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VongolaTsuna (17 days ago) #2067853hahaha naaah its ok if its not mainstream haha i prefer it that way though i hope it gets an anime hahaha :))
haikyuu? what kind of game is that? haha damn vita games hahaha eating all my money soo many good games getting released one after another XD
haha i see atleast you get to play lol though working is nice it makes money lol :))
take care ok? :)

I kinda like when something I reaaly like becomes popular because then they release nice figures, cute merch and, sometimes, the manga gets released in portuguese. I can read manga in english, but it's always better to read in portuguese, it's a lot more fun.

Oh, and talking about manga, I'm so happy that now Reborn will be released monthly here, it would take at least 7 years to finish the serie with the old release schedule... And did you try to read Stealth Symphony? It's getting good, I hope it doesn't get canceled soon, it would be sad.

Haikyuu!! game probably will be a sport one. It's too early to make a datesim XDDD Don't even tell me, we'll need to work a lot to pay for all the nice games and then we won't have time enough to play and enjoy the fruits of our labor T_T

Thanks! I'm already feeling better, looks like I'll be able to start working again next week. And then we will have an extended holiday, since easter is coming.

Nice cosplay on your new profile pic, it's really great!
017 days agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (28 days ago) #2048990hahaha the manga is getting more and more intense hahaha even if its a cooking manga lol :)) XD
seriously? haha i want one hahaha :)) shokugeki no soma is very much hidden here haha i mean its not really a mainstream manga here so only a few people knows it
hahaha XD omg there are soooo many new god games getting released! i now plan on buying the remaster for final fantasy X and X2 in both vita and ps3 hahaha also J-stars heroes still thinking if i should get the vita version or the ps3 version plus sooo many freaking new games to be released like akibas trip on the vita and more :/ my ds is resting atm haha busy much with my vita
hahaha right now im not busy haha since im already graduating hahaha im just waiting for graduation and hopefully get a job soon :))

Don't worry, I bet in a couple months Shokugeki no Soma will get a bigger fanbase. It's selling well and looks like they're investing a bit on it, so maybe they'll end up releasing an anime or something. You can see the mousepad here (ext link)

And another game on my "to buy" list, looks like there'll be a Haikyuu!! 3DS game. They really think our money grow in trees -_-

Ouch, this graduating phase is tiresome, poor you! I'm having to take things easy for some days, cause my ears are inflamed and I can't go out. It's bad cause I'm stuck at home and it hurts a bit, but, on the plus side, I can play a bit (even if, in this case, I'd rather work and don't feel pain T_T).
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VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2029671haha yah it has many fan service... at the 1st few chapters but once you read about a few of them it will really be more focus on the story i kinda miss the fanservice though haha
but damn shokugeki no soma is one epic cooking shonen manga ^____^
haha there are many good games for the 3ds haha since there are gonna be more jrpg coming to the west. but right now im pre occupied in using my vita haha i got addicted in playing toukiden its like a monster hunter style gameplay but i like it more than mh haha also got dangan ronpa trigger havoc and disgaea 3 hahaha XD
nah i dont get problems via customs since i just order here via local shops online :))

I'll try to read it, then^^ But it looks really full of fanservice, it's really new and they already released one of those oppai mousepads...

Looks like it's a funny game, made me want to give it a try =) I can't play too much with my work and school stuff, but I've been playing some of my old pc games again, it's so funny to look what Diablo II looks like now and remember that I used to think it was a bit scary when I was a kid XDDD
01 month agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (1 month ago) #2003228hope it gets an anime soon hahaha right now im busy reading shamanking flowers and shokugeki no soma haha
hahaha buy a 3ds now :)) i for one 3ds is better than vita now that i have both in terms of games 3ds has more variety than vita :))
hahahaha i wanna sell my kidney too lol haha so many pre orders!
shf android 18, phat aegis, re release of d-arts omegamon, shf lucario hmm i know theres more of my pre orders hahaha XD

I think I'll start reading Shokugeki no Soma, but looks like it have a lot of gratuitous fanservice, is it true? I've read the first chapter of Stealth Symphony this week, looks very promising, hope it doesn't get cancelled too soon...

Hmm, in the end my only use for 3ds is playing Ace Attorney, so I'm still not sure if it's a very good investment. If only they released an enormous bunch of nice games for it... XDDD

Indeed, you'll need to sell a kidney with so many stuff to pay XDDD Well, at least you don't have problems with customs. Or do you too?
01 month agoryndiaryndia
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #1973648update update din pag may time haha

Walang i-uupdate! Walang pera e HAHAHA.
02 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #1959273but its still ongoing right? im hoping for an anime haha XD
haha yah already got a vita now hahaha how did you know? haha is it because of my updated media list? hahaha its ok though if you really want more games choose 3ds though the region blocking sucks
im addicted in playing persona 4 golden haha even though i already finished the ps2 version in original ending XD also got YS celceta haha cant wait to play the soon to be released dangan ronpa game in the vita hoping i can also buy the dragon ball game soon XD
hahaha got so many pre orders atm hahaha XD i think imma be selling my kidneys soon lol :))
i won a revoltech woody in an online shop hahaha now im having fun playing with it XD also thats the reason i pre order shf android 18 hahaha :))
oh yeah did you notice what is happening with d-arts and shf? it looks like theyre merging since the supposed d-arts lucario is now in the shf line well i still hope d-arts would stay alive :)) im happy since i got to pre order d-arts rerelease omegamon haha it would help me not selling myself for the ones in ebay haha

Yes, it still have only a few chapters, and volume 1 was released recently. I don’t know, it’s still a bit early to cogitate an anime, and I’m not sure if they have plans for a long story. I hope so, it’s very funny thus far.

It’s just a feeling I had XDDDD I’m not a fan of 3DS, but I need it for Gyakuten Saiban 5, it’s a pity… I hope my tendinitis gives me a break this years, there’s a lot of good stuff to play, but if my thumbs start hurting whenever I play more than twenty minutes it will be complicated T_T

I’ve been thinking about selling a piece of my liver too, it can regenerate itself and I took a dislike for liquor, so it won’t be a problem XDDD Maybe it will be enough to buy all the Shingeki no Kyojin nice figures they’re announcing XDDD

No, I didn’t notice, there aren’t many d-arts from series I like, so I didn’t see it. It’s good that you managed to order it, now you won’t have to suffer with greedy people on ebay \o/
Did you see that they announced Dangan Ronpa one coins? Looks like they’ll be cute…
02 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #1939431haha whatever game that is i still want to have a localisation game of khr or a remake of the anime! ahaha
haha im still waiting for more chapters before i read it haha but yeah that space police really do look like mukuro XD
haha i also neeeeeed alooooooooot haha now that i also have a vita XD more games more fun haha thats why i dont get to cosplay more often because of figures and games
haha i told you hahaha dangan ronpa roooocks haha i wanna play the game soon

It's a pity elDLIVE only has two scanlated chapters. I ordered the japanese volume, but it probably will take a month to arrive.

So you have a Vita now?! Are you liking it? Now we're having a lot of problems to order games since customs decided to be too strict. With the money you used to buy two games before, now you only buy one T_T It's almost good that I can't play too much these days...

Indeed, it's a lot of fun, and now I want more nendos T_T
02 months agozerodevilxzerodevilx
VongolaTsuna (2 months ago) #1953988kakainggit collection niya oh

don't envy me T^T
03 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (3 months ago) #1916341hmmm im not sure if i got to play that one is that the rpg one?
i waaaant more reborn games <3
whats eldlive?
hahaha gifts hmmm i got a game from my friend a 3ds game haha spirit camera the fatal frame side story for the 3ds and mostly money yey money haha which i spend on a game rune factory 4 plus also bough revoltech hunter and shf tsunashi takuto from the money i got XD
moooore money, figure and anime stuff for us hehe


The game's name is "Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Ore ga Boss! Saikyou Family Taisen", it's not really RPG, since it has the mini games and so, but you need to up the level of family members, and get more areas to get money from taxes.

It's the new Akira Amano's manga, it's very nice thus far, but it's very funny to see a space police agent that looks like Mukuro XDD

I think I'll really need a lot of money, Kagami is coming and soon preorders for Benten are starting...

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. You were right, Dangan Ronpa is very, very nice. Need nendo now!!! <o>
03 months agoryndiaryndia
Nagcomment ka pala! Hohoho! Ikaw na madami stuffs! xD
03 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (3 months ago) #1909005nooooo PRIMO <3 hahaha i hope they make a katekyo hitman reborn fighting game in the ps3 the complete roster that would be fun haha much like the ones in the DS though only released in japan
i hope they also make a reboot much like what they did to hunter x hunter
wahaha thats the start of your madness in dangan ronpa haha
yiiieee happy holidays!
any presents from yourself?
haha got a rune factory 4 3ds game, hunter revoltech fig and a tsunashi takuto SHF

It would be very nice, there are some funny Reborn games, I like that DS one where you are the boss and must recruit members to your family, it's so great when I get Yamamoto and Squalo <3<3

It's a pity that probably we won't have any more Reborn anime or OVA, since the manga is over. But did you read elDLIVE? The first chapters seem interesting and it looks like it's going to be a nice story.

Yep, got some very nice girly gifts and some nerdy gifts too XDD And you?

Oh boy, I ordered nendo Levi, was travelling at the time and the internet was a nightmare (and had to lend my poor notebook all the time to five cousins who were worried about UFC. Didn't get the figma though, maybe I'll try to buy him later.

Happy new year and lots of money and figures to you! XDDDD
03 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (3 months ago) #1899421hope primo vill be available ahaha also byakuran <3 hehehe
hahaha you will become a fan lol :)))
oh yeah advance merry christmas and advance happy new year happy holidays ^_^

I don't think there are many chances to see Primo there, maybe Byakuran since he's a rival, and there are main heroes and rivals...

I just watched the first episode, it seem to be a very funny story, let's see how it will develop^^

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
03 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (4 months ago) #1883289waaa i want that! goodthing imma get a vita soon and ps3 haha you sure tsuna is a playable character?
huhu i know how you feel i feel the same way huhuhu my vongola family where art though?!
haha yeah its really really really expensive lol
haha your gonna be a fan soon lol
haha hey im 21 and it doesnt bother me if i get influence by anime lol

Yes, Tsuna will be playable, it would be great if they added Dino, Mukuro or Hibari as support, most series will have some other character as support.

I hope I don't become a fan, I don't need more fandoms in my poor life XDDD

Well, I'm a tiny bit older than you, so I feel a bit more self concious about these things XDDD I was planning to practice a bit this week, but I had a small accident with a cyclist >.< and I'm still a bit sore, so maybe next week...
04 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (4 months ago) #1862271what game is that? *____*
huhu i miss my reborn manga!
damn huhuhu
hahaha yeah but its still hard to save money XD
haha yey hope you enjoy watching dangan ronpa then hehehe
haha nah its not weird i remember when i was a kid i wanted to go fishing because i was fond of watching grander musashi

Here's the game's official site, it probably will be terrible, but who cares? I'll buy it just to be able to play with Tsuna, Oga and Baby Beel, Ichigo and Gin-chan \o/ I miss Reborn manga too, I used to read it after Naruto and Bleach every week, but now, when I finish reading the week Jump's manga, it feels like there's something missing... I want more Reborn in my life!

I know, cosplay accessories could be expensive, I have a friend planning to make a Trinity Blood cosplay, she said she will be broken when it's ready.

Well, next week I'll know if Dangan Ronpa is really good, hope I don't become fan XDDD

Hmm, but I'm a bit grown up, so I shouldn't be influenced so easily XDDD
04 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1841273aww sad why no love for tsuna huhuhu T_T
haha yeah pretty much since im more focus on my other cosplays XD
im still learning in making props/weapons etc
but for the clothes i try to make my friends who has a business in cosplay costumes and i just pay him/her for it
haha well its just my opinion haha since i didnt really loved or really enjoyed much of A.A
haha i just watched the anime version of dangan ronpa didnt really get to played it but i really like the story of it more than A.A

Yeah, no love for Tsuna, it's a pity the manga is over, it would've got some merch with the jump 45 years celebration. At least Tsuna will be on the game that will be released next year.

Ah, it's good that you know someone who can make your clothes, my sister sometimes have problems when he need to find a new seamstress. But at least she can sew simple things and make the accessories.

Hahah, I was just kidding XDDD When I finish some college related stuff and my boyfriend come to visit we'll try to make a marathon of Dangan Ronpa, he wanted to watch it. Them I'll tell you if it is better than Ace Attorney XDDD

Is it too silly that I've been wanting to buy a new bike since I started watching Yowamushi Pedal? XDDD
05 months agoseraph_phoenixseraph_phoenix
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1841266yes yes i really like the garage kite that you owned are you by any chance letting it go?
this one
item #41154
haha sorry im just really a huge dot hack fan and when i saw you have it i just really want to ask

Unfortunately, that one technically isn't mine, it belongs to my husband, for me to build of course. If you are just wanting it to build rather than collecting an official item, E20 has recasts of that kit.
05 months agoJustinFVGJustinFVG
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1830374
adik collection mo puro nami haha

Oo naman. Kakaupdate ko lang ulit. :))
05 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1830377haha damn reborn merchandises are very hard to get
do you know if there is a tsunayoshi sawada jump world figure collection?
im looking for him since i saw reborn has one
haha hibari is still in the process haha im not that good looking haha so maybe in the long run i'll try to cosplay him hahaha XD
hahaha dangan ronpa nendoroid really seems like ace attoryney haha but for some reason i like dangan ronpa more because of the character and the story

No, there's only Reborn, it's a pity... They could've made Tsuna with Reborn on his shoulder, like Oga and Beel. It's a bit sad that they never released good prize figures of Reborn characters...

Do you still have too many things to do on your Hibari cosplay? I don't cosplay but I like seeing how people make things like armour, weapons and accessories. Do you sew your cosplays yourself or you buy the costume?

I never watched/played Dangan Ronpa, but I cant believe it's better than Ace Attorney XDDDDDD
05 months agoseraph_phoenixseraph_phoenix
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1839179waaaa are selling some of your stuff? *___*
I don't really sell much. The few things I want to sell are listed in my shop, but I mainly collect a few series that I really like so I have no intention of selling them. Why, was there something you were wanting?
05 months agoaoudaaouda
VongolaTsuna (5 months ago) #1810046yah its really required which is very much a hassle -_- specially since its also like appylying for a job :/
hahaha yah i will if i get the chance haha im really really eager to collect them haha XD
ughhhhh those boxes i waaaant <3 actually i have a bootleg vongola box well not sure if its really bootleg but its very well made i have the storm box since red is my favorite color haha XD gonna get tsuna and hibari's box for cosplay purposes :P
hahaha that nendo ereeeen is so cuuute the mikasa one didnt attract me much but that kawaii eren hahaha XD still not gonna buy it next time maybe when im already working hahaha i really like other nendos haha like the one in dangan ronpa haha
awwww thank you so so sooooo much <3 ^___^ greeting accepted <3

Monitorship is mandatory for me now, and since college students are on strike, I'll probably have to work on january T_T

I couldn't find them when they were released and now it will be a bit hard. Damned Movic with its exclusives, only making our lives harder =_= And we should be ready, it looks like there will be Reborn merchandise on Jump Festa, so maybe they'll release some nice straps. Oh, so you'll cosplay Hibari too?

In the end I ordered Eren figma too, but if some other figures I want get released in april too I'll have to cancel it. If i kne how to do it, I'd buy a Dangan Ronpa nendo to customize and make a Phoenix Wright XDDD

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