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01 month agovDanskivDanski
Yarrowia (1 month ago) #21489654I bought them on Otakumode. It's labeled as one two-tier platform but you can use it as two separate risers
Thanks for the reply, I managed to find something online that works pretty well, but I'll keep those in mind.

01 month agovDanskivDanski
Hi, would you mind telling me where you found the glass steps that you use? Like in this picture (mfc link) (what Yui, Mio & Mugi are standing on)?

03 months agohappypanther_happypanther_
Joyeux Anniversaire ! :D
09 months agoGrahamSlamGrahamSlam
Hey, it's me! Thanks for approving my friend request!
09 months agoGrahamSlamGrahamSlam
Hello. I see that you like no game no life, as do I.

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