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I'm Tyjos, I have been here at MFC for 6 Years now and I'm going to be retiring soon from this Hobby.

After all the years of collecting I still love to have lots of different items in the collection since Variety is a great thing to have!

As one reaches the end of the Hobby I'm happy that I have returned to the first things I love the most and that's Mobile Suit Gundam, I will be spending my last bit of time remaining in the Hobby focusing on one of my favorite series Macross.

I will be focusing on assembling the many Mobile Suit Gundam kits that I have and that's going to be a fun thing to work on this year.

Also I have a thing for Catgirls,Maids and Swimsuits too. Half of the figures I collect are Swimsuit figures. I like Alter, Kotobukiya, Max Factory, Alpha Max figures. I'm a fan of the Shining Series figures and that's what I collect mostly now these days.


I collect Sci-fi,and Comic Related Items along with a few Anime Artbooks here and there.

Muv Luv is a favorite of mine since I love the Designs for the Bodysuits and the TSF Mecha Designs look great too.


Always going to love Kos-Mos....since she Ranks #1 And T-Elos too..

My Collecting Blog, updated every once and a while but I spend more time Blogging here at MFC about collecting!

(ext link)

I got rid of a LOT of figures during a collection purge in 2010 and now in 2016 I am purging a lot to help make things manageable.


The Transformers is one of my favorite Cartoons from the 80's and The Transformers Movie is one of my all time favorite films! I still like the Takara Masterpiece Line and will be looking forward to a few that are coming out this year like MP Rodimus and Shockwave

Miu from Hagure Yuusha No Estetica is a favorite of mine after seeing the series and checking out her figures and I've picked up her two figures and I wish there were more figures of her. Pink Haired Characters are always favorites of mine, Miu was one of the reasons I watched Hagure Yuusha No Estetica.


Also finding I have a new favorite Character who's risen on my list of cute Characters to number #1 at this point and that's Altina from Shining Blade She's just too cute.


The Shining Series is one of those long running series that I collect due to a lot of the cute characters this series has. Xiao Mei has become one of my favorites since she was introduced in the Shining Hearts series.

Now that I will be spending less time focused on this Hobby I'll have more time for Gaming and Model Building! So there is a lot ahead to work on this year!

Plus many of my favorite games are the old Gundam Games for Playstation 2 and those are fun to play!

Working on my Photography all the time and it's one of my favorite thing to do these days! I love to take photos of the Moon and the Aircraft that fly here, and that's one of the main things I will be working on this year. 747 Jumbo Jets are my favorite Aircaft too see.


I will be focusing a bit more on Astronomy this year too so I'll be working on getting a Telescope so I can hook a DSLR to that and take closer photos of the Moon.


Thanks for Stopping By!

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01 month agoTonorasTonoras
01 month agoDynamiteDynamite
01 month agoSevieSevie
Hello Tyjos! : D
I hope you have a great time!

01 month agoDynamiteDynamite

I wish you a merry christmas :)
01 month agodakimakuraqueendakimakuraqueen
TyjosAzari (1 month ago) #5405375I like your Tapestry/Wall Scroll collection.
It's had me thinking about changing mine around again,but finding I can't display that many of the scrolls that I have that are close to the NSFW category since I have family coming in before the end of the month so not the best idea here to have that sort of thing up.
Your collection looks like it's easy to manage compared to mine [takes so long to clean and organize here it's crazy at times!]

I like NSFW stuff too much, nobody really comes in here besides my parents/sisters occasionally so it's not a problem :) I can imagine it's a bit hard to maintain that many figures tho!

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