VysceVysce I'm DEHYDRATED Megan! Wha's wrong with you, you run outta MOE??!


I am Vysce! I have the Emperor Arcana, like stop-motion figure movies, and eat skittles so I can taste the rainbow! I wanna be a sky pirate like my SEGA counterpart, but I went and got born in the wrong dimension. I love figures, especially those with cool features and articulation and I get this great feeling from collecting them! So I'm here to chase that feeling!

Eventually, what I hope to achieve is create spectacular stop-motion videos starring my figures. While I am collecting figures from shows I really cherish, I'm also CASTING them as well! I'm hoping it'll be up to snuff with the awesome modern stop-motions you see on youtube. And even if they aren't, I'll have fun anyway... and if one of you eventually sees on of my vids and it makes just one of you smile... well, that's enough for me!

You want s'more facts about me? Well let's see... ah! I LOVE ICE WATER. I can taste the difference in all kinds of water, so ya can't fool me with that cheap stuff! The more ice, the better! I carry it around in a huge blue water bottle everywhere I go. It represents my HP bar, you know... 'cause life's a video game!

Other than that... I can get by a late night viewing of anime and Kamen rider while I finish off some pizza sippin' on my favorite ice drink. It's those little bits of heaven you gotta pursue, am I right?

I guess that's all from me for now~
If ya need me, I'll be watchin' Attack on Titan, Ao no Exorcist, and Guilty Crown!!

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03 months agoVysceVysce
Well it was a long and confusing journey, but Archer finally arrived!
09 months agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
You're welcome ! =) Thanks for you kinds words ^_^ I'm really happy !
Vysce (9 months ago) #2098108Wahhh! Thanks so much! >.< My friends love me so I had a great day! Thanks for making me smile! :3
09 months agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
09 months agoVysceVysce
Hehe! Eren is on the way!!!
01 year agoVysceVysce
Halp I'm stuck in FFXIV!!

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