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02 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
AWSOME *----*
04 months agoTsukuyomi17Tsukuyomi17
Thworsh (4 months ago) #2700616Payment received, please try yo leave feedback once all is said and done/received to your satisfaction - Thanks!

Item received in perfect condition. Fast shipping and great communication.

Thanks a lot! :D
04 months agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (4 months ago) #2697699There are some slight issues with the queen, but you know the game - nothing's flawless.
WoWo = Wonder Woman!

Oh, people always just say WW, lol.
I'm not a huge WW fan - the statue is nice but she wouldn't really fit in properly and I don't want to drop the cash to get Batman & Superman since I'd want the trinity and not just her.
04 months agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (4 months ago) #2697683She did look pretty good to me. I actually like her more than either Ivy version, and slightly over Red. Definitely plenty of flaws on the queen, don't get me wrong. I could name 4 huge cons on her, but she's still pretty strong.
Power Girl will be interesting to see. Are you getting Vampirella and WoWo?

I'm a comic book fan so DC/Marvel gets preference. There's nothing wrong with her - just wanted to put my money elsewhere.

WoWo? I was debating Vampirella - I may wait for in hand pictures.
04 months agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (4 months ago) #2697626Have you received the queen yet?
Cancelled her since she was a lower tier of what I was wanting to spend money on.

Got Green Variant Ivy - glad I did as the paint job is superior to the original (vast improvements). Sinestro is shipping next week. The only one I have left on pre-order is Powergirl.

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