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010 months agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Wow, I just now saw you have a Necron Flayer icon. Love seeing other 40K fans on the site!
01 year agoWorstluckWorstluck
Entry Log: Bought a Tohsaka Rin - 1/8 - Summer Ver. (item #54771) roughly two months ago for about less than 7000 yen. Can not be so precise as I am having difficulty accessing the website I bought it from. Was not be able to get one during its PO period and only got the Saber one and always kinda regret, and was surprised this Rin was not that expensive at that moment, so I bought it.
02 years agoFreezerBurnFreezerBurn
Worstluck (2 years ago) #3747733Thanks for the info.
Sad thing here is I quite like that GSC bonus face. Geez I'd rather they made the shouting face the

Ya I do wish the blushing face plate was available as well :(. Though I think this figma of Angela is one of the best I have seen.
02 years agoFreezerBurnFreezerBurn
Hey there, saw your comment on the Angela Balzac figma by GSC. AmiAmi is selling her for 5,230 JPY if you're looking for something cheaper than 6k. She does not come with the GSC face plate though.
02 years agoWorstluckWorstluck
Entry Log: Bought three Figma Plus - Classroom Sets (item #166949) at the price of 1200 yen each. (Shipment cost not included.) Am planning build a scene in my future figure display for my "school girl" figma colletion.

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