TyjosAzariTyjosAzari Just another figure collector


I'm 30 and Have been at MFC Now for 4 Years, I'm always collecting and I'll probably never stop collecting. I'm more active now on MFC than any of the other sites I'm still on since I love the community here at MFC.

You can call me Tyjos and I love to have lots of different items in this collection of mine since Variety is a great thing to have!

Making it a point to watch more Anime now these days but stuck between Sci-fi and Anime so I'm always alternating back and fourth. Busy right now working on getting through all the series I have.

Also I have a thing for Catgirls,Maids and Swimsuits too. Half of the figures I collect are Swimsuit figures. I like Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, Alpha Max and Orchid Seed made figures. I'm a fan of the Shining Series figures and that's what I collect mostly now these days.


I collect Sci-fi related stuff as well,and Artwork from the Fathom/Soulfire series that was created by the late great Michael Turner and as Anime related Artbooks.

Muv Luv is a favorite of mine since I love the Designs for the Bodysuits and the TSF Mecha Designs look great too.


Always going to love Kos-Mos....since she Ranks #1 And T-Elos too..

My Collecting Blog, updated every once and a while but I spend more time Blogging here at MFC about collecting!

(ext link)

Downsized a TON of figures the past year from my collection and what remains are my favorite ones,that have survived my collection purges over the course of 2011.

I do love Muv Luv for sure now that I've seen the series I'd love to play the Games, but it's on the list of things to do next year.


The Transformers is one of my favorite Cartoons from the 80's and The Transformers Movie is one of my all time favorite films! I collect the Masterpiece Transformers line and the latest Releases from Takara are pretty cool.

Miu from Hagure Yuusha No Estetica is a favorite of mine after seeing the series and checking out her figures and I've picked up her two figures and I wish there were more figures of her.


Also finding I have a new favorite Character who's risen on my list of cute Characters to number #1 at this point and that's Altina from Shining Blade She's just too cute.


Working on my Photography all the time and it's one of my favorite thing to do these days!


I'll be starting to work on Costuming in 2015 after getting my Jedi Cloak in this past month and seeing a lot of my friends costumes and copsplays I want to start working on a Costume to help break the Monotony around here.

Seems like one of the hardest things now to decide will be how to fit Costuming into my budget!

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01 month agoRaithosRaithos The Silence
TyjosAzari (2 months ago) #2405029Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day!

Thanks man, hope yours was good as well and sorry for the late reply, RL has been kicking my ass :/
01 month agoDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
TyjosAzari (1 month ago) #2452023Right now my remaining grails are Takara's recently re-released Fortress Maximus and the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Complex.
Fort Max is within my reach but would require a lot of selling off to get, the Shuttle Complex is the impossible grail to me. But I figure 2015 I'll spend most of that working towards getting Fortress Maximus.
Looking forward to tomorrow since T-Elos should arrive.
lol the Defiant would be pretty cool....U.S.S Flagg for me Please!
01 month agoDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
TyjosAzari (1 month ago) #2451954I had to get rid of a lot of my Gi Joe stuff during the great purge back in 2010-2011 still wish I had kept the Gi Joe General and the Night Raven plus the Hovercraft.
Once again my bookshelf where my Anime stuff is is full, added in Alleyne and she filled the last space there. Finding I am going to have to downsize some more of the collection, got about 5-6 packages sitting here waiting to go out and I haven't made much of a dent in this collection when I do these cleanouts.
-Still happy to have gotten my grail figure thanks to doing all of that.
The General is Awesome still don't have it yet, but I do have the Beasty Mobile Command Center.

Congratz on your grail figure btw, I know there are a few grails for me....a couple off the top of my head: Ryofu Housen by UART and Morrigan Aensland by Max Factory.
01 month agoDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW
TyjosAzari (1 month ago) #2451911The collection had been growing before I joined MFC years ago, when we moved here this room being as big as it is I decided I wanted it to be full of figures.
Gi Joe and Turtles are one of those things I collect for Nostalgia, I played with them when I was growing up same for Star Wars and Transformers G1 figures. I love the Masterpiece Transformers line for the G1 bots they're releasing! Can't wait to finally have Bumblebee at the end of the month!
The Shining series has been a favorite of mine due to just the characters and designs, I never really played the games but the artwork drew me to it. I do have the Shining Tears PS2 game but I haven't gotten to playing it, one of those things that's forever going to be on the gaming backlog.
I've collected most of my life, the oldest pieces in my collection currently are the Ghostbusters 1984 Staypuft Marshmellow Man that I have had since I was a little kid and the Gremlins Mogwai Gizmo doll that's in the closet. The other item would have to be the Trendmasters 1998 Voltron set, I'm still surprised at just how big this collection is.
Good stuff dude, I can only hope my "anime related" collection grows as nicely as yours has someday. Space is getting limited though lol. When I get my own place, I'm gonna go all out! I would like to eventually have 2 display rooms one for my Gi Joe and one for all of my Anime stuff.
11 month ago (1 month ago)DarkHentaiXDarkHentaiX
Hihi TyjosAzari, thanks for the friend request. I've been fond of your room, great room.

May the Force be with you on your journey of figure collecting.

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