TyjosAzariTyjosAzari Just another figure collector


I'm 29 and Have been at MFC Now for 3 Years, I'm always collecting and I'll probably never stop collecting. I'm more active now on MFC than any of the other sites I'm still on since I love the community here at MFC.

You can call me Tyjos and I love to have lots of different items in this collection of mine since Variety is a great thing to have!

Making it a point to watch more Anime now these days but stuck between Sci-fi and Anime so I'm always alternating back and fourth. Busy right now working on getting through all the series I have....

Also I have a thing for Catgirls...don't ask me why I don't know why....Maids and Swimsuits too....seems as if now half of the figures I collect are Swimsuit ones. I like Alter,Kotobukiya,and Max Factory...Alpha Max and Orchid Seed as well. I'm a fan of the Shining Series figures and that's what I collect mostly now these days.


I collect Sci-fi related stuff as well,and Artwork from the Fathom/Soulfire series that was created by the late great Michael Turner...as well as Anime related Artbooks.

Muv Luv Total Eclipse is a favorite of mine and I love the Designs!

Always going to love Kos-Mos....since she Ranks #1 And T-Elos too..
My Collecting Blog, always is updated at times so check it out!

(ext link)

Downsized a TON of figures the past year from my collection and what remains are my favorite ones,that have survived my collection purges over the course of 2011.

I do love Muv Luv for sure now that I've seen the series I'd love to play the Games, but it's on the list of things to do next year.


Also on Twitter now as well!

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Gotta love the Transformers!

Yes, I'm a Sci-Fi fan and love many of the shows that are out there if anything I'm a Sci-Fi fan and now look to meet other sci-fi/anime fans as well here at MFC. I also am a Star Wars fan and loving the Kotobukiya Art FX and Bishoujo series of Figures that they're releasing!

Also another favorite is Dog Days so looking forward to it's 3rd Season in 2014!

Also finding I have a new favorite Character who's risen on my list of cute Characters to number #1 at this point and that's Altina from Shining Blade She's just too cute...


Working on my Photography all the time and it's one of my favorite thing to do these days!

Current Collecting Obsession at the moment: LEGOs

While there aren't any Anime Themed Sets I've been focused on Star Wars LEGOs,that's getting off to a good start.

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02 months agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Hey!! Thanks for the friend request!!! Gooo Star Wars!! :D
12 months agosuns3tsuns3t
Hey thanks for adding me and commenting on my blog! I really enjoy reading yours too. You have a really great collection here! :)
12 months agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
TyjosAzari (2 months ago) #1941969I know it gets kind of annoying at times, guess I'm hooked on Sci-fi my Anime viewing is at an all time low and I need a nice dose of Oppai....maybe one massive dose of Oppai to get me back watching Anime.
Guess that means I need to watch Maken-Ki.

lol You sir, are hopeless. That Sonico Anime is pretty terrible but hey.. oppai..?
12 months agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
TyjosAzari (2 months ago) #1941840I still got to get to watching it, I got the first two Eps but have been stuck in the Gravitational Pull of a Continual Never Ending Viewing loop of Babylon 5,Star Trek DS9,and TNG and other Sci-fi series....
Never Ending is right. You're always watching Sci-fi series! lol xD
12 months agoiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd

It's like watching a trippy Soul Eater!

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