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04 months agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (4 months ago) #17865790AKDFHGFKSGFKL it's so much nicer than anything I have ;A;
So pretty, though! How long did it take to set that up? I'm just marveling how gorgeous it is, though. That SAO set, that beautiful Maka <3, even the little Jolteons! Honestly, I'm gonna be kind of embarrassed when I show you mine cause I live in a tiny little one bed apartment and it's not that spiffy by comparison. Jeeeeesh. xD
But but but I must show you because THAT IS THE WAY THESE THINGS ARE DONE. Expect those tonight, unless I pass out early. Possible, as I'm tiiiired from work today, haha. Alsooooo, unrelated, I decided in vengeance for Kirino to buy/PO some figures. Panty, Tsukiumi, and Snow Miku x3

Awww, thanks! I put a lot of work into my collection! And Jolteon is the best! I also live in a one bedroom apartment. I just made a corner of it into my anime battle station! lol.

I'm sure your collection looks great! Can't wait to see it!
05 months agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vai! I uploaded a few pictures of my collection on my MFC profile! Check it out! :3
05 months agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (5 months ago) #17846018I know but I waited two years already and she's the prime waifu! ;AAAA; It is what it is, I guess. Out of curiosity, do you have a picture of your display? I always like seeing the displays people have and I have people into the hobby at all. It'd be nice to see if you did, no pressure if you don't!
And okies, I'm not on TOO much tonight because I have a weird shift tomorrow (6AM-3PM on Sunday? wat?) but I'm open after that and free Mon/Tues for the most part.

I do not have a current collection picture. I need to figure out how to post pictures on MFC. I'll see what I can do tomorrow... if I remember.

And I am free to play OW tomorrow and Monday. So maybe we can get in some play time.
05 months agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (5 months ago) #17843162You were right, Miyuu, I shouldn't have waited on that Kirino. I had a voice acting gig lined up and they were gonna pay me a little bit soon, but unfortunately she's already gone. ;AAAAA;
Now I'm all depressed. :( Also I didn't see you the last two, you got busy? I'm working today and tomorrow but I should have a good bit of time to play if you wanna.

Be patient my friend. She will pop up again and then you can get her. This hobby is all about being patient. Lol. I waited two years for Kirito and Touka.

And yea, I got a bit busy the past two days. Sorry! I'll probably be on a little bit today and definitely tomorrow. :)
05 months agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (5 months ago) #17611944Rem is looooove! I'm actually super excited because I got my Kirino scale today, I'm expecting Winter Clothes Miku any day, and end of this week, literally all the rest of my POs except for bunny Ryuko are all coming! EEEEEEEEE!

Very nice!

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