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Umh....I'm a recently graduated Doctor in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, with a thesis about Date Masamune, and since i was a kid, i love to collect everything XD
Sengoku Basara is a series that i really love from the deep of my heart. It changed me. I never loved in all my life a series in this way. I could say lots of things and continue for days, so let's finish here XD
I also love all the Type-Moon works. Such greatness.
I'm a little bit obsessed with a japanese actor, Yuki Kubota. He has the role of Date Masamune in all the theatrical plays of Sengoku Basara <3 He's very talented! >w<

Err, waht else can i say...that i miss so much Osaka and Den Den Town T^T and....dunno LOL
Bye-bii °u°

Other things i've ordered not listed here:

- Bessatsu Spoon 2Di Vol.59
- Pash! 2015 January Issue

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01 day agoMamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
TheBasarianKaoru (5 days ago) #2749035Might have to wait, looks like they'll release images only when the pre-order date comes. Then I would also like to know when the damn figures come out! XD
02 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (3 days ago) #2756970Ah but for the Ranmaru and Nouhime thing you can just call it an intuition XD When I saw them in the video and people wondering if they'll come back, I thought that it would quite impossible, knowing how Capcom is...but I always hope they can shock us with something unexpected XD
Surely being able to see Sorin and Xavi together for the first time would be hilarious XD umh, Hanbei moveset changed a bit in SB4, in the PS2 games he used his sword like a whip in more attacks.
I do hope so, more collaborations will mean more visibilty and popularity, and also more fun for us! *u* But I wonder when they'll make another announcement...

If they could bring back those three, there's always hope, right? Hideyoshi's army has grown too big compared to Nobunaga's anyway, they need to level the playing field a bit. Mitsuhide shouldn't even count as part of Nobunaga's army anymore either.
Yes, hilarious but I would feel bad for the rest of the cast having to put up with the two of them. XD Xavism at its finest. Sorin is my favorite of the joke characters anyway, never cared much for Yoshiaki and Hideaki is okay. Actually, is Ujimasa a joke character? Lol
Ahh, I noticed that a few of his moves are similar to Mitsunari (especially the sword versions). Then they have the same color scheme and hair color, I really thought Mitsunari had replaced Hanbei before his return.
Yeah, I feel like it's been a long time since we've heard anything new. Come on Capcom, don't leave us hanging.
03 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (5 days ago) #2749150The Katsuie route left so many people with the hope of Nouhime and Ranmaru return, but I always knew it was just for the plot and for a bit of fan-service (to be intended as a reference for the fans). Umh, Xavi and Itsuki...I never liked them too much, even in terms of gameplay, so I don't really care about their return.
Yup, KobaP said SUmeragi will be the Basara game with the most features of all! This year is also the 10th anniversary of the series, so we should be prepared for a lot of things *u*
Bah, I never explored the Gaist Crusher thing further, so I don't know about, but I guess it was also to promote this new series of game that they made a collab with the more famous Basara?

You knew?? You must be some kind of Basara genius. Or you're related to KobaP. But-but Sorin... imo it's sad that he's never been able to be in a game with Xavi. XD I'm sure there's some way they could change up their moves and whatnot- like Oichi and Hideyoshi, although I'm not sure how much Hanbei and Nagamasa were altered if at all since their last appearances... Xavi is just too hilarious to be left behind and Itsuki is too cute. >~<
Oh geez, I'm excited but I don't want to get my hopes too high (again). I still can't believe the series has been around so long!
Oh yeah, it looks like a pretty new game. Hm I wonder if it's good... It'd be nice if the collaborations boosted Basara's popularity a bit too. More people need to know of its greatness.
05 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (6 days ago) #2737469Ah yep, I was surprised too that in the first games some characters had moveset identical to others, Good thing they changed! I do hope Matsu and Toshiie will get a story of their own, a special mode or looks like they will be in Sumeragi. Well, Sumeragi is just an expansion, so I was already aware there will be not many playable characters, but to have a completely new character sure is a new thing °u° I think they are focused on him and on the new features. Aaah, Ranmaru and Nouhime, I miss them so much XD with a moveset made espacially for PS3 system they'll be even more fun to play with!
Ah, for SB4 they made lots of things, can't even remember every of them XD The Gaist Crusher collab was quite strange to me XD didn't even know that game before this!
Oh really you are using it? I'm honoured >w<

Yeah, I think I was most disappointed because Utage added so many returning characters, but the starting cast for 4 is so much bigger than 3 so it makes Sumeragi seem underwhelming compared to Utage. Also Katsuie's anime route teased the return of Nouhime and Ranmaru so much, I reeeally thought they would be coming back soon. I would love it if Xavii and Itsuki returned too... Maybe in 5. That's true, they are doing a lot of new stuff with Sumeragi anyway, did you hear about how characters can use elements other than their own? Plus new elements, exciting! :D
I haven't heard of Gaist Crusher before either... I'm guessing it was because it's also Capcom?? Still seems a bit random though.
06 days agoMamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
TheBasarianKaoru (7 days ago) #2735546I think they might do the RevolMini version, like Masamune and Mitsunari.
Oh yup, saw them, really cool.
God I hope it isn't relegated to just this. And yeah, now I just want some more images of baron and some other characters.

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