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Hello! My name's Val! I've been collecting for a few years now and recently I've decided to be more strict for my collecting. I'm trying to cut down on the figures I buy as well as the amount of shows I buy from. I mostly focus on collecting from things I know I'll always love.

I'm also an artist and like to draw some weird, cute, colorful, and creepy things. Two of biggest inspirations are Junko Mizuno and Manglo/Yukaman. Besides drawing I also like anime, manga, and videogames. There's too many to name so I'll just link my MAL account and my Backloggery account!

This year I'm going to start studying Japanese! I've taken German before and gotten a decent hold of it, but it's just never had much practical use or daily exposure for me, even when I was buying German comic books. Plus all the difference tenses were a nightmare... But I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, so my goal by the end of the year is to be able to struggle through some of my Japanese comics/guidebooks with the help of dictionaries.

Primary Collections
‣ Yu-Gi-Oh!
‣ Vocaloid
‣ Hunter x Hunter

Secondary Collections
‣ Dragon Ball Z
‣ Yu Yu Hakusho

"Finished" Collections
I bought everything I really wanted that was within my price range and readily available.
‣ Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Cu-Poche)
‣ Devil May Cry
‣ Black Rock Shooter
‣ Baka to Test (Hideyoshi)
‣ Gurren Lagann

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02 days agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 days ago) #2637203
02 days agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 days ago) #2637190meruem's sheath

the sheath which protects the Chimera Ant King's Chimera Ant Dong
02 days agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 days ago) #2636895every time I eat one of those tiny baby oranges and its sweet and tasty I think about that picture of meruem now

07 days agoMaakieMaakie
adrikyn (10 days ago) #2620183I do too I just get so distracted by life I forget to reply or don't notice the email ;3;
but hehe I know exactly what you mean. seeing all my YGO manga lined up looks great. Too bad it takes up like an entire bookshelf all by itself.
I wonder why Dutch manga is so undervalued? Is it because the market over there is very small? Or do they just print so much that it ends up being worthless? :o
As for the DS lite...yikes that was bad for my hands too! When I got a 3DS XL, it was such a relief. It's bigger and rounder and it feels much nicer to hold than those blocky little things they had before.

Normally I was pretty good at keeping up with comments/e-mail, but my current job is just way too busy and I have a backlog on everything. Q.Q But hey, I'm replying now! Yay!

Lol, I used to also have series taking up their own shelves. xD I sold a lot of manga and nowadays the biggest complete series I have are 8-10 volumes. Which is still a big bunch looking at it, haha!

Probably both, haha! The market is indeed small, as the Netherlands doesn't have that many people living there to begin with (around 16-17 million) and then you only have a small percentage from those with an interest in manga. On top of that, they keep reprinting and reprinting and every comic book shop has tons of the same popular series Dutch translated in stock (YGO, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece). I guess they sort of want to keep up that every shop has the most popular series (and then especially the first few volumes) in stock at all times, but it's just insane. xD

My guess is that you like the PSP a lot too, then? When it comes to comfort, I think that is the handheld I like the most myself! ;) Only downside is that horrible controller-button on the bottom left, but luckily a lot of games don't use that one.
010 days agoSweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
I was too but I have to stop! I practically bought a detolf and need to get one more O____ O

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