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01 month agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
As your article thread may be deleted for being misplaced I'm commenting, I hope you do not mind. You cannot use the same listing to sell an item twice. If you have a second/multiple of the same item to sell, you must go to that item's page and click the "create an ad" option all over again to make a second unique listing.
08 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (8 months ago) #3776715Where'd you end up ordering Meiko Wing? Terraformer? I was actually thinking about including mine in a trade for your Rias... I was too slow to contact you about this - my fault.
Terraformer really is great these days. I just ordered two BEAUTIES from them the other day at a very fair price. The exchange rate is so much better than it used to be.
I bought her off of YJA. I got a decent enough deal. I will have to check out Terraformer as well...
08 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (8 months ago) #3607928[ext link ] Actually pretty nice in my eyes. Looks alright to me. I was looking forward to Xenovia, but something just seems off about her swimsuit...
08 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (8 months ago) #3513556Aren't they still short on devil Rias figures though? Yeah. Not very many unfortunately...
08 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (8 months ago) #3496576Bunnies can be cool sometimes. Yeah. I have the other two so I have to complete the set. I do hope that we get 1/4 scale uniform or devil versions of them though...

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