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If you wish to friend me great; but before we get there let's start by having a conversation first. Then we can work our way to what could become a great Internet/ MFC friendship. Once we have communicated and learned a little about one another I will gladly accept friend requests. Random requests will simply be over looked.

Thank you for the support from everyone to get me here. I hope that you find the blogs that I write creative and interesting to read.

Before I run down the last 3 years that have been on the site I would like to mention that I am no longer accepting random Friend requests. If you are willing to have a conversation then great send me a few messages first lets get to know one another before sending a FR. Not that one can have to many friends but friends just to say you sent a FR is not a Friend in my book. If I accidentally removed you from friends then please send me a message. Now that that is out of the way.. A little bit about me.


A rundown of the past 3 years. I was new to collecting only a few years ago. I was blind to even start to think I would know anything about what it meant to collects Figurines. Case and point my first purchase a very nice ( Fake ) Moka Akashiya.


Well call it not knowing anything about collecting and not knowing anything about MFC. Once I found this site it opened my knowledge base and I learned to appreciate why figurines cost so much and just how much time was dedicated by companies to produce them time wise.

Now about myself I am not rich by any means of the word I grew my collection like most of you over time though Sometimes I dipped into savings that I should not have. Bad on me !!! But I got the figurines that I wanted. I have slowed my purchasing in 2015 as I realized just how much money I was actually sinking into the hobby and unfortunately a hobby does not pay the bills. Well most of the time. There are exceptions where people can actually manage to turn their hobby into a great business but that takes guts and will power to keep it going. I am of the older generation that watched anime back in the 80's and 90's when I was able to get a hold of them on VHS tape. if you do not know what that is don't ask you are too young and most likely will not see that anymore. I am happily married And though my wife accepts this collecting of scaled figurines I have she draws the line at nudity. So my collection is very Echii but not full on nudity out of respect.

Below I listed a few of the animes that I love to watch and that have grown into part of what my collection consists of.







I am an easy person to talk with and if you have any questions on the site or me please just go ahead and ask If I do not have a site answer I will ask someone that will be able to help you out. If it's about me I think I can manage that one alone.


50000 hit's as of March 23
60000 hit's as of June 07
70000 hit's as of August 17
80000 hit's as of October 14
90000 hit's as of December 16
100000 hit's as of Feb 03
110000 hit's as of March 17
120000 hit's as of May 05
130000 hit's as of June 24
140000 hit's as of August 23
150000 hit's as of October 31

Thank you all for the hits and for reading my blogs.

= )



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05 days ago (5 days ago)girlsrockriogirlsrockrio
Tiamat26 (5 days ago) #16547366First off sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Wife ended up needing to go to the hospital 2 times this week. Broken ribs from falling off a bike. Anyways that is my drama for the week LOL at least its not MFC Drama. So the question to me was what do I like about myself. As you said interesting question. I think what I like the most is that I try and help others as much as possible even if sometimes I complain about it. Some people just do not learn the lesson and then that ends up hurting what you are trying to do for them.
Like the fact that I am almost always smiling as well even if I am at work. ( fork in customer service and that is not always an easy task to keep a smile.
I have a poster next to my wall of a cat with a head set in frot of a PC and the caption goes like this.
[img]funny cat[/img]
LMAO Its the face that the cat makes as well its priceless.

I hope that you are having a great weekend.
= )

No worries about the delay, I'm glad she's alright though! http://www.mintymelody.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/omg.png Gotta be careful...
I realized after my last comment that I misread your question- I thought you asked me to tell you something about myself *that* I like, not *if* I like. Oh well, still an interesting question. http://www.mintymelody.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/derp.gif
Good to know that you can keep a good attitude! That's really the key to enjoying life, I think, especially when you work in customer service. I used to do tech support before my current job, and yikes... that's hard to survive without a good attitude or at least a sense of humor! That cat is 10,000% accurate. lol
I'm having a very good weekend!http://www.mintymelody.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/shiny-eyes.jpg Managed to score 2 new figures in trade for some old ones I was trying to sell, and I got a figure in the mail that I spent over a year trying to track down for a reasonable price.
How about you? How's your weekend, and how is your wife recovering from her bike fall?
08 days agogirlsrockriogirlsrockrio
Tiamat26 (8 days ago) #16482497Honestly I could never just pic one favorite character. They all mean something different to me. Could be the smile, the eyes the hair the pose but each one has something unique that I adore. I only ave 1 Sonico but what I liked about her was the was she teases you with that short T-shirt. I know its an Echii theme I have going through out most on my collection.
Pleasure to meet you by the way. Glad that you reached out and sent an FR. As I said on my profile I do not accept random request hence why I started this conversation as well. To many people send request then say nothing.
Watching the end of Fairy Tail Season 1 Started it Nov 10th Cant believe there are 176 episode to this.. What what an undertaking in watching this series. Btw what made you want to send me a FR?
And if you do not mind tell me some more about yourself if you like.
= )

That sounds like a good way to pick figures! Beyond the characters I know and love, I basically go with aesthetics for mine too. Pastel colors are a plus, and ... butts, to be honest. ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾
I've always wondered about really long anime like Fairy Tail, Bleach, etc, but never had the patience to watch them. Most of my favorite series are two or fewer seasons, haha. That has its downside too, though- a lot of times you're left wanting more time with those characters.
I added you because I saw your comments on some other friends' profiles! It can be hard to tell who's active on here or not, but I figured since you commented and conversed with so many people, you're an active user.
As far as something I like about myself...? Interesting question. I'm not sure, really. 「(°ヘ°) I'm very emotionally sensitive, which I guess is a good or bad thing depending on the situation. Overall I like that about myself, though.
How about you? What do you like about yourself?
08 days agogirlsrockriogirlsrockrio
Tiamat26 (8 days ago) #16481011Dropping in to say hello and to start a conversation with you. Seeing as you are a Sonico fan and a cosplayer to boot well that just peeks my interest in getting to know you better.
= )

Thanks, it's great to meet you! ^_^ Your collection is impressive- I especially like that you have some Tamaki Kousaka figures.
Which characters are your favorites?
012 days ago (12 days ago)akamekurisuakamekurisu
Tiamat26 (12 days ago) #16392997 So what got you into figurine collecting?
= )

I start to collecting figure last year. I don't have much figure like the others about my age. Randomly, one day, my old friend in my primary school introduced me a shop for anime-manga lover. I searched for it on Facebook and saw a lot of adorable and cool figure, I really wanted to go there and watch them in real life, not through the monitor. Luckyly, that shop is near my best friend, so when I went to her house, I decided to take a look of that shop, as I thought, that was a lovely place full with animation items. When I came back home, I searched for the beautiful figures which appeared in that shop and found MFC. The shop I found is selling the fake figures, but strangely, it bring me to the offical figures. It is hard to understand, right ?
012 days agoakamekurisuakamekurisu
Tiamat26 (12 days ago) #16392403Thank you for the message back. I am curious; could you elaborate on your comment about my figurine collection being kinda random? I like understanding what poeples views are.
Thank you as well for saying that I have a great profile. I need to over haul it at some point. it is getting old.
= )

I think, just like a lucky random chance which bring you to the offical figurine world ? You can buy your perfect waifu & husbando figure. Ah, I do not mean that I hate fake figures, some of them is great in the first sight, but their quality isn't good enough. Here, on MFC, you can find anything you need. I don't know how to explain it clearly, forgive me.

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