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Hi there!
Well, there's not much to know about me. I'm a bit shy, but don't be afraid to talk!

I'm a collector of sorts. Ranging from anime, books, rare/neat trinkets and of course FIGURES. For my figure collection, I tend to focus on Monogatari Series and Love Live!

Anime figure photography intrigues me. And I absolutely love doing it! (Even though I'm a novice at it.)

My favorite anime are Monogatari Series, A Certain Magical Index, Spice and Wolf, Assassination Classroom, Nisekoi, and Love Live! (Hanamaru waifu till I daifu)

I also have a tumblr account! Where I post random anime things and sometimes post photos that I do!

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02 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
WhiteXillia00 (2 months ago) #17692347HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I HAVE TWO PRESENTS FOR YOU!! (Cuz I know who your Love Live! ships are)
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View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/74/11/27/741127941ce5e3046be113a7e02c3438.jpg

oh really thanks my pairs *__*
thanks but i have on monday birthday not today. 23 january.xDD
02 months agojessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you! ^.^WhiteXillia00 (2 months ago) #17502279HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
03 months agoCapChaCapCha
Hey!(´。• ᵕ •。`) Thanks for accepting it! Your pictures are gorgeous btw!(*ゝ∀・*)b

WhiteXillia00 (3 months ago) #17070999Hi there!! (*・ω・)ノ
Thanks for the FR!
03 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
WhiteXillia00 (3 months ago) #16900186No worries C:
I felt the same about Prompto, too! At first, I thought he was a little annoying. But as the game went on I found that his personality was actually uplifting. And I kinda see Gladio as the strict big brother type. Him and Noctis tend to butt heads every now and again but I can see he cares for him.
Ugh. I decided to just continue with the main story. I went from the begining of Ch. 10 to Ch. 13 in a mere 2 hours. I don't want it to end yet! Although, I am looking forward to those episode DLCs.
Yeah! I like Gladio for that reason, he's got the whole strong protective thing going on haha. NOOOOO I don't want to hear any more ;-; At that point you should just finish it up lol. I'm usually pretty mixed about DLC but for this game I don't mind at all, I'd definitely buy more of it hahaha. I hope there's one where we get to play as Cid's old group.
03 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
WhiteXillia00 (3 months ago) #16754100Hopefully this doesn't count as a spoiler. But there are 14 chapters and supposedly it speeds up pretty quick after Chapter 9.
As for my favorite character. Out of the 4 main characters, I don't really have a favorite between them. I love them all! But as for the game overall, I'd have to say Iris Amicitia. She's honestly SO precious! Aahhahaha. I also really like Aranea Highwind, she's pretty badass.
What about you?! Whose your favorite character so far?
Sorry I haven't been online lately x-x I'm on Chapter 9 now, hoping to drag it out as long as I can! Between FFXV and Overwatch I'm all gamed out.

Iris is super lovely and I really like Aranea too. Her frankness is really refreshing. I'm stuck between Gladiolus and Prompto as my favorite. I am very surprised, I didn't really think I'd like Prompto at all when I first started the game since he's not really my type but now I can't get enough of him lol. I think the moment that sealed the deal for me is when at one point he told Noctis to pose and say "fuzzy pickles." Can't believe that they threw an Earthbound reference in there, I freaked out for like 5 minutes LOL.

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