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Lets see

I wish I had a way to make a great bio page like I have seen on Mal but alas I am not that computer savy. I have enjoyed anime for a while and have started to collect figurines.

As an uninformed novice collector my first purchase happened to be a bootleg of Moka Akashiya awakened version. Oh well I do not regret it in the least for the price that I did pay for her. I have been mostly dealing with AmiAmi when it comes to purchasing my figurines. There prices and selection is rather interesting and the Pre-owned section makes it really interesting for me as I am able to get older figurines that are no longer in production.

Love to work to support my hobby ... Just kidding , I have seen some collections on here that to me amass way over $ 10000. If I were a betting man. I work as a Physio administrative aid. I started this Job november 2012. I left the Dental services Department. I just noticed that I had changed the Job title but had not done so here. I am happily married for over a few years now. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask I am not shy.

Here are some of my favorite animes where I was drawn to buy some of my figurines from.
If there is an anime scroll you do not recognize then please let me know and I will talk with you about it.




= )


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016 days ago (16 days ago)KachenkaKachenka
my Miku just arrived. She sure is heavy:) You did really good job with packing her. The outer cardboard box didn't have any scratches. For now I just took the blister out to take a look at her and I will take the pictures of her when I have more time. Of course I'll send you a link :)

Thank again for pleasant shopping experience
024 days agoMad_CollectorsMad_Collectors NANIIIIIIIIII???!!!!!??...
Aaah home renovation. Stressful yet exciting! :D
Yes i know what you mean. I sold over 100 things as i just didnt have space for them anymore. It's best to make someone else happy :D
And yes that was me Marika ;) you messaged me on my pervious account hehe. That one has been gone for a while now.
I have been okay since last time we spoke.
My dollfie family is reaching humongous proportions. They are taking over our flat! Soon to be joined with forces of singing diva Miku Hatsune... XD god help us.
Take care x
Tiamat26 (24 days ago) #2388868Thank you for the message.
I am glad that you liked that little story that I added wit hthe Snow Miku. I have been well though very busy of late, doing a home reno which I just finished and selling some miku's as you saw. It is nice to give them new homes instead of having them in a box doing nothing. I may have just sold my second one.
I hope that you have been well if memory serves, you had to create a new account at some point because of issues with an MFC member. I hope that you have been well since thne no more issues.
I look forward to our next communique.
= )
029 days agoMad_CollectorsMad_Collectors NANIIIIIIIIII???!!!!!??...
*stalks* hola!!! I'm not very active but i just read your story blog.so cute!! Thanks for making my day :3
How have you been? Hope everything is fine x
11 month agogpia7rgpia7r
Thanks for the excellent experience in selling your 2013 Snow Miku. Very easy to work with. Much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to receiving her!
01 month agoMurdizzleMurdizzle
Tiamat26 (1 month ago) #2379743Oh wow nice Dakimura collection. Question though do you keep them all sealed or do you actually use them? I now have 3 of them I am planning on getting kuro Usagi from a user here in december once I have the funds available. Christmas present from me to me HEHEH
So back to the question do you unseal them ? display them somehow ?
I see that yiou are also friends with Chloe She is so awesome.
= )

Thanks I have a few more that aren't on MFC so my collection is bigger than it looks no bootlegs either so this hobby bleeding my wallet :P. I have opened all of mine and used most, I have wall scrolls around my room so there isn't really much room for me to display them so it would be better to ask someone else on the best way to display them, I just alternate my covers every few weeks. Which Kuro Usagi cover are you getting? She's one of my favourite characters.

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