Tiamat26Tiamat26 2016 will be expensive !!!! >.< Oh the hurt


If you wish to friend me great; but before we get there let's start by having a conversation first. Then we can work our way to what could become a great Internet/ MFC friendship. Once we have communicated and learned a little about one another I will gladly accept friend requests. Random requests will simply be over looked.

Thank you for the support from everyone to get me here. I hope that you find the blogs that I write creative and interesting to read.

Before I run down the last 3 years that have been on the site I would like to mention that I am no longer accepting random Friend requests. If you are willing to have a conversation then great send me a few messages first lets get to know one another before sending a FR. Not that one can have to many friends but friends just to say you sent a FR is not a Friend in my book. If I accidentally removed you from friends then please send me a message. Now that that is out of the way.. A little bit about me.


A rundown of the past 3 years. I was new to collecting only a few years ago. I was blind to even start to think I would know anything about what it meant to collects Figurines. Case and point my first purchase a very nice ( Fake ) Moka Akashiya.


Well call it not knowing anything about collecting and not knowing anything about MFC. Once I found this site it opened my knowledge base and I learned to appreciate why figurines cost so much and just how much time was dedicated by companies to produce them time wise.

Now about myself I am not rich by any means of the word I grew my collection like most of you over time though Sometimes I dipped into savings that I should not have. Bad on me !!! But I got the figurines that I wanted. I have slowed my purchasing in 2015 as I realized just how much money I was actually sinking into the hobby and unfortunately a hobby does not pay the bills. Well most of the time. There are exceptions where people can actually manage to turn their hobby into a great business but that takes guts and will power to keep it going. I am of the older generation that watched anime back in the 80's and 90's when I was able to get a hold of them on VHS tape. if you do not know what that is don't ask you are too young and most likely will not see that anymore. I am happily married And though my wife accepts this collecting of scaled figurines I have she draws the line at nudity. So my collection is very Echii but not full on nudity out of respect.

Below I listed a few of the animes that I love to watch and that have grown into part of what my collection consists of.







I am an easy person to talk with and if you have any questions on the site or me please just go ahead and ask If I do not have a site answer I will ask someone that will be able to help you out. If it's about me I think I can manage that one alone.


50000 hit's as of March 23
60000 hit's as of June 07
70000 hit's as of August 17
80000 hit's as of October 14
90000 hit's as of December 16
100000 hits as of Feb 03

Thank you all for the hits and for reading my blogs.

= )



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013 hours agokitsunekunkitsunekun
Tiamat26 (1 day ago) #6567204That is a cute Spirit fox cub avatar you have there.What are you looking for as far as figurines to buy from members?
= )

Aw thank you for your nice comment! I love foxes <3~
I just looking for general figures, anything that attracts my attention.
020 hours agospireghostspireghost
No problem! c: I only logged back in to add a figure to my collection and I finally saw my comment notifications!

Tiamat26 (1 day ago) #6567466Thanks for the response back nice to chat with fellow collectors. As for the time delay well it's not everyone that spends as much time as others on the site so it's all good.
= )
01 day agoAreodusAreodus
Tiamat26 (1 day ago) #6567536I hear you about counterfeit items. I have some money yet bootlegs are always tempting as the price is sometimes just insane. What bugs me the most about my Moka is that had I known about fake items at the time I would have just picked one up on Ami Ami. They were going between 110 - 150 $ at the time I bought my reproduction. Now $280 -320 is the going price for her 3 years later. Oh well live and learn.
This is the first legit figurine I purchased. item #99063
Kind of a nice piece as I love that anime. Watched it way to many times to count. But I prefer Akeno to Rias as my Favorite girl in the series. That is why Akeno was my first 1/4 scale figurine. I made so many buying mistakes when I first started its stupid. But I learned the hard way.
= )

Oooo, a nice figure! I like it when they paint the hair like that, like, how it has a gradient that fades into a different colour/tone at the ends. But, like you said, live and learn! Hearing all these stories from others helps teach me to be sure to ask/research about figures before buying. Sadly, I'm an impulse buyer (though who isn't when it comes to figures?) so I have to be careful. I can't wait to buy my first scaled figure though! The biggest issue would be deciding which one to get: so many beautiful figures to choose from... Thankfully I have plenty of time to decide since it'll be a while before I can afford it haha.
Tiamat26 (1 day ago) #6567439Well you hit the nail on the head there. There are some male figurines that do come out that is for sure but on average you will not see a male figurine come out from a show that is echii. Rosario +Vampire, To Love Ru, IS,and the list goes on and on and on. Yeah some people may like the male protagonist but not enough to have a figurine dedicated to it. So unless someone is willing to shell out the big bucks to get a proto type made. then we as collectors are out of luck.
Will the lottery. Hire GSC or another company to make you favorite male protagonist lol
= )

If I ever hit the lottery, I promise to commission such figures! Haha
01 day agoAreodusAreodus
Tiamat26 (1 day ago) #6567455 I've gone to the kingston cat show but I am not going this year. As for the comments on the bootlegs I am sure that even in con's there are tones of bootlegs so I have never bought from a convention before. Not saying that it all is fakes but the show's I have gone to I did not trust the dakimura's that I saw. If the price seems to good to be true then it most likely is.
So that being said I may pay more because of shipping but in the end I know I am getting an authentic piece.
= )

Ah, that's true, I suppose there'd be a lot of bootlegs at conventions too. I normally only buy from reputable sellers at cons (like Navito World). Though I'm sad to say this, but if a bootleg figure looks nice/good quality I would still pick it up sometimes, but that's normally for smaller cheap figures anyways. I imagine that would change once I graduate and have more money to afford the lovely scaled figures (I'm in my last year of college right now). I'm glad I found this site though cause it helps me learn what's the difference between bootlegs and the real deal :)

Curious question: what was your first scaled figure you ever bought? Like, not bootleg (I saw your Moka bootleg figure on your profile's description haha).

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