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02 months agoLookgforvenusmooLookgforvenusmoo
Do you still have the Sailor Venus ID# 9339, by Bandle, H=130mm, release date: 1993? Our's lost her right arm, our children has the set when they were five and three years old (they are twenty six and twent four now) we collect and saves their nice looking toys for them (For ourself, memory) if you still own that figure please let us know. Thanks.
08 months agoLestyLesty
Zorgen (8 months ago) #2851164Это заметно) Его мало кто любит, но он безусловно заслуживает внимания!
Б-Богический ХЪЪЪ

Не спойлерим! ХD
Бог еще тот, да :)
08 months agoLestyLesty
Zorgen (8 months ago) #2851142Впечатляющая коллекция с Усоппом **

Ну так самый-самый-пресамый любимый аниме персонаж же)))
Спасибо! *___*
010 months agodarkrosedarkrose
Zorgen (10 months ago) #2620547Oh wish anyone sell chrome ff9 Zidane someday. Let me know if you decide to do that one day~
Sure :) If you still are unable to get one by the time I want to sell mine haha
010 months agoSodomSodom
Hi, could you estimate the shipping for Ludwig to Germany? :) Then I coud pay u and so on.

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