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Lets see

I wish I had a way to make a great bio page like I have seen on Mal but alas I am not that computer savy. I have enjoyed anime for a while and have started to collect figurines.

As an uninformed novice collector my first purchase happened to be a bootleg of Moka Akashiya awakened version. Oh well I do not regret it in the least for the price that I did pay for her. I have been mostly dealing with AmiAmi when it comes to purchasing my figurines. There prices and selection is rather interesting and the Pre-owned section makes it really interesting for me as I am able to get older figurines that are no longer in production.

Love to work to support my hobby ... Just kidding , I have seen some collections on here that to me amass way over $ 10000. If I were a betting man. I work as a Dental administrative aid. Fun job as I get to meet everyone of the patients and have gotten to know a few of them well. Here I am a year or so after posting my profile up and see that number I quoted just earlier. Well I spent about as much as that...

I am happily married forover a few years now. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask I am not shy.

Here are some of my favorite animes where I was drawn to buy some of my figurines from.




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05 days agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Just wondering but why did you rate (mfc link)
So low? Youre the only one eho did it.. Not too pleased anout it tbh but well if you got a reason for it..;)
05 days agoFreezerBurnFreezerBurn Stuff and things
Hey how's it goin? Thanks for the friend request! Rosario Vampire, Zero no Tsukaima and Black Lagoon, see we share those interests. Haha believe it or not but Rosario Vampire was one of the anime that started getting me hooked on anime. There were a couple others, but I still remember Rosario Vampire pretty vividly haha. Mizore was the best xD.
024 days agoTrueFormFreezeTrueFormFreeze
Mizore is my Favorit, I started just because Mizore with the collection, and now i buy and buy all Figure's i like. It's a nice Hobby
024 days agoTiamat26Tiamat26
TrueFormFreeze (25 days ago) #2055841you have a good taste, nice Collection

Thanks I see that you have Mizore Ex version lucky you.

= )

025 days agoTrueFormFreezeTrueFormFreeze
you have a good taste, nice Collection

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