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please don't send me random friend requests (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
due to some personal issues my replies/split updates might be slow.
please be patient with me;;

twitter || my anime list || listography || school idol tomodachi
splits I'm hosting / feedback
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about mex
all you need to know sorry
I love Sakuma Ritsu this is all you need to know

"You are too pure and full of sin at the same time." - Stella 2k16

I play this game for him
last updated on 10.02.2017


hi! please call me Yav.

Ritsu Sakuma is the love of my life.
my favourite item from my whole collection is item #352652

I'm a uni student (4th year) of English Philology from Poland, majoring in translation.
super awkward and super shy.
I have a very fat and old cat and I obsess over her on daily basis ♪
I love macarons and I drink a lot of tea.
I also spill a lot of stuff to the point I became a meme among my friends.
give me a glass of water and there's a 95% chance I'll end up spilling it. you've been warned
I can't live without music. my all time favourite band is Florence + The Machine.
but mostly I listen to animu & idol shit haha

some of my fav characters include: Emilia (re:zero; she's my waifu), Slaine Troyard, Yurio
I'm very deep in idol hell. I mainly play Love Live (JP) and Ensemble Stars,
used to play idolish7, casually plays deresute and A3.
my ultimate idol waifu is Ayase Eri! other fav idols:
enstars: knights, Wataru, Mao and a lot more...
(I'm basically a knightsP ritsumaoP RitsuP)
Love Live: Eri (wife), Hanayo, Nozomi, Honoka || Ruby (daughter), 3rd years
Im@s: Azusa (wife), Chihaya, Haruka
Im@s CG: Sae, Shuuko, Frederica, Kirari, Kanade, Shiki, Yoshino & more...
my current main otp is ritsumao/maoritsu.

I'm slow with replies to comments/PMs.
please don't get offended if you don't get an answer at all;;

I'm ALWAYS active on twitter but I won't accept follow requests unless we know each other at least a little.

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13 days agoAgonAgon Victuuri Eternal Love
Yavimaya (3 days ago) #19276370eeeeemiiiiliaaaaaa <3
(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡
21 month ago (1 month ago)frickenchickenfrickenchicken
"- Kim chcesz zostać w życiu?
- owocem Jogo-"BUNGOBOBKIEM

Chcę Enstabobki, chcę ujrzeć chaos i rozpacz na stronie GO
11 month agofrickenchickenfrickenchicken
01 month agoAgletAglet
Super kolekcja :3
02 months agoAgonAgon Victuuri Eternal Love
Yavimaya (2 months ago) #17560563wszystkiego najlepszego!! ♪

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