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03 days agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (14 days ago) #2240880hahaha it seems you have been quite busy these days since its been a long time since i commented in your page hahaha XD is it because of soccer? XD
yup no game no life is based on the novel 1 thing i could say about it.. its one GODLY anime :v its sooo freaking gooooooood! i totally recommend it! hahaha havent really watched alot of anime atm im watching the continued version of fairytail though :))i have also been quite addicted in watching game of thrones for some reason hahaha XD
damn look at my pre order list :v i still even havent find a job yet if all hell breaks loose im dead hahaha XD ordered more nendo stuff hahaha mashiro from bakuman and 2 nendo sonico :)) but my 1st would be the nendo red from pokemon hehe
i see hahaha the only game im playing right now is demon gaze from vita since there is no good games coming atm in 3ds
btw do you have facebook? i want to add you ^_^

No, I wasn't really busy because of soccer, I don't even watch it. And in the end, Brazil lost to Germany and Netherlands, so everyone was a bit saddened by the end. I'm finishing the dissertation to get my master degree, and had (actually, still have to) some things to sort out with the college, resolve things with the printing. But now it's nearly done and I believe I'll be able to try to start the doctorate this year \o/

The synopsis of No Game no Life seems great, i'll try to watch it when I finish some of the things I'm watching now. I watch Game of Thrones when the season is over, so I don't get all tense waiting for the next episode. And then the mean producers finish the season with a gigantic cliffhanger, gahhh! <o>

I'm so sad they cancelled Stealth Symphony, will order both volumes next month, but it's really a pity. Sometimes it's so irritating to follow Jump series!

My preorder list is a nightmare too, I'm almost scared of september, my credit card probably will explode...

No good 3ds games? Hey, that's nearly offensive! What about this masterpiece here (ext link)? That's what you can call a good sports game, huh? XDDDDD

No, no, I don't use facebook. It's a personal policy, never join a social network where my dad can be found XDDD I'm scaried my family could find out that I'm even nerdier than they think XDDDD But seriously, I'm not a facebook fan so I don't use it, I have a tumblr account, but I never reeeaaally used it too...
016 days agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (29 days ago) #2216531haha i see it seems people really do watch the world cup lol :))) im not a fan of sports the only sport i really like to watch is athletics and cheerleading haha
hahaha the one im currently watching besides hunter x hunter 2011 is no game no life haha have you watched it yet? its freaking godlike hahaha that anime is sooo good it made me want to watch it weekly haha XD also magi the adventures of sinbad haha
oh really? i just bookmarked the manga havent really read it yet i only read i think up to chapter 2
nice will certainly watch it
haha yah soo many freaking goodgames
i already pre ordered the special edition of the persona q the one where there is art book, tarot cards, case and more haha
also games on vita are on a roll haha so many freaking good games are coming out lately
anyways i also have so many figures for pre order haha
im still thinking if i should get a kancolle yamato figma i like her face for some reason.
anyways my wallet is all lonely since there have been a toyconvention it hit my wallet pretty bad haha i go shamanking mangasvery cheap also got figma love machine and d-arts elizabeth :)

Oh, I can't even tell. A friend of mine says that volley is Brazil's favourite sport and soccer is our religion. I was a bit afraid that Brazil wouldn't qualify for semifinals, people could start a riot here and it would be scary XDDD Let's see how today's game will end, I'm not a fan of soccer, but i'd rather see people happy with it. It's waaaay safer XDDD

I didn't watch No Game no Life yet, it's based on a light novel, right? There are so many anime for girls this summer, I'm not sure if I'll manage! There's Kuroshitsuji, Dramatical Murder, Ao Haru Ride, Free!, Bakumatsu Rock... It's too much at the same time!

I understand, can't order that Haikyuu!! game because all my september slots are already filled. And in december there will be a Comic Con with a Tamashii Nation booth, I'll have to go and probably will end up spending a lot of money <o> That's why I decided not to buy games until next year (unless there's something really really cheap, so I won't be able to resist XDD) Meanwhile i'll play some older games. My boyfriend lent me Killer is Dead, it's very nice^^

I ordered Armin nendoroid, it's a bit shota-like, but I decided to order all SnK boys' nendos (and Hange, if they ever get one too). But it's complicated if they keep announcing cleaning versions of Levi, it's silly but makes me want to buy them...
024 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (24 days ago) #2224458I see well if i offended you in asking those questions i appologize.
the only ones i'm really after as i said are the forms
like the ones listed in your collection phantom, harpui, leviathan and fafnir
anyways its ok if you don't want to share where you get the Gks still i would like
to thank you for adding them here in MFC and for me to seeing them

First, let's get this out of the way. These are not forms from MMZXA, these are not forms from MMZX, these are figures of the characters that those forms are based off of. Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, Hidden Phantom, and Fighting Fefnir are the Four Guardians who watch over Neo Arcadia. They are from the Mega Man Zero series and are recurring characters from MMZ through MMZ3.

I actually didn't add anything to MFC. I refuse to do so because documentation takes the sense of wonder out of everything.

Everything that you could ever want to know is listed somewhere in the informational page located at the below address.


Try to work on that grammar. I am glad that you are at least trying to make something of an effort and I hope to communicate with you at some point in the future.

P.S. Phantom is the best guardian.
024 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (24 days ago) #2224448wow talk about rude..
yeah we don't share the same air since the air i'm breathing is where collectors help each other
unlike you who's all high and mighty for some reason
anyways thanks for the heads up on your attitude..

If you at least attempted to use grammar and could actually name the characters who is featured in the GK that you are asking me about, then I would probably have given you the answer because I've already completed my collection, the artist behind them is done making Rockman figures, and the only one you even have a slim chance at finding is the one that I already own three of (I can go into detail if you want but they are not for sale) and is most likely going to cost you at least 24,000 yen before shipping.

How about we start over and you try again? I am a firm believer in do-overs.
024 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (26 days ago) #2222027such sadness :'( i want the megaman zero advent forms

To pile even more on, this is only like a tenth of my collection and I have nine more Rockman GK that aren't even listed on this site. I haven't added them because I don't want to deal with even more people like you.
024 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (26 days ago) #2222027such sadness :'( i want the megaman zero advent forms

Looks like I was right in not telling you, because you can't even correctly identify which characters these are on a website who's only purpose is to identify figures. Seriously, all you have to do is just navigate to the pages and read the title to know who they are.

You don't deserve to breath the same air as I do.
028 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (28 days ago) #2218224hahaha not really i just want to know where i can get it if ever
are you buying doubles though?
haha i only just want 1 of each of the megaman zero gk
plus it will still depends if how much it will be XD

Even if I did tell you where I got mine, you will never see one of these ever again.

Such is the nature of GK.
028 days agoSoulBlazenSoulBlazen
VongolaTsuna (28 days ago) #2218018waaaa im soooo jelly you have so many of the figures i like specially the rockman zero garage kits may i ask where did you get them?
If I told you where I got them then that means more competition for me the next time one comes out.
029 days agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2199124yeah i supposed so still.. :v hahaha oh well nevermind
so whats up did your sister made an account in world cosplay? :)
yah i want to read so many chapters of manga hahaha the anime right now of hunter x hunter 2011 is now ep 133 near the ending of the chimeraant arc
games games games haha i have so many freaking backlogs haha right now im playing deception 4 bloodties and katamari damacy on my vita lol :))
still waiting for the persona Q for the nintendo 3ds i pre ordered the limited edition :)

I think she didn't do it yet, she's not spending a lot of time at home since before the beggining of the World Cup, because some friends are here and she's been acting as a chaperone for them XD

I should start watching it again soon, or it will become harder and harder to watch everything. And did you see that Ansatsu Kyoushitsu will get an anime? I'm so glad, that manga is so funny.

Games, games and games... I'm living a terrible dilemma. I already have a ton of preorders for september and them they'll release this -> item #225921 When they first announced the game I was all "Okay, no problem, can buy it later, hahah^^", but I'm worried about this special edition. It's troublesome with games that girls buy massively, just like happened with Gyakuten Saiban 5, I couldn't preorder the special edition and ended up without Naruhodou's figure T_T And it's kinda sad that so many nice games on 3DS, when I'm not able to use the 3d feature...
01 month agoEamxuEamxu
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2204739waaa sayang ang layo hahaha XD manila ako hahaYeeeah. I actually want to go sa Toycon but parang mahirap ata. Maybe next year. So much POs this year eh.
01 month agoEamxuEamxu
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2202713nice collection :3
taga san ka po sa pinas? :)
Hi. From the beautiful Queen city of the south, Cebu. Hahaha.
01 month agozeroelzeroel
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2199129wow mamaw dumadame na ng dumadame

mas mamaw sir vic
01 month agochopilchopil
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2199125grabe parang dumame bigla lalo ah XD

walang dagdag kaya.. :P
01 month agoskylamikijimaskylamikijima
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2199127naks dumadame na mamaw

Dumadame yung sa....wishlist ko x))
01 month agokinn33kinn33
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2199130arbor nung sic wild chalice haha
sorry Bro :P
01 month agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2177437i dont know well maybe some costumes are sponsored so yeah :v
but some literally only cosplay for the reason and thinking of getting popular :0
oh really? didnt know that waaaaaa shokugeki feels lol :))
havent quite read much of stealth symphony haha maybe i'll wait if there are more chapters
right now what im busy reading is hunter x hunter since im also watching the 2011 anime version one huhu also been watching no game no life its quite good too :)
yah it will be on digital also theres already a japanese version one with subtitles so i think imma get that one instead since it has a physical copy of the game :)
yeah you should i even know some of my friends just making an account there just so they can see different cosplayers :)

What a bunch of dumb people, cosplaying just because it's popular instead of getting a hobby they really like... Oh well, to each his own, right, even if we're not able to understand their silliness.

You're right in that, in the beggining of these Jump series it's always better to have a lot of chapters/volumes to read, so you can read right until the start of the first arc with a major villain and so XDD I must start watching Hunter x Hunter again, I've taken a break for a while and now there are more than 20 episodes to watch @_@

If there's an option with subtitles it's always better, no? I usually prefer to get a physical copy, I'm too unlucky to take chances with those things XDDDD And I started playing that South Park game, it was really made for fans, it's so stupid! XDDD
01 month agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #2157295yah it is its also very irrupting to see models cosplay for the reason they want to have photoshoots without even knowing the personality of the character they are cosplaying
like having a serious character do a peace sign pose and stuff like that :v
oh well nothing we can do there haha at least shokugeki no soma is uploading regularly haha XD
stealth symphony looks interesting ahaha
yah i wish they release an english version soon much like what they will do with the sao game on vita they will release it in english :))
haha wow didn't think that my cosplay was good XD tell your sister i said thanks
oh yeah you can also create an account there in worldcosplay and you can follow and like the pictures of the cosplayers you like :)
cosplayers all over the world are using that site hehe

That's a bit silly of them, how can they impersonate a character they don't even know?!?! I can't understand what goes through those people minds, spend your money, your time with something they don't really like, just to get compliments... It's kinda dumb in my opinion.

And maybe Shokugeki no Soma could get an anime soon, did you see that they annouced one for World Trigger already? Hope they make a good version, WT is nice. I'm really liking Stealth Symphony, looks like they just introduced a big villain \o/

SAO will get an english release? I didn'tknow, it must've gotten really popular in the USA... I was a bit busy with work these last days, but now that everything is settled I'll play that South Park game. Need something silly and funny to relax a bit XDD

Oh, I'll let her know how it is, maybe she won't feel so shy if she knows there are more people from other countries there^^
02 months agoKapushonshikKapushonshik
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #2161668<3 where did you get the haseo gk?
Sorry, I have no Haseo kit, I only want it badly. I added it in my "wishlist", not in "my collection" V_v
02 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #2138141haha i do hope so haha for some reason more and more so called cosplayers are joining the bandwagon -_- even if they dont really like cosplay they think they will be popular once they cosplay :v
hahaa real account is good sad thing about it though its very slow in updating chapters
haha theres already a tutorial though i still prefer an english version of the game haha so i can understand the story more haha
haha yeah ask her haha have you seen all my cosplay photos?
XD haha thanks for the compliment hehehe

Really? I didn't think it was that bad, since cosplay is an expensive hobby. Not to mention all the hard work involved on the confection of some costumes and weapons... I'd imagine only people really passionate about it would be dedicated enough. Well, don't worry, it's like the fake fans, soon they'll find another "great" thing and leave ;-)
That's the bad thing about monthly manga with a small fanbase, the scans take forever to appear. Even raws are very hard to find sometimes T_T

It's always better when there's an english version. I get a bit tired when a game in japanese have a lot of text, got better with time, but I still struggle a lot to read kanji. In visual novel-like games it can get very tiresome...

She said she doesn't have an account there (because her english is even worse than mine, poor thing XDD) but I showed your photos and she praised you a lot, specially the .Hack ones.
02 months agoskylamikijimaskylamikijima
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #2146957hahah lier! hahaha dme mo pa d nilalagay

HAHAHA hiiindi ah, yan na lahat :)))

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