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Just an anime fan that likes to buy merch, unfortunately it's a bit hard from where I come from but I'm trying my best to support my hobby, and it has been a fun ride so far :D

Thanks for reading`! http://i.imgur.com/CFtx0Fc.gif

My collection as of September 2015
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019 days agomomomomo
ZoroZoldyck (21 days ago) #25497853Happy Birthday!

thank you!! :)
07 months agolayanarilllayanarill
This WonFes has been VERY good to us- maybe in honor of your birthday? [ext link ] <- Archer pics! Though they never get the face quite right...

(Plus an awesome non fan service Rin!!! [ext link ])
07 months agoMononyanMononyan
Happy birthday!! I hope they announce a lot of stuff you want at Wonder Fest haha
08 months agoJoichiJoichi
ZoroZoldyck (8 months ago) #17329150Happy Birthday :D

Yay Thank you!!! <3
09 months agolayanarilllayanarill
ZoroZoldyck (9 months ago) #17038267When will they freakin color it already xD
We haven't even had a proper sculpt reveal

Maybe they're waiting for Wonfes? It's in February after all, so that's semi-close. >_<

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