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08 days agoValestein3Valestein3
TupTub, I see you like Shielder. Are you getting the Nendoroid and or Figma of her?
01 month agoTupTubTupTub
No probs :D
TraMikuni (1 month ago) #19512686Thanks for accepting the friend request :D i love your photos and your profile pic :3
01 month agoTraMikuniTraMikuni
Thanks for accepting the friend request :D i love your photos and your profile pic :3
02 months agoFate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
TupTub (2 months ago) #19086280No probs, nice to meet you :D You too! and you have a nice Nendoroid colletion you even got item #536183 (:
02 months agoTupTubTupTub
No probs, nice to meet you :D
Fate_of_a_Saber (2 months ago) #19080901Thanks for the add! and may I say you take great pictures! :D

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