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02 days ago (2 days ago)timelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (2 days ago) #2426748Damn... didn't know that. Were the pics and discussion you saw the same one I saw? I'd like to see your exact reference; doesn't have to be today, so do take your time.

(ext link)

"Yeah, I believe there's a coat of finish over the tattoo decals"

pictures: (ext link)

"As has been known, the tattoos have been applied by adhesive stickers, so I can envision some potential problems sometime down the road, especially if she's subject to an environment with too much humidity."
02 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (2 days ago) #2426655I did see that one you have when I clicked the first link to his shop. Are they numbered?
BTW, if the statueforum pics of la muerte I saw were anything to go by (just CS Moore's display model behind the glass at some con or something), she actually looks pretty good.

They're all limited run; some of the prints are numbered, some are just sold until sold out - they have a little bar that shows the quantity and it lowers as people buy (and they're never printed again). The larger one (first picture), I believe, is out of 68. One of the ones I have on the wall (you can't see it well but it's a girl standing with a knife in her hands) is the only one that exists since I had him custom make me a print of it (it's from his Silent Hill comic).

I think the main complaint with Meurte was that a lot of it is decal work and not actually painted. Which, decals can be good for non-messy paint lines but over time, they start to flake so that's always an issue.
02 days ago (2 days ago)timelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (2 days ago) #2426641Are you happy with mention3, and do they have anything sexy?
I'll look for said pictures of LD; if she came out shitty, I may cancel my pre-order - even if it means losing what I already put down on her for good (over $30).

He's an acquired taste; I'm a huge horror fan so I like pretty much everything he comes out with.

Some of my collection of his work: (ext link) | (ext link)

edit; the one behind my tv is ivy (to the left)
02 days ago (2 days ago)timelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (2 days ago) #2426364But didn't they still NOT ship any? Nobody has her in-hand yet, and even their site still has her on P-O.
In other news, spooktacular is pretty cool; I am on the sure-to-fail waitlist for that $79.99 Ivy premium art print. Were you lucky enough to snag one? As of the minute, the kier and ivy posters are sold out, and the spiderwoman one is still open.
Also tempting is that nightmare (blue) Diablo statue, limited to 250 pieces. Would if I could, but I simply cannot.
What are my chances on getting the Ivy print? I feel like if my wishlisting her does get me one, there's no way there's only 250 of them - so many other people likely wished her as well.

I have no idea about Muerta; I saw someone posting pictures on the SSC site but other than that, no clue.

I don't tend to buy prints so I wasn't really overly interested (especially for the size and that price point); most of the art on my walls is original. If I do pay for prints, I usually only pay for Mention3 prints (ext link).

I believe they're ED# numbers are correct (they will probably have a number in the bottom). Chances are, you can probably get a variation of the Ivy one at some point from Artgerm since that's his artwork. Or a cheaper print copy on eBay.
028 days agoDbonn12Dbonn12
I saw you were selling everything?

So does that mean your selling your One Coin Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Dark Magician, 7th Dragon 2020 Hacker, 7th Dragon Samurai Girl, Mai Shiranui 1/6, Odin Sphere Velvet, Momohime and do you have pricing for them if selling?



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