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08 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (8 days ago) #2403406didn't they once do a minxie that wasn't PVC though?
No, minxies were their first dive into a PVC product.
09 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (9 days ago) #2403014aphrodite did turn out better than suzi, but i do agree with you, and she still sucks. and they're not even polystone...
well, it is PVC.
I'm sure it's the factories they're using - that's what they told me, anyways.
09 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (9 days ago) #2402996Did you see entertainmentearth's bogo sale for non-mint boxes yesterday? I was going to message you, but figured you might have already seen it. I could've gotten two of those aphrodite minxies for just over $41; not bad, but I never really liked how any minxies actually turn out.
I hadn't.
The Minxies aren't worth the price point; I think it'd only spend MAYBE 20 shipped on one - the paint jobs (or at least the one I had gotten on Suzi) was horrific. I had Suzi for about 24hrs and sold her to someone else.
09 days agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Thworsh (9 days ago) #2402988redx, how did that morrigan figure builder (capcom) turn out?
Morrigan turned out great. My only issue is the eyes. They lost detail and depth seen in the stock photos.
013 days agopacificrimmingpacificrimming
Thworsh (13 days ago) #2395737Shipping soon or shipped - waiting for the receipt from my brother.

cool, thanks very much!

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