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I am a long time gamer who has a particular passion and obsession for oldschool Survival Horror.
My favorite video game being Resident Evil REmake and Resident Evil 2 being my second favorite.
Of course I don't limit myself only to that series.

I'm a big shounen fan. That genre tends to get me the most hyped.
I also like seinen and the occasional 2deep5me stuff.
Some of my favorite series are Eyeshield 21, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hunter x Hunter,
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Kuroshitsuji, Berserk, Ergo Proxy,
Mob Psycho, Godchild, and My Hero Academia.
I like plenty more though. Some casually, some not casually.

MyAnimeList lists any other anime taste related info about myself.

I want to get rid of all the Magi merch I have.

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022 days agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I sent you a friend request because cute drawings make me smile. lol. :3
13 months agocanetoncaneton
aaaaah, you like yu gi oh, too!! excuse the weird FR, i'm also into shounen ridiculousness and you seem cool~
13 months agopartyturtlespartyturtles
I saw you like Hitoshi Shinsou in your latest blog post and I gotta say good taste, I don't think I've ever seen anyone else who likes him lmao
04 months agoGrimTwinGrimTwin
TraumaticSherry (4 months ago) #15997495Welcome you FILTHY weeb degenerate. Come harvest plastic humans with us.

Thank you kindly! I'm already waist deep in them!
04 months agokuronekikuroneki
TraumaticSherry (4 months ago) #15990415Oh nice. I hope you get him~ It cost me 80$ for Giorno when he was rereleased. Absolutely insane. I think Buccellati was the same??? ;w; Brutal.

Holy shit. Well I don't blame you for spending more for a favourite character (I spent 7k yen for the Oikawa nendo kill me), especially for characters like Giorno and Bruno.

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