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019 days agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (20 days ago) #24170964So how was WonFes for you this time around?

Yeah, this WonFes was pretty disappointing for me. Finally got a prototype for Sakura from Fire Emblem which was the most exciting thing. xD

Also the announcements of Takimoto Hifumi Nendo from New Game and Beatrice Nendo from re:zero. Those are awesome! Other than that.... not much to say.
024 days agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (25 days ago) #23943669Also, I really want to buy a PS4 but between all the releases and WonFes soon affgfhfhjhsbgfj

YOLO. lol
01 month agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (1 month ago) #23763070
But you'll be okay, Miyuu, just lean on your boytoy, he'll totally help you xD

Hell no he won't! He has to pay for college! xD
01 month agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
Vaikyuko (1 month ago) #23702415Honestly, not really - thus far, Ryuko was delayed a month (no biggie), Tsukiumi was delayed a second time to October from May (ugh), and that's all. I just changed my billing for internet so I'm saving a bit more per month - I might turn that into some new preorders but we'll see. Aaaaaagh I want so much. lol

Next month for me is going to be insane and I'm panicking a little bit.... hehehehee.... -cries-

The struggle in this hobby is so real. I'm capped for this year but still want more. >.<
01 month agoxMiyuuxMiyuu
This year is delay year... My August haul is ridiculous thanks to delays.... Are you getting hit with this problem? lol

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