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08 days agodarkrosedarkrose
Zorgen (8 days ago) #2620547Oh wish anyone sell chrome ff9 Zidane someday. Let me know if you decide to do that one day~
Sure :) If you still are unable to get one by the time I want to sell mine haha
01 month agoSodomSodom
Hi, could you estimate the shipping for Ludwig to Germany? :) Then I coud pay u and so on.
01 month agoSodomSodom
sounds all right for me. But you need to wait till New Year if its ok? But I hope my money comes faster :D
01 month agoSodomSodom
HAha sry :D item #156713
couldn't reply because I know I could not pay him but new month is on the sky ;D
01 month agoSodomSodom
Hey thanks for the message what do you want for him? :)

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