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Been into anime for the past 18 years but only recently started into figure collecting.

Part owner of a comic book store in Brantford Ontario Canada.
website is (ext link)

Feel free to check us out.

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01 year agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday (today's my birthday too!)
02 years ago_thricegreat_thricegreat
I envy your gorgeous FFX Rikku!
02 years agoAnimerukoAnimeruko
Vailor (2 years ago) #1550446Welcome to the never ending madness of figure collecting fellow NISA board member :DThank You! XD
03 years agoScoutenScouten Ex-Collector
Vailor (3 years ago) #1171520HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! lol thanks!
03 years agoDarshDarsh
Vailor (3 years ago) #1025532Welcome to the insanity of figure collecting. Enjoy your stay :)Hell yeah, thanks, this will be a long long insanity ride to my pocket ;D

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