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I wish I had a way to make a great bio page like I have seen on Mal but alas I am not that computer savy. I have enjoyed anime for a while and have started to collect figurines.

As an uninformed novice collector my first purchase happened to be a bootleg of Moka Akashiya awakened version. Oh well I do not regret it in the least for the price that I did pay for her. I have been mostly dealing with AmiAmi when it comes to purchasing my figurines. There prices and selection is rather interesting and the Pre-owned section makes it really interesting for me as I am able to get older figurines that are no longer in production.

Love to work to support my hobby ... Just kidding , I have seen some collections on here that to me amass way over $ 10000. If I were a betting man. I work as a Physio administrative aid. I started this Job november 2012. I left the Dental services Department. I just noticed that I had changed the Job title but had not done so here. I am happily married for over a few years now. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask I am not shy.

Here are some of my favorite animes where I was drawn to buy some of my figurines from.
If there is an anime scroll you do not recognize then please let me know and I will talk with you about it.




= )


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03 days agoromana12romana12
Tiamat26 (3 days ago) #2477810Was watching a video today and made me think of a series you may like. Yo could have already watched it though ( C3 / Cube 3 ) Cute Loli character in that one as well called Fear. If you have a My anime list you can look me up there as well I have short comments on all the anime that I have watched.
= )

Hey thank you! I'll look that up. Most of what I watch I have a DVD collection but some series have NO chance of making it onto solid media.
03 days agoromana12romana12
The entire Muv Luv Total Eclipse series characters are great! I almost got Inia myself awhile back. I need to unload my Moetan figure (sometimes I don't know what I was thinking) :)

item #3835
03 days agoromana12romana12
Tiamat26 (3 days ago) #2477573You are not being to selective I went from getting a little over 135 or so figurines last year to just below 30 this year. I only have 3 more due for 2014 and only one pre-order for 2015. And the one for 2015 I may just cancel but since it is form Ami Ami I may just get her anyway, I wont risk loosing my account with them.
your collection is nice but way to loli for me. they are cute though I give you that. I guess I like my oppai to much LMAO
= )

Thank you again, my friend, for thinking of me. If we ever meet the drinks are on me!
I can't help it about lovin the loli. I should be embarrassed. But hey, I'm among friends on this site.
03 days agoMooshiPirpy14MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
Tiamat26 (3 days ago) #2477507Been a while catching up on how things are with you and the GF. remember reading a ton of blogs about figurines being to loli and then you having to sell your prized Mizore figurine to pay bills. Hope that you have been will.
= )

Hi there!! I have been well, we are now married and I cut a lot of my collection to make space, I am buying some figures here and there but not as much as before :)

How is everything with you going??
03 days agoromana12romana12
Tiamat26 (3 days ago) #2477503happy birthday to you my fellow older collector friend. Glad to see that you are still trying to get the wife to watch anime. Mune just refuses to LOL. Kinda funny as I was on your profile just a few days ago perusing it seeing what you added to your collectiion.
Enjoy your birthday my friend.
= )

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it...I have 7 or 8 figures on order but have had only about 3 in the last 6 months or so! Am I being too selective ha ha! I just bought a Lucia Nahashi gashapon figure since almost no one has done a decent example of that Venus Versus Virus character. Also I bought from Amazon a new Alvis Hamilton figure from Last Exile...she is very cute. and I couldn't resist the Minato Tomaka bunny figure from Ro-Kyu-Bu SS.
Ah, the wife won't drag herself away from her recorded TIVO stuff. What to do?
I need to look at your collection again also!
Take care!

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