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12 months agoQuarriQuarri
Was great buying off you! Highly reccomend buying from Zorgen, very helpful and patient. Great to do business with!
02 months agoLazuliLazuli
Hello, sorry to disturb you about this but are you still selling some Sengoku Basara One Coin Figures? I'm looking to trade for or buy the ones that I don't have yet and ones that I need to replace. Namely:

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Third Formation
- Kennyo

Fourth Formation
- Motochika
- Motonari
- Tadakatsu
- Matsunaga

Heroes Gather
- Ieyasu
- Mitsunari

Thank you for your time. :)
06 months ago (6 months ago)LexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
Zorgen (8 months ago) #4997975Thank You! <3
You're welcome
06 months agoSyruanSyruan
Zorgen (6 months ago) #5856338Sorry for late reply. Post office was closed.. So the shipping will be 13 USD with track №
Ah, sorry but at the moment that's a little out of my price range. Thanks for your time though! :)
06 months agoSyruanSyruan
Zorgen (6 months ago) #5777114Hello. Yes, it's for 50 usd
What would you estimate shipping to New Zealand to be?

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