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Originally from Indonesia, been studying and working in the US since 2005.
I've been watching anime and reading manga since I was kid, so that makes it at least 15 years, but I've only started looking into figurines recently, to decorate my office.
Only last year I started reading translated light novels, and I really enjoyed them.

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09 months agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
01 year agoBrizzlePizzleBrizzlePizzle
acolyte (1 year ago) #14582616Thank you!~
I have all the nendos released to date and one day I should take a picture of all of them posed~

I am so jealous! I jumped on the kancolle nendo train a bit late. D,: I want to collect them with all their p/o bonuses, so my hunt will probably go on for a while. haha
01 year agoBrizzlePizzleBrizzlePizzle
I love your kancolle collection *^* beautiful!
01 year agoMoebius118Moebius118
Trying to PM you regarding our transaction but it is saying your inbox is full.
02 years agoWonderWaffleWonderWaffle
Putting it here cause ya might want to keep it

[ext link ]

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