TyjosAzariTyjosAzari Just another figure collector


I'm 30 and Have been at MFC Now for 4 Years, I'm always collecting and I'll probably never stop collecting. I'm more active now on MFC than any of the other sites I'm still on since I love the community here at MFC.

You can call me Tyjos and I love to have lots of different items in this collection of mine since Variety is a great thing to have!

Making it a point to watch more Anime now these days but stuck between Sci-fi and Anime so I'm always alternating back and fourth. Busy right now working on getting through all the series I have.

Also I have a thing for Catgirls,Maids and Swimsuits too. Half of the figures I collect are Swimsuit figures. I like Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, Alpha Max and Orchid Seed made figures. I'm a fan of the Shining Series figures and that's what I collect mostly now these days.


I collect Sci-fi related stuff as well,and Artwork from the Fathom/Soulfire series that was created by the late great Michael Turner and as Anime related Artbooks.

Muv Luv is a favorite of mine since I love the Designs for the Bodysuits and the TSF Mecha Designs look great too.


Always going to love Kos-Mos....since she Ranks #1 And T-Elos too..

My Collecting Blog, updated every once and a while but I spend more time Blogging here at MFC about collecting!

(ext link)

Downsized a TON of figures the past year from my collection and what remains are my favorite ones,that have survived my collection purges over the course of 2011.

I do love Muv Luv for sure now that I've seen the series I'd love to play the Games, but it's on the list of things to do next year.


The Transformers is one of my favorite Cartoons from the 80's and The Transformers Movie is one of my all time favorite films! I collect the Masterpiece Transformers line and the latest Releases from Takara are pretty cool.

Miu from Hagure Yuusha No Estetica is a favorite of mine after seeing the series and checking out her figures and I've picked up her two figures and I wish there were more figures of her.


Also finding I have a new favorite Character who's risen on my list of cute Characters to number #1 at this point and that's Altina from Shining Blade She's just too cute.


Working on my Photography all the time and it's one of my favorite thing to do these days!


I'll be starting to work on Costuming in 2015 after getting my Jedi Cloak in this past month and seeing a lot of my friends costumes and copsplays I want to start working on a Costume to help break the Monotony around here.

Seems like one of the hardest things now to decide will be how to fit Costuming into my budget!

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17 days agoGuilty_GuyGuilty_Guy
TyjosAzari (7 days ago) #2408611The Irenka Artbook,Nuye Artbook,and the Bishop Artbooks are in my collection. It would be great just to see more Asagi for sure. They've come out with that Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena Card Game that I've seen a lot of artwork, just feels like it's a series that would do well as an Action style Anime series if it was written well.
Still hoping Asagi gets released at the end of this month, can't wait to get her in hand.

Yeah the Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena Card Game is pretty fun to pass the time. I've spent over $100.00 on that game already just to try my luck and get some rare cards LOL. Do I regret it? Nah. I'm contributing to Lilith so that makes me happy. Pretty sure it will come out this month; can't wait for it either.
07 days agoGuilty_GuyGuilty_Guy
TyjosAzari (7 days ago) #2408593I've got the rare Irenka Artbook, one of my most prized artbooks in my entire collection.
If you were to ask me my ideal harem I'd have to say all the girls that Kagami ever drew for the Lilith series would be a good[ I love Kagami's artwork, Asagi is a beauty for sure one of those you'd have to wonder that if she was ever in a regular anime it'd be crazy for any of the male characters to think straight with her around lol]

Nice! I also have it and it's one of my most prized artbooks as well; that and many other Japanese anime/hentai artists keep me inspired to be an artist and maybe one day be up to their level.

Yeah I would never be able to think straight with her around in my harem either LOL.
07 days ago (7 days ago)Guilty_GuyGuilty_Guy
TyjosAzari (7 days ago) #2408462lol Asagi's my waifu too lol
I do wish they had some more things like posters and wall scrolls for the Asagi series but it would be awesome if they did a regular series with the characters [nothing dark like the series has but it would be cool to see Asagi in an Action Anime]
Still would be great if they released Ingrid,Murosaki,and Oboro as figures too.
But more Asagi is always great,I still want to find the Silver outfit Asagi Igawa figure.

I tried imagining the Taimanin series of gals transition from a hentai to a regular anime series and it just blew my mind LOL. I can sort of see it, but not really. Hey that's awesome. From every anime/hentai I've seen, there's is just no other beauty like Asagi to me; that's why she's my first and only waifu ever ;). Oh and there are posters and wall scrolls of the Taimanin series, but usually only found on Japanese websites of course. I have tons of them, going from exclusives to ones sold out; however, it cost me literally my whole life's worth of a shopping spree... LOL. But it was worth every penny. It would be great to have some other characters yes! And as for the white suit Asagi: the cost ranges from $300.00 USD - $500.00.
07 days agoGuilty_GuyGuilty_Guy
TyjosAzari (7 days ago) #2408221Took a while to get mine to where it is, so I'm sure as you get to collecting more figures your room will start getting crowded.
I wish they would release a Sakura Igawa figure [feels bad that Asagi gets figures but her sister doesn't!]

Ahahah. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not a fan of Sakura as much. Not saying they shouldn't release one of her, but I prefer more of Asagi because she is my waifu <3. :D
07 days agoGuilty_GuyGuilty_Guy
Thanks for the friend request! I like your room. I hope in the future I can get mines to look like that.

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