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011 days agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Thworsh (11 days ago) #2334510I finally grabbed the series, since rightstuf has that Blu-ray/DVD combo anime classics release for the entire first season + OVA for $24 shipped, which is on sale atm (ext link)
I also have that Mably oppai mouse pad, still brand new.
I don't want to pre-order that figure if I can't be certain it's cast-off, but that's just me - I'm currently broke.
You getting the Destiny game?

Although there are boobs flying everywhere, the story is pretty good. I could actually watch it without cringing. Watched the series in one sitting. I was surprised I enjoyed it. I like ecchi figures and stuff but I hate watching anime that is purely ecchi with insufficient plot.

Castoff isn't a huge deal for me anymore. I used to only care about castoff figures. My first year of collecting I mainly ordered figures by Orchid Seed and Daiki Kougyou that could castoff. But If the character is from a hentai game/manga or the character is always nude in the anime, then I expect the figure to be castoff. If the figure is showing off the right curves, then it's good enough for me. It doesn't have to be castoff. Plus I'm big on lingerie so if Elizabeth weren't castoff I'd be fine with.

I'm not getting Destiny. Well at least not Day 1. I will see how the game pans out. I hope it won't mainly focus on pvp down the line. I'm more pve like Borderlands.
011 days agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Thworsh (11 days ago) #2334430(ext link) Wish this Mably was cast-off, though. Is it?
(ext link) Hey, that actually looks pretty good and isn't too pricey! Can't wait to see what the women look like. *druel*

If you know the anime Freezing, you know girls in there are topless all the time. If the shirt is removable I'm sure the bra is too. It looks castoffable. The first 1/4 FREEing Bridget figure was castoffable.

They just better make a Robin. That's all I'm saying.
017 days agoHalbredHalbred
Probably Spring. Before E3 for sure.

Thworsh (17 days ago) #2326063True! Feel bad for people like, well, you and I... who have to sell our XL soon if any good amount of $ is desired, and wait God knows how long for a NTSC. Are you guessing early 2015?
017 days agoHalbredHalbred
It should be called "the 3DS we should've gotten 3 years ago."

Thworsh (17 days ago) #2326055Woah! So, 3d from every angle, micro sd instead of sdhc (correct me if i am wrong here), and it actually has exclusives the originals can't run? It should be called the 4DS or something - rather than 'New 3DS'
019 days agotimelord_sciencetimelord_science
Thworsh (19 days ago) #2322378Sonja looks even hotter, so don't sweat it. I'm locked in, since I did not order her direct and already paid a 15% deposit. How much is RS going to cost you per month?

Well, I've been paying her off since May - she's been 68.40 a month.
Last payment is Sept. 5th but that's excluding shipping which will probably be about 40.

She's not due out until late in the month though. Hellboy is currently in transit to me.

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