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01 year agoItikioItikio
Happy birthday!
02 years agoShizukingShizuking ひきこもり
Xiao97Sorry for the late reply ^^'
but thanks for the birthday wish :)

oh, it's okay~ And you're welcome ^ ^
02 years agoShizukingShizuking ひきこもり
happy birthday~!! :)
02 years agoViki1213Viki1213
Happy birthday!
03 years agoViki1213Viki1213
Xiao97Sorry for the late reply ^^;
Here is my list (ext link)
lol don't ask why I gave some of the bad animes some high scores, sometimes I just give them high scores either coz I like the soundtracks or the art style xD
Only today was able to go to the myanimelist. A good list, a good choice ^ ^ But ... I probably will not watch so much anime in my life (I hope, you understand my bad english speech)
I am looking forward Kizumonogatari too.

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