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As a child I've always loved collecting and playing with action figures. I started collecting import anime figures back around 08-09 with Gundam Model kits. I had been at a local hobby shop when I saw some HG 1/44 scale kits from the newly released Gundam 00 anime. I had always been a fan of Gundam and decided to give it a try by picking up an Exia. After that, I eventually got the rest of the other 3 lead Gundams from the series. Over the next year or 2 I casually collected more model kits here and there. Shortly after I had stopped collecting Gundam kits and in 2012, I collected a couple of 1/8 scale statues. This was short lived due to the space required to display, and store them as well as the hefty price tag. Due to the really boring poses of most of statues. The ones I had decided to get, were restricted to ones with poses that I considered to be dynamic in some way shape or form. Since statues had these issues, I wanted to start collecting figures that you could pose because of the sheer possibilities of them, not to mention they are a lot easier to store and display. Presently I am still only collecting posable figures. With that I'm done with this wall of text. I apologize if you even made it this far lol.

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01 year ago (1 year ago)GrapeChellyGrapeChelly
Hello, do you still have okuyasu nijimura? for sale?
01 year agocutesushipiecutesushipie
Zeroflamez (1 year ago) #7964092Hi. Your inbox is full I think? I couldn't respond to your PM. I still have Takasugi. You still interested? I can send some pictures when I get home tonight.

Hi, I cleared my inbox, you can pm me now. Thanks
01 year agoMaieaMaiea
Hi, I want your Megahouse Takasugi figure in your shop for $50CAD. Do you still have it and is it still complete?
01 year agolittleblacklittleblack
Hello, I am very interested on Kagura that you have putted on your shop, does she still available?
Also I tried to send Pm but your inbox is full
01 year agotsunderequeentsunderequeen
Hi there! I saw you were selling your saber 2.0 figma in the comments of that figure, if you are still selling it shoot me a message! thanks!

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