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Lets see

I wish I had a way to make a great bio page like I have seen on Mal but alas I am not that computer savy. I have enjoyed anime for a while and have started to collect figurines.

As an uninformed novice collector my first purchase happened to be a bootleg of Moka Akashiya awakened version. Oh well I do not regret it in the least for the price that I did pay for her. I have been mostly dealing with AmiAmi when it comes to purchasing my figurines. There prices and selection is rather interesting and the Pre-owned section makes it really interesting for me as I am able to get older figurines that are no longer in production.

Love to work to support my hobby ... Just kidding , I have seen some collections on here that to me amass way over $ 10000. If I were a betting man. I work as a Physio administrative aid. I started this Job november 2012. I left the Dental services Department. I just noticed that I had changed the Job title but had not done so here. I am happily married for over a few years now. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask I am not shy.

Here are some of my favorite animes where I was drawn to buy some of my figurines from.
If there is an anime scroll you do not recognize then please let me know and I will talk with you about it.




= )


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010 days agoMooseman14Mooseman14
Tiamat26 (11 days ago) #2451505Do you ever jump the pond? like in Ottawa area or are you more asian route?
= )

No, I'm mostly around Europe.
014 days agoMooseman14Mooseman14
Tiamat26 (14 days ago) #2445280Since you like Charlotte so much I did not see her in your collection like this figurine and its a steal at below 9000 Yen
(ext link)
= )

Yeah I considered paying full price for it.
I will probably pick it up somewhere along the line.
Maybe the next time I'm in Japan.
014 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Tiamat26 (15 days ago) #2443129Thank you for the links. I sawthose before when you graciously sent them to me. I was very dissapointed in the quality of the figurines. I was hopping to one day see a scaled version of Henrietta and Kirche but those will never come.
Yay that means no spending LOL
Wallet is happy. Have yourself an awesome day dear Huntress !! You are the best.
= )

I think for trading figures, their quality is pretty good :) i hope the louises wont dissapoint x3

Yeah highly doubt it as well, they do have straps at least plus a trading fig ;)
Im not a fan of henrietta but i would buy kirche or montmorency

I dont mind spending on louise
014 days agoMooseman14Mooseman14
Tiamat26 (15 days ago) #2443743Not that many around anymore to the best of my knowledge so good luck with that! Saw a SpitFire a few years ago at an air show in Ottawa They were playing tamdem with a P-51 Mustang and a B 29. Was an awesome sight to see.
Personally I prefer the prop airplanes to the jet packs we fly around in these days. though nothing will ever take away my experience in the Hornet. I miss flying have not been in the air since 2008 or was it 2007.
Anyways its been too long.
= )

Yeah the prop planes (WW2 onwards) are magnificent.
I love the USAF heritage flight and the Navy Legacy flight where they fly the old warbirds with some of the new stuff. Hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention every time.
015 days agoMooseman14Mooseman14
Tiamat26 (15 days ago) #2443653P- 51 Mustang !!!! Lucky you... I can only wish to get into a working one. not that canada had any in the fight in WW II I kinda like the look of the Corsair as well myself. Like how the wings are. I have one of those ... ( Model ) LMAO thought I never got to go inot it I did see the space Shuttle Enterprise back in the 80's when it stopped off in Ottawa. I still have all my black and whites of it.
Had a dark room back in the day when it was cool to do that kind of stuff.
Where are you in the UK?
= )

Corsair is my favourite too. When I win the lottery I'll buy one!
I'm just north of London. Close to Stansted airport (where I work)

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