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If you wish to friend me great; but before we get there let's start by having a conversation first. Then we can work our way to what could become a great Internet/ MFC friendship. Once we have communicated and learned a little about one another I will gladly accept friend requests. Random requests will simply be over looked.

Thank you for the support from everyone to get me here. I hope that you find the blogs that I write creative and interesting to read.

Before I run down the last 3 years that have been on the site I would like to mention that I am no longer accepting random Friend requests. If you are willing to have a conversation then great send me a few messages first lets get to know one another before sending a FR. Not that one can have to many friends but friends just to say you sent a FR is not a Friend in my book. If I accidentally removed you from friends then please send me a message. Now that that is out of the way.. A little bit about me.


A rundown of the past 3 years. I was new to collecting only a few years ago. I was blind to even start to think I would know anything about what it meant to collects Figurines. Case and point my first purchase a very nice ( Fake ) Moka Akashiya.


Well call it not knowing anything about collecting and not knowing anything about MFC. Once I found this site it opened my knowledge base and I learned to appreciate why figurines cost so much and just how much time was dedicated by companies to produce them time wise.

Now about myself I am not rich by any means of the word I grew my collection like most of you over time though Sometimes I dipped into savings that I should not have. Bad on me !!! But I got the figurines that I wanted. I have slowed my purchasing in 2015 as I realized just how much money I was actually sinking into the hobby and unfortunately a hobby does not pay the bills. Well most of the time. There are exceptions where people can actually manage to turn their hobby into a great business but that takes guts and will power to keep it going. I am of the older generation that watched anime back in the 80's and 90's when I was able to get a hold of them on VHS tape. if you do not know what that is don't ask you are too young and most likely will not see that anymore. I am happily married And though my wife accepts this collecting of scaled figurines I have she draws the line at nudity. So my collection is very Echii but not full on nudity out of respect.

Below I listed a few of the animes that I love to watch and that have grown into part of what my collection consists of.







I am an easy person to talk with and if you have any questions on the site or me please just go ahead and ask If I do not have a site answer I will ask someone that will be able to help you out. If it's about me I think I can manage that one alone.


50000 hit's as of March 23
60000 hit's as of June 07
70000 hit's as of August 17
80000 hit's as of October 14
90000 hit's as of December 16
100000 hit's as of Feb 03
110000 hit's as of March 17
120000 hit's as of May 05

Thank you all for the hits and for reading my blogs.

= )



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015 days agoYamiUsagiYamiUsagi
Tiamat26 (15 days ago) #9777437Just read this and it made me think like this. Understanding the situation; You were asked out and wanted to be dated by this gentlemen right off the bat without a getting to know you better periode is what I get from this paragraph. You felt hurt in a sense becasue he did not want to get to know you first he thought he knew you already as you both like anime and you are cute.
So what if this person had actually asked you out on several dates where thing went well would you then have considered dating him even though he had wanted to date you because you were cute and you liked anime? I Find human relations interesting you can answer if you like.
= )

That's neat that you find it interesting! Since you asked, I'll give a little more background info...

I met him in Japanese class where he was more of a friend of a friend(also a guy) who was also in that class. I knew him, but I hung out with his friend more, so if anyone was going to be interested in me, I expected it to be the friend. I think surprise was a big reason I accepted, but I kind of regretted it afterwards because I didn't feel as invested in him. Our date went fine, but a few things came up which made me realize it was not going to work out, and I wanted to talk about that stuff anyway because I would prefer a long lasting relationship instead of one that would obviously go nowhere which is what this one sadly would have been. Then on the way back, I asked him why he was interested in me, and he told me what I mentioned in the comment.
So overall, there were more reasons mostly resulting from my personal philosophies, but the way he went about it did put me off, and had he tried to ease into being better friends with me first, those things may have come up beforehand.
022 days agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Tiamat26 (22 days ago) #9443967Pas encore parti.. Du Cafe de chez Tim C'est tu correct avec toi? Je ne bois pas de caffe assez regulierement a la maison pour en achetez? Comment le prend tu?
Heure d'arriver des emplettes 1:30 max.
Je vais donc passer pour le café, je boirai ce que tu as.
022 days agoRejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Tiamat26 (22 days ago) #9443189Nous partons faire la commande bientot. Y a t'il quelque chose que tu prefaire boire?
= )
Le café c'est parfait.
024 days ago (24 days ago)Rejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Tiamat26 (24 days ago) #9347780Cool... je suis restez chez moi aujourd hui... debut d'une grippe donc je me soigne tout de suite pour ne pas que sa sagrave. gorge qui picotte.,,, Si sa sagrave je te le dis pour ne pas te mettre en danger de poigner la grippe.OK, soigne toi bien. N'hésites pas a annuler si tu n'es pas en forme, on peu remettre cela à la fin de semaine suivante.


P.S. Je viens de terminer l'une des corvée que je déteste: mon rapport d'împots. Je devais environ 7 mois de figurines!
024 days agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Rejean235 (24 days ago) #9345576Parfait, j'arriverai entre 13 et 14h. À dimanche.

Cool... je suis restez chez moi aujourd hui... debut d'une grippe donc je me soigne tout de suite pour ne pas que sa sagrave. gorge qui picotte.,,, Si sa sagrave je te le dis pour ne pas te mettre en danger de poigner la grippe.

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