YavimayaYavimaya (눈_눈)what was my life before Sakuma Ritsu happened to me


please don't send me random friend requests (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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about mex
all you need to know sorry
I love Sakuma Ritsu this is all you need to know


"You are too pure and full of sin at the same time." - Stella 2k16

I play this game for himcries
my Ricchan collection (15.06.2016)

hi! please call me Yav.
I'm a uni student (MA) of English Philology from Poland, majoring in translation.
super awkward and super shy.
I have a very fat and old cat and I obsess over her on daily basis ♪
I love macarons and I drink a lot of tea.
I also spill a lot of stuff to the point I became a meme among my friends.
give me a glass of water and there's a 95% chance I'll end up spilling it. you've been warned

my type of humour is crack and I consider weird things funny
sorry in advance for my poor jokes and memes,, lmao lots... of memes...
I also make a lot of typos oops

my ultimate favourite anime character is Slaine Troyard ♥ he's always first in my heart.
I'm a Slaine apologist and I'll always defend him.
I'm very deep in idol hell. I mainly play Love Live (JP) and Ensemble Stars,
sometimes Idolm@ster CG Starlight Stage.
my ultimate idol waifu is Ayase Eri! other fav idols:
enstars: knights, Wataru, Mao, Eichi, Koga
(I'm basically a knightsP ritsumaoP RitsuP?!)
Love Live: Hanayo, Nozomi, Honoka || Ruby (sunshine); Guilty Kiss
Im@s: Azusa (wife), Chihaya, Haruka
Im@s CG: Kirari (wife), Sae, Frederica, Shouko, Kanade, Minami & more...
I have a lot of otps... my current main otp is ritsumao/maoritsu.
my favourite item from my whole collection is item #352652

I'm slow with replies to comments/PMs because I'm a lazy procrastinator or I forget to do it I'm so sorry
please don't get offended if you don't get an answer at all.

I'm ALWAYS active on twitter but I won't accept follow requests unless we know each other at least a little.

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11 day agofrickenchickenfrickenchicken
"agata wake up!!!!"
019 days agoiksrpiksrp (〃δ ◡ δ) x (눈_눈)
224 days agoiksrpiksrp (〃δ ◡ δ) x (눈_눈)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
01 month agoGogeGoge
Yavimaya (1 month ago) #11250587wszystkiego najlepszego! ♪
11 month agokanjiaragakikanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
Yavimaya (1 month ago) #11003711taylorrrrr~ ♥ ♥ ♥
yav sensei~ ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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