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Here's a little about my collection...

♡ I love variety! My collection makes little sense, but there is some semblance of organization, I thiiiink.
♡ I organize my figures by theme. See my lists!
♡ Trading figures are my favorite! Their small size makes them an easy fit anywhere.
♡ I have lots to say about the personality of each character I collect! I'm most certainly a creepy 2D fetishist. T_T
♡ I'm lagging behind, stuck in the 90's, 80's and beyond. It's less likely that I will have figures from newer media.
♡ I have an eBay problem.. >_>;
♡ I own Seishoujo ~ FC club #788


... and here's a little about me ~☆

I still have a number of unlisted items that need identification; but being a bit OCD about documentation, I happily became a member of My Figure Collection!

I first became serious about collecting figures in specific around 2010 after trying to fight the urge all my life. I was sure that my overwhelming desire to collect would only be met with financial ruin. xD

Collecting other things, I fail to see why I resisted this. I gave up after my personal library (of novels, encyclopedias, comics, magazines, manga, artbooks, etc) grew to over a thousand pieces.

My very first anime viewing was in my early childhood, when Galaxy Express 999 came on the Sci-Fi channel in the middle of the night. I stuck with Sci-Fi for anime until I was able to rent VHS.. which led me to 3x3 Eyes and much more.

My specialization is hentai and other Japanese erotic media. Somehow I even found myself with a content management job on a huge network of free and subscription sites. That's another story.

As for my character.. I love to study and concoct various social experiments. Human behavioral patterns, individual preference, compatibility and biological response.. these things take up the most of my interest pool. True to these interests, I'm an avid practitioner of BaZi and enjoy educating myself in metaphysics, philosophy, parapsychology, sexuality and other topics along that line. Many have described me as having an over-the-top-creepily dedicated type of personality and I use all the talents I have and hone to ensure the best success in dealing with others' hearts!

It would take too long to list everything I'm passionate about. I tend run my own private clubs and dabble in a bit of it all.


I may seem hard to get close to at times, but I'm always putting my best foot forward.

Let's get along well, okay? ^_^

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08 months agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
01 year agonammynammy
Are you still looking to buy item #4809 ?
01 year agoDoboyDoboy Animated Chicks FTW

Do you think you could possibly update the Sei Shoujo club with an avatar pic and add the new Marie Mamiya figure by Freeing in the related items category. There are a couple new Bible Black Figures as well that could also be added.

02 years agoanimattanimatt
Amazing collection!

And a very happy Birthday to you!!! \(^_^)/
02 years agoSakura-MikuSakura-Miku
♫♪♥ happy birthday ~

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