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02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 years agouseyourdrilluseyourdrill
ZeroParadigm (2 years ago) #2502842Hey there. Thanks for your interest but the figures in question both sold already. Sorry!
Ahh! That's okay, thanks for letting me know. (:
02 years agouseyourdrilluseyourdrill
Hi! I think your inbox is full, but I'm very interested in buying your TTGL fig!
Let me know when you clear it so I can PM you if it's still available! (:
03 years agoErenJagerErenJager dad76
ZeroParadigm (3 years ago) #2139898I think your inbox might be full! woops thanks for letting me know !
03 years agoI3anchouI3anchou
ZeroParadigm (3 years ago) #2049641Hey! Thanks for your question. We're actually going to talk about that this weekend on the show. For now, we're on Ustream and Raptors uploads each episode to her YouTube account.

Okidokies, thanks for answering. I actually use a proprietary Android app that's linked to the website to listen to u guys, hence the question. Looking forward to more episodes and keep up the God work.
03 years agoZeroParadigmZeroParadigm Loli Breakfast Machine
I3anchou (3 years ago) #2047744Hi, I was just wondering why the most recent episodes of the Figurawrs podcast are not on

Hey! Thanks for your question. We're actually going to talk about that this weekend on the show. For now, we're on Ustream and Raptors uploads each episode to her YouTube account.
13 years agoI3anchouI3anchou
Hi, I was just wondering why the most recent episodes of the Figurawrs podcast are not on
03 years ago (3 years ago)Naza1395Naza1395
ZeroParadigm (3 years ago) #1935225Oh yeah, new friends hahaThank you for accepting the FR, you have a nice collection! :D
04 years agoMartyrdom7Martyrdom7
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1492701Well I'm actually hoping to work with films! In some capacity, at least. I love nearly every aspect of the process, I just need to figure out which one I want to focus on the most! lol
So yeah, the podcast! The show is up and actually has two episodes already, thus far. We record every Friday night and the episode will get posted over the weekend. I do it with OhnoRaptors and TwilliK for Raptor's new website. I made a couple blog posts about them, which you should be able to see on my profile. You'll find the link to the site in the episode 1 post, I think.
We're on iTunes! O_O It's weird.

That's an awesome choice, man. The ones who have a true passion for film making in any shape or form are always the ones who produce quality material, regardless of the long nights and all the hang-ups that come with it. I hope it turns out to be as fulfilling for you as you want it to be.

As for the podcast, I listened to some of it on the page you mentioned in your post and I dig what you're doing. I'm going to sit down and listen again as soon as I can, especially if you're talking about the Evangelion movie! Now go forth and conquer iTunes... eventually. :P
04 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Yes they are! I marathoned S;G over like 2 days and it was such an amazing series. Now one of my top 5 favorites for always
04 years agoMartyrdom7Martyrdom7
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1486336Hey that's good to hear. I've been up to a lot more than usual haha. I recently went back to school to get a degree in Communications/New Media (websites, filming/editing, photoshop, etc.), I've been working full time, and just recently I started doing a podcast. It's pretty sweet if you're into radio shows at all.
Also, do you happen to have a tumblr by any chance?

Awesome, man! There is plenty of opportunity with a degree and the skills that come with it, as long as you know where to look and have the ambition to go hunting as opposed to waiting for opportunities to come knocking. :P Best of luck, I hope it turns out to be super beneficial in the end! What were you planning on doing?

I don't have a tumblr but have considering signing up to check it out. I'm usually VERY late to the party on most social networking trends and the like, but should I actually get into it I'll let you know! Oh, I totally love radio shows and/or podcasts. Drop me reminder when you upload it (if you haven't already).
04 years ago (4 years ago)Martyrdom7Martyrdom7
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1483522Hahaha thanks man. That ought to help me sell some of the items still in there. I've probably had most of those up since you bought Rei, I think XD

By the way, have you seen Steins;Gate? Obviously I'm really late to the party on this one, but I love it lol

What's new with you, my friend?

No problem at all. I've noticed that most of the sales tend to get pushed down after awhile to where no one really sees them. Maybe try and re-list?

I actually started Steins;Gate not too long ago, right along side A Certain Scientific Railgun. I was going to watch it a while back but when I heard Funimation licensed it, I waited. It's pretty awesome and I plan to start the second half this weekend. :D

Anyways, not too much new here really. Been busy with work and few projects, and sleeping here and there as well.

How 'bout you, man?
04 years agoMartyrdom7Martyrdom7
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1481433Sup! So I was looking at my profile in the Shop and I realized I don't have any feedback haha
Any chance you want to leave me feedback for Rei? She's under "Unavailable Sales" if you go to my Shop.
Thanks dood XD

Haha, knew I forgot something, but it's done. Didn't even feel like it's been a year... damn!
04 years agoTwilliKTwilliK Mukyu~
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1476223Heh heh, I'll try it when I get home tonight. What have you been playing lately anyway? Raptors was telling me you do a video game podcast! Sounds exciting.

Haha, it's not very exciting, pretty terrible, really.

Since Bioshock a couple weeks back, I've mostly been playing La Mulana, a few different Fire Emblem games, and a few MMOs, although I'm not really playing any MMO seriously these days.
04 years agoTwilliKTwilliK Mukyu~
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1476191Damn! You'll have to finish DeS someday, it's good fun. I wish I had a PC but sadly I only have my junk laptop. If you ever get on PS3, we should play together man. What's your PSN ID?

I'm 99% sure it's (surprise surprise) TwilliK.

I enjoyed what I played of DeS, just general "lol whoops I stopped turning on my PS3" happened. (Want to say I was in -2 or -3 for most of the worlds? Although I feel like I'm forgetting one of them? >>;;)
04 years agoTwilliKTwilliK Mukyu~
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1476051Hey Twill!
I wanted to catch up with you about Dark Souls. What platform do you play on?

Primarily PC, although I do own a copy of it for PS3 (along with a copy of Demon Souls that I never finished because I barely ever use my PS3 Dx)
04 years agoloonybearloonybear
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1466564Can I just say that your comic is awesome and hilarious. I think I love it ^^

Thank (u ‿ u ✿ )
04 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1453879Yay, friends! Also happy birthday! I like that new video, am I to gather that you're starting a review site?
Yay! ^^
Thank you! Yes, well, it will have a bunch of fun projects besides reviews. I'm even working hard on it now!
04 years agoKrystal_TsukiKrystal_Tsuki
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1449197Welcome to MFC!

Thank you ^^ !!!
04 years agoHyujiHyuji
Great, I'll be sure to do that, thanks. Uh, yeah I guess New Zealand's pretty cool, but to actually have the chance to do any of it is a different story, though. Also, I'm in Christchurch, which isn't so pretty at the moment, with all the destruction that you see when you go into town, all the road works, etc. But there are other nice places to go, I guess.
ZeroParadigm (4 years ago) #1453901Hey, no problem. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
New Zealand, eh? Every picture I've seen of NZ makes it look like a beautiful place to live. Hoping to visit the country some day, but I won't hold my breath haha

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