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04 hours agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (5 hours ago) #2477984Looks like you can't use them towards free shippers, then. But like you said, having as many reward points as you do is nice. I have all 3 QotD allegiance packs, so if their statues do end up coming out nice, there's a possible $25/off coupon in them.

Keep an eye on the allegiance pack codes; someone recently tried to use one and it said it wasn't valid. Not sure if it was a wonky code or they have some sort of expiration date that isn't mentioned.
05 hours agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (5 hours ago) #2477926(ext link) But it supposedly excludes rewards too

Not sure then; I know you can't stack things (giftcards + RPs; RPs+Promos) so I guess since free shipping falls under a promotional, its non-reliable for combination. I've never dealt with free shipping promos personally so I probably lack the first hand knowledge about it. I always just end up using RP points on everything.
05 hours agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (6 hours ago) #2477875So if you use any kind of coupon at Sideshow, you can't get anything with free shipping, even if they're marked as such? That 1/6 stand incurred a $9.83 freight charge when my card wasn't even selected as a payment method. Do you know if this applies to expensive items as well (e.g., will a statue with free shipping incur a shipping charge if you'd used a $10 promo coupon towards it)?
I find that most gift cards are not eligible for use for something with free shipping and/or don't cover shipping charges for an item. They used to have a 'gift card eligible' section on the website but I'm not seeing it anymore on the shop with us section - they'd have items that giftcards weren't able to be used on but maybe they aren't limiting that anymore.

I've only used a giftcard on a PF once but it didn't have free shipping so I'm unsure if it's something that would work with a promo or not. The only thing I know that works without any restrictions with 100% certainty would be reward points.
03 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (3 days ago) #2473910If I were you I'd use those towards an upcoming art print. Since I missed out on Ivy, my lowest shot right now is ebay, which I could possible win for ~$120. (ext link)
This guy's was easier to find and seems to prove they're already worth more than the $80 + shipping. (ext link)
Or, I could wait for their Harvey or QoTD ones, since I don't love that Psylocke one (ext link)
Probably the hottest Harvey art I've seen - Lau is awesome.

I'm honestly not interested in the prints at all and I'm too lazy to flip art; the size of them and the price doesn't equal out to me. If I'm going to spend 80+, it's going to be on original art or Menton3 prints.

(and if I do end up wanting something similar, I'll just google the image and make my own print/canvas at a larger size for probably less or at the same cost)
03 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (3 days ago) #2473873Just thought I'd tell you that if you got that $15 sideshow coupon on 10/24 like I did, you can get (ext link) for 100% free. Seeing as how the coupon expires very soon and that item is on sale + ships free, it's a no-brainer - especially if you have any 1/6 posables.
I don't think I have that one; I had a couple from Spook but I don't see them in my 'saved' codes section so I think they expired.

I have like, 90.00 in reward points. No idea if I want to keep them or spend them.

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