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I'm Tyjos, I have been here on MFC for 7 years and I am now a retired collector and moving on from the hobby after collecting Anime for 16 years.

My focus now is to unplug more from the Internet since the online environment has turned Toxic and has affected me to a point Unplugging from the Internet is the Healthiest option for me at the moment and I'm focusing on spending more time outside.

I'm still a fan of Macross but my interest in it has dropped and I only have a few Macross items left in the collection.

I love Kos-Mos and T-Elos, both of them have been my favorite Video Game Characters since finding Xenosaga when it came out. T-Elos was introduced in Episode 3 and she was an instant favorite.

Xenosaga is one of my favorite RPG Games and the character designs are among my favorites. item #3227 is my favorite figure in my entire collection along with item #332 item #333 and item #6180

My Collecting Blog

This blog will be updated almost every week and I'm not blogging at MFC anymore since I'm moving on from being focused on collecting Anime.

-The old blog has been deleted and I have a new blog here [ext link ]

Getting back to working with Photography and I will be spending more time outside now that cooler weather has returned and spend more time taking photos of the Aircraft that fly around here along with Weather and Lunar Photography




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