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I'll be on a trip in Egypt and unfortunately I won't have any internet connection. if there is an update in the Picktam! SnK split, it's my friend Reichan who will be sending the invoices from my account instead of me.

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wow look he's perfect
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04 days agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Yavimaya (5 days ago) #2261160oh, I didn't know about the video! huhuhu I can't wait to get this poster now. too bad I don't know japanese and won't know what Kageyama says XD oh well.
yup you're right, I would expect such posters from utapri since there's other talking stuff from it (alarm clocks I think?) maybe if these voice posters sell well we'll get more from other series as well! (what will be next? talking dakimakuras lol?)
I literally cried tears of blood on ep... 9 I think? the one with Ayano's Theory of Happiness. man how can you fuck up somethins so badly? MMD models for the opening? jfc I used to cry normal tears while listening to this song, not those of blood. fucking ridiculous. plus I don't really understand the story. and how did Takane get her body back in the end?? ?? ?? eh it's like they didn't even try. I won't be surprised if it doesn't sell well. in my opinion songs are the best together with the manga. I'd like to read the novels and I'll probably buy them when they're released next year (if I remember correctly) since I heard the novels are the closest to the original kagepro. but I'd like to erase MCA from my memories :x
I thought I wouldn't like Tanaka (judging by his appearance) but then I loved him! I love karasuno to death, they are such a lovely team! I'll cry when Daichi, Suga and Asahi graduate u__u
ahh I get it! I guess it makes sense. my fav characters are usually my ships lol. who do you ship in kagepro? my ships are shinaya and kanokido mostly. though my fav characters are Ayano, Kano, Hibiya and Konoha. somehow I don't like anime!Ayano :/ she was annoying, but I loved her everyone else. she's probably my most favourite character from kagepro. her story breaks my heart ;___;
oh and you will never guess! our favourite person got another account! :D and it's as obvious as with the previous one lmao. what's even the point haha...
btw I'm going on a trip to Egypt tomorrow and will be back in August so I won't be able to reply for a week! (no free wi-fi in the hotel we'll be staying ehhh)

Seriously, when you get this poster you need to make a quick video. I want to see this thing. I'm sure you'll find that someone posted whatever Kageyama is saying somewhere. Uuuuuhmmm I'd be okay with a talking dakimakura. I'd be extremely okay with that X3 Lull me to sleep Len baby~

OH MY GOD THE MMD MODELS. PLEASE...PLEASE NO. I just couldn't. Like it's one thing that they wanted to try something different but...they didn't even look good. They were terrifying actually. I SAID THE SAME THING! I was like woah woah woah hold up, how is Ene Takane again. That's the one that threw me off the most. I wonder if that was in the novels which is why it really wasn't explained. MCA was not for newcomers so I'm assuming that happens in the novels. I'll get to reading them eventually. I've skimmed translations but that's about it. I'm really nervous for English adaptions. This is one of the series, as much as I love it, that I rather it stay Japanese and not get much Western attention. Sometimes that blows things up and ruins them.
I don't ship anyone in KagePro surprisingly. For some reason I just can't bring myself to. I mean when I see fan art and what not of ships I don't mind it and it's cute but...I really can't ship anyone. Not even any BL ships. It's so weird. My favorites are obviously Kano and Hibiya. Hibiya is my shota babe...just thrown into my shota harem. I'm still unsure as to how I feel about Ayano. I never really cared much for her until MCA. I guess it's because they showed a lot more of her then was expecting. She used to be my least favorite but now I don't think I have one.

I'm gunna cry when the seniors in Haikyuu!! graduate too TAT. I don't even want to think about it. I hate when animes throw in the graduation thing and you're like nooooooo. Same thing with Free!. "What're you guys thinking about doing after graduating." Shut up Rin. Just shut up.

Really...another account..? I don't get it. I wonder why. But eh whatever floats their boat, ya know. Obviously they have some reason for it. Not that I care too much. I don't think it makes sense either though. Unless you get banned of course.

Ah have lots of fun! I'll talk to you when you get back!!!
09 days agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Yavimaya (10 days ago) #2253586eww those figures from Takara Tomy... they look quite good but wtf why would you include the poles... in places like that?! plus it's Takara Tomy, the quality will be shitty and they are not worth the price.
yes, they speak after you touch them! according to amiami:
"1. Touch the switch and the audio play.
2. Touch 2 places at the same time and slide it, and the audio will play.
3. Touch 2 different parts and the audio will play."
I'm surprised that the first voice posters are from haikyuu. I mean, sure, it's popular, but I would expect first ones to be made with characters from snk or something even more popular. I'm not complaining of course! I'm super happy to get Kageyama (it will be my bday present from myself to myself) and I would buy Hinata too, if I had more money eh. oh yes, a Kano voice poster would be nice... him saying "oh my dirty!" hehe though in my opinion the anime sucked so hard I'm not sure why I even watched it (I love kagepro but... but... what they did to the characters and the plot... unforgivable, Jin why)
ah, we like the same characters! though my fav are: 1. Kageyama & Hinata 2. Noya 3. Tanaka (it's funny how my fav characters are the dumbest in karasuno) and after them probably Kuroo and Kenma.
I ship most of the most popular ships, obviously kagehina is my otp, but other than that I ship kuroken like you, tsukiyama and Oikawa x Iwaizumi (what's even the name of this ship?) sadly, kenhina is my notp. oh, a threesome of chibis... interesting :p
though I must admit I have no idea what to think about Oikawa. on one hand, he's super ultra annoying and NO GO AWAY GO BACK TO THE TRASH BIN WHERE YOU BELONG ALSO OIKAGE IS MY NOTP but on the other hand he's a perfect grand trash king, he's funny and I like how Iwaizumi treats him. I probably love & hate him at the same time xD

On Hinata's posters page there's a link to a video to show how the posters work if you didn't see it already. It is weird that they're the first ones. You'd think the first ones would be from some otome game or series or something. Especially UtaPri because that would just make sense. They could sing. DUDE! O///O A KANO LIKE THAT WOULD BE SO PERFECT. I CAN'T EVEN..SDFJWEOIRFJSOIJ. Yeah I'm still unsure how I feel about the anime. It was really weird. I didn't exactly hate it, but I didn't like it either. It is definitely the worst part of the series, the songs and videos being the best.

Dude Tanaka is hilarious, it's great. The whole entire team is just so derpy together I just can't even react to it. When I'm in my room watching it you can probably hear me downstairs dying of laughter. I do like Tsukiyama. Oikawa x Iwaizumi...don't care for it too much. Call it..Oizumi..Iwakawa..I have no idea haha. Haha I don't actually ship HinataxKenmaxNoya but..It's not like I would mind seeing it. I think HinataxKenma can be stupidly cute sometimes. I'm still not even sure if I 'ship' them. It's probably just because they're like my absolute favorites in general. I do the same thing with Free! Nagisa and Haru are my favorites so I like seeing them together but I guess I don't really ship them together.
010 days agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Yavimaya (10 days ago) #2252642ahhh I'll find them one day for a decent price! I will...! I need my otp so badly D:
oh god I would love a Noya figure! I hope MegaHouse or Alter will make Haikyuu figures, I'd kill for a decent 1/8 Kageyama figure... my obsession with him became unhealthy to the point I ordered item #207467 I'm going to touch this poster a lot hue hue I wonder what places you need to touch to activate it :>
who do you ship in Haikyuu? what are your fav characters? I need to know!

Ah me too! I'm not into item #208231 and Kageyama's though. I hate those dumb poles. Wait...wait what is that?! It actually speaks?! I want the Hinata one! Ohmygod I didn't know these things existed. I want a Kenma! If a Len or a Kano one existed I would touch it everywhere. Don't worry it's not just you.
Ohhohoho who ever said I was into BL? Okay well obviously I am haha. My favorite characters are Hinata, Kenma, and Noya. I really like Oikawa too. Ship..god.. HinataxKageyama, KenmaxKuroo, HinataxKenma. I'll take a HinataxKenmaxNoya threesome too. I wouldn't mind that.
010 days agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo
Yavimaya (10 days ago) #2252606whoaaa you own Kageyama & Hinata from Banpresto, I'm so jealous! ;A; their prices are getting ridiculous nowadays;;;
btw you have a very cute Kenma profile pic <3

I have the first volume (beleive me, went through hell to find them with my friend), and then I have the third volume preordered. I will have ALL the Haikyuu!! figures. All of them. I really hope they make a Nishinoya one. Then I'll be able to have all three of my babies.
Thanks! Kenma is so precious.
010 days agobeloved_waifubeloved_waifu
Yavimaya (10 days ago) #2252450♥ ♥ ♥

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