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I'm Yav and I'm huge Haikyuu and Dramatical Murder trash right now (இ╭╮இ` )
I usually spend time crying over my otps & reading fics, my main ships are kagehina, noiao, rinharu and kawoshin
very protective when it comes to my favourite characters, please don't hurt them
my type of humour is crack and I consider weird things funny so sorry in advance for my poor jokes lmao
I'm slow with replies to comments/PMs because I'm a lazy procrastinator or I forget to do it I'm so sorry active on twitter 24/7
please don't send me random friend requests, thanks!

REASONS TO LOVE HAIKYUU!!you should love it
1. literal sunshine Hinata Shouyou

2.Kageyama fucking Tobio aka the biggest loser ever + he's hot

3. dancing

4. all characters are idiots

5. kagehina

6. Tanaka & Nishinoya

7. grand trash king Oikawa

8. butt shots

9. volleyball dorks

10. everything. seriously everything trust me you will love it

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28 days agofrickenchickenfrickenchicken
co Twój bAobab tak długo idzie?
017 days agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Yavimaya (20 days ago) #2379624I'm starting uni tomorrow and my schedule is completely fucked up... classes till 7-8pm three times a week, starting from 10am =__= what an imbecile thought it was okay.
I love figmas more than nendos! figmas are fun to pose, nendos are a bit too static for me. not sure why, I used to love nendoroids a lot but now I just get bored of them after some time.
speaking of nendos... Hinata nendo is painted! my god, perfection! and I predicted that his base would be connected to Kageyama's by a net :D I'm super excited and I can't wait to order him, and for GSC to show Kags, since Kahotan teased us about it at the end of her entry on her blog. hopefully his price won't be too high because of all of the extra parts.
I think I'm going to watch the anime for fun after all, but man I must admit the music is amazing. I love the ending songs (all apart from Ren's) especially Mink's ending song haha... I was frustrated that I liked his song so much because I hate Mink lmao. downloaded the first ep and we'll see how it goes.
I'm not even sure what animes start next season. this season was sooo good I'm still recovering from zankyou no terror, free and haikyuu endings. now I'll have less time to watch animes anyway, since I'll be spending whole days at uni apart from precious Fridays that will be off and weekends u__u I want eternal summer break lmao

I hope the classes are going alright for you. Hopefully it won't be too bad.
Eh, I'm not a huge fan of nendos either though. I'm just not a "chibi" kind of person. I only have 2 and a few ordered. It really depends on how I feel about the character or if they're just that cute. Like of course I want all the Len nendos because Len is my bae. And then same goes for any of the Haikyuu boys too. Hinata's just really is too adorable though. I can't even stand it. I'm super excited for Kageyama and hopefully some others? I thought Hinata was going to be more though because of all the parts but I guess not. Not that I'm complaining.
Yeah I was a huge fan of DMMD after playing the first game so of course I had to watch the anime. It wasn't terrible. It's just that suddenly it blew up is all. I like the music but I'm not sure that I like it enough to put it on my iPod or anything. It really fits the series though. Ah don't worry I'm not a huge fan of Mink either (¬、¬)
020 days agoAgonAgon ♪ lorelei ♪
Nie odzywałam się, bo w sierpniu miałam te cholerne praktyki, a we wrześniu mało co byłam na necie u_u Za to teraz mogę nołlafować do woli, tak się cieszę, że studiuję poza domem zdala od rodziców (1 dzień nowego roku akademickiego, same wykłady, czyli oczywiście nie poszłam, lol) xD

Nie zauważyłam wcześniej tej podłużnej podstawki. Sprytne zagranie, Greedy Smile, sprytne. Fajnie by było, jakby Kageyama dostał jako bonusa dla sklepu GSC 4 twarzyczkę, on ma tyle epickich min, że 3 będą niewystarczające xD

Taaak, Noiz <3 Patrząc na to, co robi MF z cenami swoich stauetek, chyba pozostanie mi zmierać tylko nendosy z DMMd :I Mam nadzoeję, że Noiz dostanie tyle opcjonalnych części co Aoba (fajnie by było, jakby kontynuowali te gołe klaty) :3

Co do petitów z Bahamuta - ok! Dzisiaj za nie zapłaciłam i nawet wzięłam Air Maila, bo nie chce mi się czekać 3 tygodni na głupiego SALa, ugh.
020 days agoAgonAgon ♪ lorelei ♪
Wysłałam kasę za Kiriko.

Co sądzisz o nendo Hinaty? Siatka to miłe zaskoczenie, znając lenistwo GSC myślałam, że dadzą mu tylko piłkę, skaczącą pozę i drącego się ryja. Oby cena nie była wyższa jak 3889y jak za takie dodatki.
022 days agoNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
Yavimaya (22 days ago) #2376207I'm glad I could help!
yeah, the magnetic board is very neat, my only problem was to find those small magnets, but eventually I figured out I could use the little magnets that come with cheap magnetic earrings lol

I think this one would look awesome too :D
(ext link) *_*
I kinda wanna do this display now xD this and yours :D

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