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I love Hunter x Hunter and Saber! Among other things. I'm also an artist, a collector, an rper, and a gamer! You can find my art blog over here! I have a AniList and a Backloggery too, feel free to add me on any of them since they're just list keepers. I'm more social here on MFC, so before you FR I'd like to have talked to you and shared interests first.

Ich lerne Deutsch, aber es ist langsam...

Actively Collecting:
• Hunter x Hunter
• Yu-Gi-Oh!
• Vocaloid

For media, I only add select items.

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026 days ago (26 days ago)concfconcf
adrikyn (1 month ago) #19157435Hello! Sure, haha. What anime are you into?
Mhhh seinen in general (like gantz, dorohedoro, ajin, real...) also fma, re:zero, gintama, yowapedal, yoi,psycho pass and gay stuff hahahaha
and you?
01 month agoconcfconcf
Nice to meet you! Lets be friends <3
04 months agomaggiemaggie
For Barnes and Noble the coupon is on the main site for purchases at the website, and there should also be a printable version there for in-store. However if you can't find the printable version (for some reason it wasn't showing on my phone in-store), mention it and they have it at the registers :-)
07 months agoAoi-sanAoi-san
Heeeey nice to meet you :)
Thank you for accepting my friend request! <3
010 months agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
adrikyn (10 months ago) #11169478Yeah I think the lilies in the background are just beautiful and they compliment Saber so well ;w; The only thing I've been thinking of getting from FGO is some more merch of Saber, lol. I got a phone case and it says "Fate Grand Order" but it's just a picture of Saber Lily on it. I'm hoping the game leads to us getting more figs of unique characters! It seems to be getting some already.
I sure hope we get more! There are quite a few unique characters I'd like figures for. All I could even find that wasn't sold out was a phone pouch for Ruler, the artbook/magazines, a phone charm for Nero Saber, and a keychain of Ruler. It seems everyone has pretty much already snatched up all the merchant already, and most of the stuff for it isn't even old. They do have a lot of nice stuff though, so I can't blame anyone. Hoping you can still get the Saber stuff. Awesome you have the phone case, though. :). I don't think it was available for my phone, but I remember it was nice looking.

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