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Bring on the cute

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03 days agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Hello! Your inbox is still full. Wondering if you shipped out Menma yet?
06 days ago (6 days ago)LyncfsLyncfs

I sent you a PM about one of your sales a few days ago. Please let me know if she's still available. I live in the US. Thanks.
06 days agoMarsiMarsi
i can´t buy your madoka maiko + more stuff, when we cant talk about all the rest :DD
plz clean your privat message inbox... i cant write you back since yesterday :(
07 days agoazulyazuly
Inbox fulll~ T-T

Do you still have the Madoka Maiko Nendoroid #332~?
07 days agoKalasRavenKalasRaven
Inbox is full. D: Can't wait to receive Menma! Message me once you shipped her out! ^_^

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