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05 months agoUserGRUserGR
For a sale:
Your inbox is full and I don't want to leave my email out in public.
01 year agoRoda_AlthaniRoda_Althani
Me too!
i don't know him xDD
Thank you so much! :3

abdeljoel (1 year ago) #3450320it depends on the Figma, actually this is the main reason why I bought it in the first place.
I really dont know who he is or where does he come from.
I bought it to use with solid Snakes head and make a Phoenix right head. most figmas can share the bodies but you might have trouble with some, for example solid Snake dont fit well but is mostly because of the neck sculpt, so whoever you want to put in there needs to have big head and/or the same joint mechanism (which most do)
01 year agoRoda_AlthaniRoda_Althani
Hi !
May I ask you about Inogashira Gorou's figma
Can we change his body? like taking his head off to use his body on another figma?
Thank you :333
02 years agojlara96jlara96
are you still selling the banpresto android 18 figure?
02 years agoGarrusaurusWrexGarrusaurusWrex
Hi! Are you selling any Ness from this set? item #246815

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