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I'm Tyjos, I have been here at MFC for 6 Years and I'm taking a rest period from this Hobby for a few months. I'll still be picking up something here and there but I'm not doing a lot anymore with the Hobby right now.

So what do you need to know about me?

Well I'm just another collector, I'm pretty dull outside of collecting since I'm interested in Photography and I have limited interests.

I'm interested in Aviation, Archeology, Astronomy,Robotics,Space Exploration,Technology,and the Weather.

Working on spending more time Resting and Relaxing and making sure I stay relaxed more since I have been tightly wound/high strung over the past few years so changing things around to where I relax a lot more. Things have been changed to where I can relax more finally and can get back to enjoying this Hobby.

I collect Comic Book artwork mainly that from the Aspen Comics Fathom/Soulfire Series and collect Comics every so often, I do play games but I don't play them as often as I used too and plan to get back to playing a lot of old video games that I have around here and I spend a lot of time outside when the weather allows.

The primary things I collect are Gundam figures,Shining Series figures, Muv Luv series figures, Transformers Masterpiece,and Xenosaga figures.

I'm focusing on the old MSIA and DX Gundam Figures along with the Robot Damashii Gundam line. There are some other Gundam figure lines to explore but for now I am finished with hunting for things and it feels good to be done with things.


Muv Luv is a favorite of mine since I love the Designs for the Bodysuits and the TSF Mecha Designs look great too.


Always going to love Kos-Mos....since she Ranks #1 And T-Elos too..

My Collecting Blog, updated every once and a while but I spend more time Blogging here at MFC about collecting!

(ext link)

I completed a major purge of the collection and will continue to clear out more figures over the next few months, for now I am taking a rest from cleaning out.


The Transformers is one of my favorite Cartoons from the 80's and The Transformers Movie is one of my all time favorite animated films!

One of the things I like about the Shining series are some of the character designs and Altina is one of my favorite characters from the series.


The Shining Series is one of those long running series that I collect due to a lot of the cute characters this series has. Xiao Mei has become one of my favorites since she was introduced in the Shining Hearts series.

Working on my Photography all the time and it's one of my favorite thing to do these days! I love to take photos of the Moon and the Aircraft that fly here, and that's one of the main things I will be working on this year. 747 Jumbo Jets are my favorite Aircaft too see.

I will be spending more time working on this since I'm spending less time looking at figures and need to get back to working on photos. These are some of the photos I have taken and this is what I focus on.

I enjoy Contrail Spotting and Taking photos of the Weather.






Thanks for Stopping By!

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411 days agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hey dear, I wanted to sincerely say that you should seek therapy. I have had manic depression my entire life and when I was having bad episodes a couple of years ago I sought therapy that was covered by my insurance and it did help me. Having thoughts of suicide is never normal, so don't second-guess getting help. It's always worth it to try different options for your mental health.

This quote from Fight Club always sticks with me whenever I get stressed over my collection:
"The things you own end up owning you."

I have made a lot of changes in my life to reduce stress brought from my collection. I have significantly reduced it and got rid of boxes, it helped a lot. I don't know what you're going through but I just wanted to let you know that others out there care and relate.
11 month agoTiamat26Tiamat26
TyjosAzari (1 month ago) #7873232I like her,she looks great sitting on my desk.
That blog of yours made me want to get her.

I will take that as a complement as I always wonder who reads my blogs and who enjoys them. Lately I have not scored many that got the readers choice award. I thought my writing had become boring LOL

Glad that you got her and that my writing inspired you to get her.

= )

01 month agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Oh I see Genessa is now in your line up. How do you like her?

I think I started a domino effect when I bought her a few weeks ago. There are 5 users that pckes her up inc yourself after I purchased mine and blogged about it.

= )

01 month agoGowcaizerGowcaizer
Great collection! I love reading your blog too. You are the reason I hunted down the Muv Luv statues from kotobukyia.
01 month ago (1 month ago)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Did you see the Houki 1/4 scale bunny announced yesterday from GSC 45 cm. that a foot and a 1/2 tall. wow.. though I and starting my bunny collection I just can't get every single one I want unfortunately.


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