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Umh....I'm a recently graduated Doctor in Oriental Languages and Civilizations, with a thesis about Date Masamune, and since i was a kid, i love to collect everything XD
Sengoku Basara is a series that i really love from the deep of my heart. It changed me. I never loved in all my life a series in this way. I could say lots of things and continue for days, so let's finish here XD
I also love all the Type-Moon works. Such greatness.
I'm a little bit obsessed with a japanese actor, Yuki Kubota. He has the role of Date Masamune in all the theatrical plays of Sengoku Basara <3 He's very talented! >w<

Err, waht else can i say...that i miss so much Osaka and Den Den Town T^T and....dunno LOL
Bye-bii °u°

Other things i've ordered not listed here:

- COSPA Tanahashi Hiroshi "Century" T-shirt

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06 hours agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (4 days ago) #6419195Thank goodness, his theme is too awesome not to have it! Out of curiosity, what's your favourite NJPW entrance theme? °u°
NJPW is surely getting more popular, that's for sure. Bullet Club is popular because gaijins :D ahahahah by the way, Bullet Club is appreciated a lot in Japan, I remember seeing this dad with his daughter having both of them AJ gloves and proudly showing to the camera X3 If you'll ever be the only one, well, you'll greatly stand out having a very swag t-shirt U.U they call him "Swagsuke" for a reason LOL
Yeah, pretty sure Kenny vs Tanahashi is gonna be a good match. It's like starting from zero again, with a title that none of the two contenders ever had. I was thinking the same about Kenny probably winning it, to legitimize his new status, but you know, I thought the same of Los Ingobernables de Japon back when there was World Tag League and they lost éuè I'm more of a 60% of Tanahashi winning now, with Kenny at 40%. Who knows, who knows...
Wow D: be competitive can be good after all, it motivated you to learn. It's only bad when it's too much, so don't try to overthink about it. You are you, with your qualities, don't look or compare yourself to others *pats head*
Mh, about learning Japanese, if someone can't afford or manage to go right there to study, well yes, taking a class is the best option. Just be very selective when choosing: take a class where they focus only on language and talk a lot, and I mean really a lot. Making conversation is the key point. At university we didn't much of it, and we can barely speak.
Ooooh you watched it :D Ah don't worry, I was confused too because Gaim was my first Kamen Rider series ever, but don't worry, every series can be seen without the previous ones. You'll get used to everything related, no big deal, I assure you. The street dancing is another theme of the series, but it won't last long. Mmmmh, more or less, Inves do come from another dimension, but at first they are used like Pokemons, then not anymore. Everything will be explained later, I can't say anything or it will be spoiler X3 Ah yep, it's him on my profile *u* in Gaim he plays Kureshima Takatora, older brother of Mitsuzane. You'll love him, I guarantee it *winks* everybody loves him, everyone is gay for him LOL
Maybe in their Kaiju world a pizza is a powerful weapon. Even in the description of the video they said: "Never bring a sword to a pizza fight" XD
Oooh I wish we could really do a split order TuT
Wario-chan what are thinking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wario-chan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Weeeeelllll then, and what you want from the shop? Teheheh~

So Daniel Bryan retired last night... I'm still having trouble accepting that. Like, I was sure he would come back, or at least leave WWE and go to a different promotion, but now he's just done for good?? He never even got to have that match he wanted with Nakamura, and he was so close! >.< But he's had a lot of concussions and now he thinks his brain might really be damaged so that's more important. It's crazy how attached you get to wrestlers, and the way they put their health on the line for our entertainment makes me feel bad taking any of them for granted. :(
Onto happier things, you got the Petits! How are they? And how was WonFes for you? Anything good? :D
Ummmm probably Okada's, it gets me pumped lol, but I like Nakamura's and Bushi's too. How about you?
Oh yeah, I saw people proudly displaying their Bullet Club merch during AJ's WK10 entrance, very classy. It's nice to see that they're so appreciated for their abilities even though their characters act like such jerks to the average viewer's countrymen lol. Awww that is really cute that he got gloves for his daughter so they could support AJ together! I love seeing people get their kids into wrestling, sure they solve conflicts by beating each other up but they can be pretty good role models! XD lol that's true, he is the King of Swag Style after all. Btw did you see that Tanahashi said that he almost got signed to WWE as part of a deal? But he stayed loyal, what a guy. ToT Really makes you wonder how different things could have been though. O.o
Yay only one week to go! I'll also bet on Tanahashi (he's gonna do it for Nakamura!) but the Bullet Club might help Kenny cheat or something so idk lol, so much on the line for both of them. o.o Yeah Los Ingobernables really needs a title! NJPW should introduce a trios championship for them. :P
lol yeah I really need to chill sometimes, losing pisses me off way more than it should. XD It just about broke my heart when I got a Dragon Ball fighting game for myself and my (other) sister beat me at it easily. She doesn't even really like Dragon Ball lol, so I just gave up on the game after that. You know, to spare my controller... XD That's some good advice senpai, I'll do my best to follow it!
Ohh, so they focused on reading and writing and stuff? Hmmm I think the classes here are like that too. But the study abroad program has some classes during the beginning of the trip, where we would learn basic phrases and stuff at a Japanese uni. So maybe I'm not entirely screwed lol. :S
lmao perfect... XD I think I'll give up on my studies and just become a kaiju instead.
Okay I'm going reeeeally slow with this, my classes are super duper annoying this semester so I'm only on episode 3... ._. But I like where it's going! I was in public so I had to really try not to laugh out loud during that montage of Kouta trying to use his suit to help out at his jobs, really didn't expect him to fail so royally lol. Also how his sister didn't really care lol. "Look sis! I transformed!" "...Yeeeah, we're having meat and potatoes today..." It's hard to imagine that things could get so dark with how light it is right now. :o Oh, and Kaito is actually really honorable, what a cool guy! (´▽`ʃƪ) lol was he the one that was in the car at the end of the episode? The whole cast is beautiful really, and then there's the dancing. Makes me wonder if the people behind casting raided a bunch of boy bands or something. XD
lol I owe you for helping me get into it Kaoru-chan! ^w^ Ummm seems random but I really want the Okada shikishi file (and then I can hunt down their autographs kekekeke) and the Hello Kitty pouch (the one with HK and the NJPW lion training for a title together, d'awww). I wish they had more Ibushi merch (maybe they'll have more when he comes back?) but I found a calendar on Yahoo Japan so it's all good. XD
015 hours agoMamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
TheBasarianKaoru (2 days ago) #6466563Uuuuh, Kojaku~
Ah, Nakamura and Tanahashi! Nakamura now left NJPW and signed with WWE TuT
Even AJ Styles from Bullet Club now is in WWE

I heard about that. Now if only great black otaku can get into the ring, then we will have some entertainment.
02 days agoMamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
TheBasarianKaoru (2 days ago) #6462275Yes, that Aoba XD Ooooh, you really played it? Woah XD
Yep, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

XD she made me play most of it. Steering mw to kojaku xD.

Fucking right! One of the lpers I watch met two of the faces from that. I forget their names, the ones that sakon and hideyoshi get costumes for.

Fucking black bullet club is the most nation focused thing cause in America they so aren't a big deal xD!
02 days ago (2 days ago)Mamoru_HasukageMamoru_Hasukage
TheBasarianKaoru (5 days ago) #6395613New Japan said they want to come back to Italy, dunno when, but I'm gonna wait for them XD or maybe buy the Aoba Seragaki Native figure~

Aoba as in dramatical? My girlfriend made me play half that game so far xD.

New Japan? Is the like the wrestling league of the same name?
05 days agoWario54Wario54
TheBasarianKaoru (7 days ago) #6344172Yup, heard the new AJ theme, not bad, tho I think NJPW gives the best themes for their wrestlers. They must leave Nakamura how he is now, with his style and everything, that's what made him the best. It'll be stupid to do otherwise. Yeeees, Okada was crying Q_Q my big baby Q_____Q
Yep, I never thought it could be Tanahashi to take the title, but thinking about it now it was almost obvious. Not having won the IWGP, taking the IC after Nakamura is somehow fitting. Aaaah nuuuu XD you know, I can say the same, got into NJPW, and then I'm witnessing it changing and not be the same as the one I fell in love with TuT
Eh, I always wanted to learn something by myself, but everytime I try, I end up not being costant and give up, but if I follow lessons I get stressed...ugh =_= Nah, I'm not that fun XD to be honest I don't have much patience with kids, with my nephews I only last a certain time, then I have to retire into my room XD
I use Google Translate too XD it helps when I want to know quickly how a word has to be read or the meaning, otherwise I use actual Japanese dictionary. It helps in English too when I can't remember how to write a word LOL. Pfff, Japanese grammar is so strange ._. sometimes I just wanted to flip the table, so difficult ._.
Yep, dear Urobutcher wrote it XD everyone was so worried at every episode, since the first one we were like: "Ok, who's gonna die first? How many will die? Probably everyone" and so XD in Gaim there is also my favourite actor (the one who did Date Masamune in the early Basara stage plays) I started watching it because of him and then I got dragged into the wonderful spandex world :D the suit actors are so skilled *^*
The fun thing is, he at first entered the ring holding a chainsaw, then switched to pizza XD Silver Potato had a sword, but it was no match for the mighty slice of pizza XD
Okada is truly adorable, there is one spot with him riding a bike and laughing, with his huge glitter cape, it's awesome XD
Aaaaaaaaaaaah the teddy bears!!! I want them so bad T^T but yeah, 8000 yen is a lot. Mh, from the shop I really want the Los Ingobernables hoodie, Tanahashi t-shirt "Feel The Best", Tanahashi and Taguchi boxers (LOL), Rainmaker t-shirt, Okada photobook and....actually I want everyhting LOL
Oh good :D tell me what you think of Terra Formars anime and Kamen Rider :D

So I just found out about this rumor that WWE bought Nakamura's theme song... I guess it really is a possibility. O.O I know right, I better be hearing lots of YEAHOH's!! :P Funny thing is I don't think WWE would be able to get away with changing his gimmick, maybe it's just me but it feels like NJPW is only getting more popular. On WWE's Monday show there was a surprising amount of Bullet Club shirts in the crowd, and a wrestler even drew attention to a dad and his kid wearing them during a promo. Maybe it's because of all the talented guys coming over... I hope so anyway! :> And yeah idk why the Bullet Club is so popular here, most definitely has to be a gaijin pride thing lol. I can almost imagine that when I go to an event I'll be the only one wearing a King of Strong Style shirt in a sea of Bullet Club supporters. O.o
Yeah, I guess Tanahashi was the obvious choice, but it looks like it's gonna be a good match! I was sure Kenny would win it to legitimize his status as new Bullet Club leader but now that it's about getting back Nakamura's championship (and it's Tanahashi going for it) I'm not so sure... Can't wait to see how it goes! :D
Same, it's hard to get motivated enough and the workload is usually intimidating... And usually lessons of any kind only put me off lol. Tbh the main reason I really wanted to learn how to swim was because my older sister taught herself, and I didn't want her to beat me at something lol. I'm super lazy but I'm also super competitive. ._. Haha yeah I'm not really good with kids, they're kinda like over-sized puppies. XD But you probably influence them in all sorts of ways! ^w^
lol Google Translate doesn't even understand Japanese grammar rules, them sentences be broken. Would you recommend taking a class on Japanese? I don't want it to bring my GPA down or stress me out when I have other classes to take but I want to learn it so bad... And I figure it would be helpful for studying abroad. Probably. :P
lol oh no, he gives us amazing stories at the cost of sacrificing our favorite characters. XD So I watched the first episode and it's obviously very different from what I'm used to (too much K-drama atm orz). That scene before the opening had me very confused lol, it was epic but I had no clue what was going on. At first I thought okay, I probably had to watch a previous Kamen Rider or something, but then after the opening the show started normally so I guess I was supposed to be confused? And I guess even the dancing in the opening has its place in the story, they really don't cut any corners with the foreshadowing lol. I like the main character, helping the kid find his mommy and then quitting the whole dance thing to help out his sister, such a good guy. :3 The bad guy group gives me a Team Rocket vibe for some reason, but they were dancing in the preview for the next episode and omg I can't wait! XD So those ugly Inves things are like Pokemon from another dimension? What was that lizard-looking thing then? And where did Yuya go after sending that weird text? Hmmm, so many questions. That light-haired girl that showed him how to use his sword was definitely Mai from the other dimension or something like that though, Kouta kept on emphasizing that they look so similar so it has to be. What character does your favorite actor play? Is that the pretty man on your profile? *v*
lmao XD If I was a kaiju and I had to fight another kaiju, I'm not sure if I would trade a chainsaw for a slice of pizza. Tough call lol.
lol awwww XD Maybe we could do a puroresu group order sometime and split the proxy fee lol. Or maybe you can just tell me when your birthday is and then when I do an order (eventually...) I'll keep your list in mind, ohohoho... ;3

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