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VongolaTsuna (28 days ago) #2474300hahha yeah we are very brave hahaha damn everytime i get my pay check it feels like im getting bubbles as pay it flies high then pops and disappears hahaha
just like last week's paycheck it went byebye already paying for the pre ordered pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire then comes my nendoroid sonico maid version :v
bye paycheck it was a fun 1 hour holding on to you hahaha
lol goodthing im not yet in a relationship is your bf supporting your hobby?
haha the main guy but i will be cosplaying his other form (possible spoiler)
haha yeah i watch it too i got interested because of the title at 1st it was seven deadly sins haha i though it was the figures the sexy girl figures hahaha
haha i know the feeling hahaha freaking expensive and limited ed games plus figures and cosplay omg im gonna die hahaha cant wait for my play arts kai kingdom hearts figs too
need to save up for ps4 for kingdom hearts 3 haha
hahaha i have grown to love her because of her boobies and beautiful face and headphones hahaha

It's kinda sad, no? It takes a month to earn that money and it goes away in a second, kinda makes me want to cry XDDD Last week I had to finish a lot of work too, but when they paid me I had ten nice minutes feeling not so poor, and then I was all "Must pay this month's bills, november orders and save some for january stuff <o>" So, no travelling this christmas, not that I was anxious to go to the beach during this awful summer -_-

I don't have much trouble because my bf is a nerd too, he loves Cloth Myths and Figmas, so he can't say anything about my things XDD And snce we live in different cities, there isn't a lot of time to argue about anything XDD

I started watching because people said it was fun, and I enjoyed it. The manga will be released here next year, so there's another thing to buy...It's a pity they didn't announce any other figures besides those two prizes, I hope HLJ will sell that Ban figure...

And the figures of the new Final Fantasy have potential to be so pretty, I'm really looking forward to seeing them. And I hope the new game is good, sometimes they worry too much about the visual and the story ends up being meh.

She is cute, but I can't help thinking that her boobies are too big, that couldn't be good to her back, the poor thing XDDD
01 month agozee-swanzee-swan
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2463709hahaha bigtime everyday or every week may bagong haul haha

Uyyy hindi ah ahahahha! Nakakaiyak p.os ko :'( nag start sa pa 2k 2k lang... then di na bumababa sa 5k kada isa ;_; except sa figma... ano na ba nangyayari hahahaha pano na ko makakabayad lololol!! Benta kidney!
01 month agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2421983hahaha me brave? hahaha maybe so XD hahaha brave in spending so much lol or maybe im just spoiled haha
since im not yet in a relationship so i spend money more on myself hahaha and hobbies.. YES HOOOOBIES hahaha
yup2 hahaha for now i have a cos being made haha if you know the anime and manga akame ga kill you would be delighted to see my next cos :)
its already been 2 months now i now know the feeling of what you were talking about
i get a lot of stress anxiety where its difficult for me to breath and my chest feels so heavy :v
hahha yeah i spend more and more now even if its not planned once i see an item i cant resist i buy it in an instant haha
hahaha i also am not really familiar with the franchise i just fell inlove with sonico the girl with the pink hair haha
ohhh thanks hahaha i did ate alot hahaha

Well, it takes some courage to spend a lot of money at once. In a sense, we're all brave survivors and that is proved each tipe we open the credit card bill and don't die with the shock XDDDD And being in a relationship doesn't make you spend less in these things, believe me XDDD

I didn't watch Akane ga Kill, will try to watch the first episodes. Which character will you cosplay?

Are you watching Nanatsu no Taizai? Started it a couple weeks ago, it's so funny!

So when that happens try to take a break, have a good cup of tea or something. It's a job that can be bad to the health if you're not careful, so, please, try to relax a bit whenever you can and try to not let things that happen at the workplace bother you when you're out, right?

Same here, same here XDDD And I'm already worried about my future expensive figures, because Square is mean, see: (ext link)

Sonico has a cute face with her earphones and long hair, but the poses of most of her figures are not really my thing. Well, not that I'm a big buyer of female figures... XDDD
01 month agozee-swanzee-swan
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2452001haahhaha puro prize fig lng kaya mga sonico ko murang mura lang haha sayo mamaw puro mga mamahalin na figs hahaha

Oy hindi no haha! Wcf nagparami and dami ko prize figs @_@
01 month agozee-swanzee-swan
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2437765grabe oh dame kagad wahahaha
btw like your pic dyan gandaaaaa

Mamaw ka dyab soows haha! Ikaw kaya yun! :)) penge sonico lol jk!
01 month agozee-swanzee-swan
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2248167hahaha maguupdate na yan :))

ayan na nakapag update na ko hahaha! after 10 years! xD
01 month agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #2389952haha yup cosplay is pretty expensive much so since im also collecting figures and games so its triple the expensiveness :v
anyways hmm not sure more or less i might have someone make the jersey for me instead
well since im working in a callcenter my face is the one suffering because of lack of sleep sometimes and stress from dumb people calling in the phone :p
hahaha yeah right now bit by bit im trying to pay for my pre orders but now that i have money i also buy more XD even if its not in the pre order list hahaha
like this one time i only need to get my figma ryuko from kill la kill i ended up also getting a figma levi XD
ohhhh do you have a link? i dont know where to see one
anyways besides digimon i am now also collecting super sonico figures :)

Hi there!

You're a very brave fellow for having three really complicated hobbies! XDDD It's not something for the weak XDDD

In a sense, it's better to have it custom made, no worries about the size and the kindof fabric for example, and when you already know a good seamstress it's all better.

I remember this part of the job, sometimes I would get so upset with some people calling... And try to sleep more and be careful and don't use the headphone always on the same ear, it's bad, okay?^^

That's a side effect of having money, people end up spending more and more XDDD I understand the feeling, I bought two Levi nendos just because they're cute XDD

It's this set of straps encyclopedia #71903, cute no? Super Sonico? I confess I don't know nearly anything about the franchise, beside the fact that there's the pink haired girl...

And before I finish, Happy Birthday! Hope you eat lots of cake and sweets and have a lot of happiness! =]
01 month agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
01 month agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
02 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (3 months ago) #2338632hahaha then its still good then hahaha XD
hehe yeah i will make you a friendsign once i cos noya :3 though it may take a while haha im focused right on on paying my mountain of pre orders haha :))
hehe thanks for the concern hehe right now i have been working in production for atleast a week already so far the only thing i can complain about is the shifting schedules its like we though its already our rest day then boom we got a txt saying we need to go to work -_-"
though happy since i got my 1st paycheck for my 1st job haha just spend a little to treat the family and the rest was not used XD im gonna save it once my orders are already here haha
haha i do hope so and freaking pray for that to happen i actually prefer digimon in terms of pokemon i only like the games but when it comes to anime digimon wins 8-2 hahaha
hehehe sure no prob will message you my skype id

I understand it, cosplay is a pretty expensive hobby, right? Are you planning to buy the official uniform they sell at Mekke? I wanted to buy Noya’s shirt, but even the larger size would be a bit tight and very short T_T

Work is always a bit of a hassle, there’s no helping it. I’ve had a couple busy days myself, with some belated stuff showing its face to torment me again <o> At least I managed to finish most of it and now I can keep working on a timely schedule XD

Ahh, the first paycheck, such a happy time! XDD It’s good you managed to save some money to pay for the preorders, it’s always helpful.

And do you understand how people can manage to play Xbox? My friend borrowed my PS and left that thing here, but that videogame isn’t friendly with me. I think our relationship won’t be that good XDDD

Did you see those cute Digimon rubber straps? I’m not a fan, but almost ordered because they’re too cute to resist!

Oh, and I sent you a message on skype^^
03 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (4 months ago) #2315947freaking PE teacher :v
yeah i know right the anime is soooo good i got addicted to it hahaha watch 1-15 for just 2 days hahaha hehe sure ill show you my noya cos once ive cosplayed him hehe ill even make you a friendsign if you want :)
im basically a patient guy so yeah hopefully it wont be a proble or i will eventually learn how to deal with them im basically used to people cursing i dont mind hahaha XD i dont bother being affected to what they say to me hahaha XD so yeah thanks for the advice
maki? the one from lovelive? im playing the game school idol at my android fone ahaha its fun but i get irritated since i cant finish the expert mode
i basically got a job so i can pay for my freaking pre orders hahaha i have so many pre orders good thing i know the owner of the shop im buying in so i dont need to pay for my items yet aslong as they are not yet on hand
hahaha nostalgia when it comes to old animes hahaha im happy digimon is getting some love hopefully they release the games in vita and 3ds in english so i will be more happy :))
anyways did you get my message here? the one containing my skype account?

He was a terrible teacher, in the end I started skipping all his classes, didn't go to PE for more than a year XDDD Really!? Thanks, I'd love it, Noya-san is my favorite character (Nekoma boys and Suga-san in 2nd^^)

Even so, I've seen some people end up with a serious depression after working on a callcenter, so if you ever get such job, please be careful, okay?

No, no, Makishima from Yowamushi Pedal, this diva here: (ext link) His figma is a "Must Have" to me, and I'm hoping they'll release another version with casual clothes XDD

Ahh, those blessed preorders, I started the month paying for my DMMd rucksack and now I'm waiting an invoice avalanche! XDDD

Who knows, a lot of people in USA love Digimon, and with this nostalgia fever I wouldn't be surprised if they released it in english.

Sorry, I didn't, didn't see that my message box was full... Can you send it again, please?^^
04 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (4 months ago) #2286134ohh i like artistic gymnastics and figure skating too haha
i also like college basketball and college volleyball though i only check the score hahaha
i get bored easily XD speaking of sports haha i am now a haikyu fan lolol :))
and im planning to cosplay nishinoya :))) rolling thundeeeeer :))
hahaha nice nice good for you me on the other hand im still trying to find a job lolol
for some reason my friends keep on saying i shouldnt apply in a callcenter
well good thing the mangas im reading are not on jump except the mainstream ones and shokugeki no soma.. oh yeah have you heard of the purge? the piracy purge where japan will clear the net with anime sites and manga sites?
im waiting for the english release of akibastrip 2 on the vita
the only game im planning to buy on te 3ds for this year is super smash bros and pokemon omega ruby
will add more if ever they will release more goodgames oh yeah forgot haha also will be getting the limited edition of persona Q also pre ordered persona 4 ultimax on ps3 daaamn i need to sell my live for this lol
have you seen the wonfest figures? im already in misery and pure bliss when i saw it
damn so many good figmas coming already put it in my pre order list here in MFC even if theres no pre order yet available lolol :))
about the incoming digimon adventure sequel daaaaaamn
your friends almost cried me on the other hand... when the song played tears flow then cried out of sheer joy and excitement
cant wait for next year it will be the year of the digidestined lolol hahaha
my childhood nostalgia :))

I used to play basketball in high school, but during my last years we had a terrible PE teacher who thought girls should only play handball and I hated the game, so I basically stopped practicing sports... Really? I love Haikyuu!! and the anime is so good! You must post a picture of your Noya-san cosplay!

Hmm, I don't know, do you have a lot of patience? If you're going to work on a callcenter you'll need a lot of patience, because it can be like hell. I worked on one for a year when I finished high school and it was a nightmare, with lots of conceited and ill-mannered customers that insulted us all the time. I used to get sick all the time while I worked there, it was terrible. So, be careful with that, okay?

Yeah, I heard about it, but I think people are overreacting a bit with the fear of this purge. And I hope that, in the end, it means that they'll provide more legal ways to watch/read anime. I don't mind paying for a Crunchyroll subscription because it's cheap and very convenient to watch stuff^^ If more legal options are available, I think it will be best for users too.

Oohh, Wonfest... I'll have a very difficult time choosing Kuroshitsuji figures, because there are more releases than I'll be able to buy T_T And I can't forget Maki-chan's figma, it's a must buy!

Aww, how cute! It's always so nice when a series that we loved as a kid get nice releases... I hope this new Digimon is good, so all you fans can have fun. Next month the new Saint Seiya movie will be released here, and even being sure that it won't be a very good movie, I'm a bit excited since it's been so long since I've seen a Saint Seiya movie on the cinema. Ah, childhood nostalgia XDDD
04 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2257655oh i see hahaha i though your all busy watching the games XD for some reason i dont really watch sports that much haha not really fond of it XD
ohh nice goodluck then ^_^ gambatte
hahaha finished season 1-4 in 1 month hahahaha i got addicted hahaha not im waiting for season 5 of GoT hahaha
yah you should watch it it will make you yearn for the 2nd season hahaha
haha i know right i have this manga that i like in jump then for some reason it would be a wtf happened moment they just finished it and i was like :v you should have gave it more time that manga would be a good one but meh it was cancelled
haha well goodluck for the both of us hahaha me im still jobless and here i am going on and on about my pre orders hahaha XD
hahaha i meant right now i dont find any 3ds game good hahaha
that would be a good game if it was released outside japan XD but meh
just look how the digimon games in the 3ds are only available in japan huhuhu i want to play
hopefully good games will be translated or will be released overseas it may not be in the 3ds but good thing i also have a vita hahah :))
awww sad i wont be able to too you then hahah how about skype? do you have one?
maybe we can talk sometimes if its not a bother :)

I like watching a few sports like artistic gymnastics and figure skating, but I don't have patience to watch soccer games, they're too long and the speakers usually are very annoying.

Thank you!^^ My dissertation is finished at last, now I only have to wait for the evaluation, make the corrections needed and then I'm free! \o/

I will when this season is over and I finish some series, it's good that it's over, so I can watch the whole series at once \o/ It made me very sad that they cancelled Stealth Symphony so soon. It's the same with lots of goos stories, such a shame! Jump publishing system is a bit too cruel T_T

We should get professional help to get over this terrible addiction! XDDD I have orders to the next year already and things just keep getting worse XDDD

Oh, I'm not too sure, those Prince of Tennis date sims are so silly XDDD But in a way they're funny and so stupid that I can't help but laugh a lot. Well, since they're amusing, perhaps their purpose is fulfilled. And the protagonist managed to get a confession from Tezuka (go me! XDDD)

Are you happy about the new Digimon series? Two friends of mine almost cried of joy when they read about it.

Yes, I have skype and of course it's not a bother, it would be nice =) Send me you mail through PM and we can talk there^^
05 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2240880hahaha it seems you have been quite busy these days since its been a long time since i commented in your page hahaha XD is it because of soccer? XD
yup no game no life is based on the novel 1 thing i could say about it.. its one GODLY anime :v its sooo freaking gooooooood! i totally recommend it! hahaha havent really watched alot of anime atm im watching the continued version of fairytail though :))i have also been quite addicted in watching game of thrones for some reason hahaha XD
damn look at my pre order list :v i still even havent find a job yet if all hell breaks loose im dead hahaha XD ordered more nendo stuff hahaha mashiro from bakuman and 2 nendo sonico :)) but my 1st would be the nendo red from pokemon hehe
i see hahaha the only game im playing right now is demon gaze from vita since there is no good games coming atm in 3ds
btw do you have facebook? i want to add you ^_^

No, I wasn't really busy because of soccer, I don't even watch it. And in the end, Brazil lost to Germany and Netherlands, so everyone was a bit saddened by the end. I'm finishing the dissertation to get my master degree, and had (actually, still have to) some things to sort out with the college, resolve things with the printing. But now it's nearly done and I believe I'll be able to try to start the doctorate this year \o/

The synopsis of No Game no Life seems great, i'll try to watch it when I finish some of the things I'm watching now. I watch Game of Thrones when the season is over, so I don't get all tense waiting for the next episode. And then the mean producers finish the season with a gigantic cliffhanger, gahhh! <o>

I'm so sad they cancelled Stealth Symphony, will order both volumes next month, but it's really a pity. Sometimes it's so irritating to follow Jump series!

My preorder list is a nightmare too, I'm almost scared of september, my credit card probably will explode...

No good 3ds games? Hey, that's nearly offensive! What about this masterpiece here (ext link)? That's what you can call a good sports game, huh? XDDDDD

No, no, I don't use facebook. It's a personal policy, never join a social network where my dad can be found XDDD I'm scaried my family could find out that I'm even nerdier than they think XDDDD But seriously, I'm not a facebook fan so I don't use it, I have a tumblr account, but I never reeeaaally used it too...
05 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2216531haha i see it seems people really do watch the world cup lol :))) im not a fan of sports the only sport i really like to watch is athletics and cheerleading haha
hahaha the one im currently watching besides hunter x hunter 2011 is no game no life haha have you watched it yet? its freaking godlike hahaha that anime is sooo good it made me want to watch it weekly haha XD also magi the adventures of sinbad haha
oh really? i just bookmarked the manga havent really read it yet i only read i think up to chapter 2
nice will certainly watch it
haha yah soo many freaking goodgames
i already pre ordered the special edition of the persona q the one where there is art book, tarot cards, case and more haha
also games on vita are on a roll haha so many freaking good games are coming out lately
anyways i also have so many figures for pre order haha
im still thinking if i should get a kancolle yamato figma i like her face for some reason.
anyways my wallet is all lonely since there have been a toyconvention it hit my wallet pretty bad haha i go shamanking mangasvery cheap also got figma love machine and d-arts elizabeth :)

Oh, I can't even tell. A friend of mine says that volley is Brazil's favourite sport and soccer is our religion. I was a bit afraid that Brazil wouldn't qualify for semifinals, people could start a riot here and it would be scary XDDD Let's see how today's game will end, I'm not a fan of soccer, but i'd rather see people happy with it. It's waaaay safer XDDD

I didn't watch No Game no Life yet, it's based on a light novel, right? There are so many anime for girls this summer, I'm not sure if I'll manage! There's Kuroshitsuji, Dramatical Murder, Ao Haru Ride, Free!, Bakumatsu Rock... It's too much at the same time!

I understand, can't order that Haikyuu!! game because all my september slots are already filled. And in december there will be a Comic Con with a Tamashii Nation booth, I'll have to go and probably will end up spending a lot of money <o> That's why I decided not to buy games until next year (unless there's something really really cheap, so I won't be able to resist XDD) Meanwhile i'll play some older games. My boyfriend lent me Killer is Dead, it's very nice^^

I ordered Armin nendoroid, it's a bit shota-like, but I decided to order all SnK boys' nendos (and Hange, if they ever get one too). But it's complicated if they keep announcing cleaning versions of Levi, it's silly but makes me want to buy them...
05 months agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2224458I see well if i offended you in asking those questions i appologize.
the only ones i'm really after as i said are the forms
like the ones listed in your collection phantom, harpui, leviathan and fafnir
anyways its ok if you don't want to share where you get the Gks still i would like
to thank you for adding them here in MFC and for me to seeing them

First, let's get this out of the way. These are not forms from MMZXA, these are not forms from MMZX, these are figures of the characters that those forms are based off of. Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, Hidden Phantom, and Fighting Fefnir are the Four Guardians who watch over Neo Arcadia. They are from the Mega Man Zero series and are recurring characters from MMZ through MMZ3.

I actually didn't add anything to MFC. I refuse to do so because documentation takes the sense of wonder out of everything.

Everything that you could ever want to know is listed somewhere in the informational page located at the below address.


Try to work on that grammar. I am glad that you are at least trying to make something of an effort and I hope to communicate with you at some point in the future.

P.S. Phantom is the best guardian.
05 months agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2224448wow talk about rude..
yeah we don't share the same air since the air i'm breathing is where collectors help each other
unlike you who's all high and mighty for some reason
anyways thanks for the heads up on your attitude..

If you at least attempted to use grammar and could actually name the characters who is featured in the GK that you are asking me about, then I would probably have given you the answer because I've already completed my collection, the artist behind them is done making Rockman figures, and the only one you even have a slim chance at finding is the one that I already own three of (I can go into detail if you want but they are not for sale) and is most likely going to cost you at least 24,000 yen before shipping.

How about we start over and you try again? I am a firm believer in do-overs.
05 months agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2222027such sadness :'( i want the megaman zero advent forms

To pile even more on, this is only like a tenth of my collection and I have nine more Rockman GK that aren't even listed on this site. I haven't added them because I don't want to deal with even more people like you.
05 months agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2222027such sadness :'( i want the megaman zero advent forms

Looks like I was right in not telling you, because you can't even correctly identify which characters these are on a website who's only purpose is to identify figures. Seriously, all you have to do is just navigate to the pages and read the title to know who they are.

You don't deserve to breath the same air as I do.
05 months agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #2218224hahaha not really i just want to know where i can get it if ever
are you buying doubles though?
haha i only just want 1 of each of the megaman zero gk
plus it will still depends if how much it will be XD

Even if I did tell you where I got mine, you will never see one of these ever again.

Such is the nature of GK.

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