already??
Wow, I have even more respect for Finland now haha.
Oh geez, what are you making me watch?? XD
Oh no! Is the studio different or something? This isn't what Terra Formars needed... D:
Wow, that's awesome!! I've seen them at wrestling events but randomly in public is truly something special... I hope this means something for their popularity! It's almost like English speakers outside of Japan use Bullet Club as a gateway into NJPW, with their loudness and constant use of English... I can't help but be biased toward them. XD A faction for gaijin was really a great idea to tap into the global market, and I think WWE has unwillingly gotten even more attention to Bullet Club, because I know that ever since signing AJ, Karl Anderson, and Doc Gallows, the Bullet Club name has gotten really popular over here. It looks like WWE is even piggybacking off of NJPW and creating a Bullet Club storyline, led by original leader Prince Devitt. I'm almost positive Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will interfere in AJ's championship match to solidify their faction, people were even chanting "Bullet Club" during Anderson and Gallows' first match here. So in a way NJPW is also unwillingly helping WWE's writers come up with a really interesting storyline... I would cry bullshit but WWE REALLY needed it. :P
I'm happy you had such an awesome experience though!! TwT I saw a guy wearing a Sasha Banks shirt on campus which was really neat, but otherwise I can't say I've had so much luck. I told someone I'm into wrestling recently and he just said "you know it's fake, right?" Sigh. But I'm glad the feeling here is mutual! X3
01 year ago (1 year ago)Wario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (1 year ago) #7834104Ah, probably, in Japan spring is a really important season, maybe that's because of it XD
Yup, I like Jojo a lot. Well, Stardust Crusaders is the most loved one because of Stands, I think you might like it, also because Dio Brando~
Eh a lot, I liked the back of the old t-shirt because it had all the logos from other wrestlers/groups in NJPW covered by their words, it looked cool and totally a LIJ thing. Ah yes, they released a new t-shirt! This one [ext link ] the illustration is form Hiroku, a great artist who loves Naito and LIJ *u* now I think I'm gonna buy 3 t-shirts, all LIJ ones LOL
Aaaah yes, I saw that XD Nakamura was so composed, but that's obvious, he's the King! AH!
Yep, I'm impressed NJPW is taking and searching new talents so much, especially not Japanese people. Even Micheal Elgin from ROH officially signed with them for 2 years, so he's in the regular roster. I was impressed with Will too, he's 3 years younger than me, mheh ._. *feels depressed* For now, I prefer Kushida, he cute X3
You said it, know, Naito said that in LIJ there isn't the senpai/kohai thing, they are a partnership, on the same level. Said that, it may not seems. EVIL was actually introduced as a pareja (partner) the first time, and maybe with him it's more noticeable, but with BUSHI is different. At first he was just observing the matches since he couldn't return on the ring yet, interrupting them from time to time, and even tried to get Mascara Dorada join LIJ. Then he finally came back to fight and was given even more attention than EVIL. But you see, when they fight all together, EVIL is always the first one to show with his own theme, while BUSHI is usually the "prequel" to Naito's entrance, his theme ever gets played in this case. So all this thing can be confusing, but while you can see them as Naito's lackeys, you also know it isn't like that. When one of them is fighting a single match, they almost always shown up to watch over him. Naito can just be considered the founder of LIJ, even tho Ishii called EVIL "Naito's dog".
It's not a common thing but yes, NJPW actually does them. They're called 3 way matches, one of the most recent is the one for the IWGP Jr. Tag Team, between Ricochet/Sydal, Young Bucks and Red Dragon if I remember correctly. A great match indeed. No cage thing tho, a last man standing, umh...during Wrestle Kingdom they do this rumble where all other wrestlers fight against each other and one wins, I think.
Well, Tanahashi and Nakamura were considered rivals, true rivals, so I think they are playing the "empty hero without his counterpart" card. When they called him like that I thin it was because of this (and I also had Sengoku Basara feelings, ugh, I hate everything *cries*). I love Okada too, but seriously, that belt will end up fusing with him, he had it for such a long time, even when he lost it, he took revenge soon. Even if Naito wins the IWGP, I think they'll have Okada re-take it the next time. Naito is surely being pushed as a top heel, I think the match for the IWGP is just the confirmation of it. Mmmh Okada doesn't act too much as a face, he's a bit arrogant on the ring, a mixture of face and heel maybe. I know this period will end sooner or later, but still, it hurts to see Tanahashi treated like that...
Aaaah Lacuna Coil! I thought they could be them, they are well know overseas. Listened to a couple of their songs and they are pretty good. Mmmh, there is this Finnish heavy metal band, Lordi, they even won an Eurovision edition, they are freaking scary XD
One time I tried to watch an episode of Power Ranger Super MegaForce, which is the western counterpart of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a series I love, and basically the events were the same, first this thing happens, then this one, and so on. Just done with different actors. Oooooh well ._.'
Ahahah, don't thank me >w< to be honest I don't like too much women sized t-shirt...I mean, I like them, but I can't stand those tight slevees T_T they go under my armpit and that bothers me T_T and they are a bit too short sometimes ><
Eh, there was an entry blog about it recently...Bandai rushs up to show painted prototypes of everyone, puts up on pre-order one or two of them and the rest is totally forgotten. They did this to Star Driver too, released only Takuto Figuarts and Tauburn Robot Damashii, then all the other characters showed and the Chibi Arts of Takuto forgotten at the toilet ._. I feel you.
Oh thank you! Happy Easter to you too! *w*

GIRL HAVE YOU SEEN NXT TAKEOVER YET? NAKAMURA VS. ZAYN MATCH OF THE YEAR HOLY SHIT. AND IBUSHI WAS THERE, OMG, I HONESTLY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART TO TAKE. Tbh just seeing Nakamura in a WWE ring was so surreal for me, but the loud "Nakamura" chants starting before he even came out gave me so many feels. ToT The fans embraced him with open arms (the "holy shit" chants when he finally entered the ring were gold, because it summarized my feelings at the time so perfectly haha), and after that beautiful match, wow... I'm so so happy. ToT What a way for Sami Zayn to go out too, there was no one else he could have lost to that would earn him that much respect imo, but Nak couldn't have done it without him (and when Zayn mocked Nakamura with his own taunt I literally screamed "OHHHHH" at the TV lol). Idk if you care for the rest of the matches but the tag match and women's match (poor Bayley but YES ASUKA) were fun too, I really really don't want to cancel my subscription now... And ya know what? I blame this on you. :p As soon as I got the Network I started to relive PPVs from my past (I guess the first one I watched was in 2006, so ten years ago now... God I feel old) and seeing the matches that I begged my parents to pay $30 for (yeah, this happened every month lol) once again was so nostalgia-inducing. And then I realized how much I was looking forward to Nakamura's debut and hyping it up in my head, and tbh I felt like a kid again. I still do. I haven't fangirled this much over wrestling in years and years, just because everyone is always so cynical about it I guess. But talking to you about it is sooo different, like it revitalized my passion for it lol. Idk, your enthusiasm is just so contagious! So now I find myself wanting to spend so much on wrestling merch and I'm like, wait, how did this happen? I haven't bought a wrestling shirt since I was like 12 and now I'm struggling to keep myself from pre-ordering them? KAORU HAPPENED! Naw but seriously, thanks for showing me NJPW and getting me so hyped about one of my childhood passions. Seeing what those women can do in NXT, I have no doubt that with your love for the sport, you can do anything you put your mind to!
Imma give Jojo another shot then, and oh wow why am I surprised that you like Dio? XD
Wow, I'm surprised they got Michael Elgin. He seems good so far even though I don't watch ROH. :x There should really be an easier way to watch ROH... Nahhh, I'm keeping up with enough wrestling shows as it is lol. Would be great if NJPW could raid TNA like WWE is doing and take the Hardys. >:D But now I'm thinking too much about gaijin lol. I'm surprised NJPW is letting Will start right away with a title match too, I mean no months of training or anything? Even with his experience, they're putting a lot of faith in a kid.
Awww, that's sweet of Naito to treat them like comrades that are equal to him. For a heel he can be pretty honorable lol. Sometimes.
Yeah NJPW's matches seem a lot more technical... I'm not worthy lol. "The belt will end up fusing with him," ahahahahaha! XD I guess with WWE I'm just used to it. There's always this top guy that rarely faces defeat and whose championship must be pried from his cold, dead hands lol. Okada is far more likable than the top guys we get in WWE though, seriously. Nothing against them as people, they're just really freakin boring. On the other hand, Okada has a cool character and a lot of in-ring talent, so I guess for now, I'm cool with it. Then again, I haven't been watching as long as you. :x
Omg a heavy metal band won?? I'm big on this one Finnish death metal band that's really popular over there, but they straight up chose a metal band for their rep? They are so hardcore... *_*
lol Power Rangers is better if you watch it as a dumb kid who is ignorant about everything. Although Sentai seems more family-friendly than Kamen Rider in general (ya Sentai wouldn't hire Urobutcher to write their script and kill people off I'm pretty sure lol) so it makes sense for them to redo it here, even if it's a word-for-word copy. At that age, I couldn't have handled the subs lol. Godzilla on the other hand didn't really have a reason to be remade. The Americans back in the day were probably still sore over World War II but I don't think they even realized that the whole movie was a commentary against the bomb that they dropped. Yep, that's us... Americanizing everything and missing the point lol.
Oh I'm the opposite, I like my clothes to be tight and form-fitting. I actually wish my Nakamura shirt was tighter lol. But I'm still wearing it because I'm still internally fangirling. ;p
Yeah, what's the deal with that? Like, just test out one or two figures and then if they don't do as well as Bandai would have hoped they just axe the rest of the line? It's a shitty business practice and they should really keep their planning to themselves before announcing whole lines and giving us false hope. >:(
Holy shit this comment is long. Too many tangents lol, sorry... I really tried to keep it short. :x

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