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011 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (11 months ago) #3607928[ext link ] Actually pretty nice in my eyes. Looks alright to me. I was looking forward to Xenovia, but something just seems off about her swimsuit...
011 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (11 months ago) #3513556Aren't they still short on devil Rias figures though? Yeah. Not very many unfortunately...
011 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (11 months ago) #3496576Bunnies can be cool sometimes. Yeah. I have the other two so I have to complete the set. I do hope that we get 1/4 scale uniform or devil versions of them though...
011 months agoe1293e1293
Thworsh (11 months ago) #3472569Yup. The chara-ani one isn't even cast-off, and the a+ one has that ugly face... Yeah. It will be a little while before there is another Rias to look forward to. Right now I am looking forward to Freeing's 1/4 Scale Koneko...
01 year agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
Thworsh (1 year ago) #3235042In other words, you're done for good, or is it just a hiatus?
I'm waiting for episodes to pile up so I can marathon them.

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