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Hello~~~ everyone! :D I'm TräshCät aka AkaiAmedama!

Well, looking at my collection above, I guess I don't really have to tell you that I love collecting figures! ^^'' I own many of some of my favourite shows and some which I simply bought because I liked how they looked. So yes, I don't know the source material of all of them. ^^''

Recently, I started also collecting other merchandise like rubber straps, acrylic keyholders and such but here I try to limit myself to my favourite shows :D

Speaking of favourite shows ... I like many but the only ones that have kept me interested for years and from which I so far haven't managed to get away from are One Piece (yay!) and Haikyuu!! (double yay!) :D

♥ Favourite Characters ♥

Tsukishima Akiteru & Kei
My precious moon babies that I treasure and would buy almost anything of. :3
Especially Akiteru since the cinnamon roll is only a support, so I'll take what I can get.

Sir Crocodile
One Piece
The Man, the Great One, the Pimp ... the One and Only.

Custom Made

Since I love my Tsukibros so much, I even went as far as to make some custom Nendoroids of the two cuties because, while I'm sure Kei-chan will get one eventually, Akiteru most likely wont. T-T Which makes me a very sad panda ...
I also made a Saeko Tanaka (also Haikyuu!!) and Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) custom. :D

My Splits (mfc link)

My Feedback (mfc link)

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