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Hello, thanks for visiting my profile! :)

I'm Yupa from the Netherlands and I'm an anime fan since May 2010 when I watched the movie Spirited Away. If you don't know Yupa, he's a character from the manga and movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

I'm collecting anime BDs and DVDs, manga, figures and art books. I keep track of my figure and art book collection here. I also collect anime production art.


Hallo, bedankt voor het bezoeken van mijn profiel! :)

Ik ben Yupa uit Nederland en ik ben een anime fan sinds mei 2010 toen ik de film Spirited Away keek. Als je Yupa niet kent, hij is een personage uit de manga en film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Ik verzamel anime BD's en DVD's, manga, figures en artbooks. Ik hou hier mijn figure- en artbookverzameling bij. Daarnaast verzamel ik anime production art.

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020 days agogemelligemelli
Yupa (20 days ago) #21794788Van harte gefeliciteerd! ^_^

Dank je wel! ^^
05 months agoRunatoRunato
Yupa (5 months ago) #17400966Hi, welcome to MFC! :)
Yes, the Garden of Sinners gengashuu artbooks are quite confusing. If you're looking for artbooks from the fifth movie, then you have two choices.
item #44794 This one is in full color and has a white cover. It covers both the fourth and fifth movie.
item #43692 item #43695 These two sets of two books are in monochrome and have a black cover and box. You get more artwork here, also a few complete sequences which you can flip through.
If you have a link to a book that you'd like me to check if it's one of the above, let me know.

I get the feeling that according to the info that you posted about both of those, those are near impossible to find due to how long ago they were released AND they were released in Ufotable's shop exclusively.
I did find some stuff but I guess they're not what I'm looking for due to them not being the gengashuus or the right movie in particular.

[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]

Also since we're talking about Type-Moon stuff, I was wondering..I got some F/SN UBW gengashuus from Anime Expo 2016, but they were both for Season 1. Is there a way to find Season 2's as well? I ask because from what I've seen they were also exclusively from Ufotable's store.
05 months agoRunatoRunato
Hi, I've been looking around to find the artbooks/storyboards/key frames for Kara no Kyoukai Mujun Rasen, and I saw your entry on it. Is there a chance we can talk about it later on since all the covers for those look almost the same?
And are the ones that are on sale right now on various websites like Playasia and ebay the ones I'm looking for?
08 months agodymitrdymitr
Yupa (8 months ago) #15254305Van harte gefeliciteerd! ^^
Oeps, nu maak ik dezelfde fout. Alvast gefeliciteerd voor morgen. ;)

Bedankt he. Het is niet elke dag dat je 27 word. Echt een mijlpaal =3.
011 months agoMaakieMaakie
Yupa (11 months ago) #13360669We zijn van plan om binnenkort een grote forumupdate te doen, omdat de software erg verouderd is. Dat kan helaas nog even duren, want de persoon die dit wil uitvoeren gaat komende week met vakantie. :P

Ja ik hoorde al zoiets, haha. Zou wel mooi zijn. Het forum werkte tot voor kort goed, maar er zijn toch wel wat verouderde dingetjes. Vooral het missen van spoiler tags. ;)

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