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I love Hunter x Hunter and Saber! Among other things. I'm also an artist, a collector, an rper, and a gamer! You can find my art blog over here! I have a MAL and a Backloggery too, feel free to add me on any of them since they're just list keepers. I'm more social here on MFC, so before you FR I'd like to have talked to you and shared interests first.

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If I have a manga/game added, it's the English language version. I only add them if the format and Japanese cover image pictured is relatively close to the English one, and only if the game is anime-styled. That's just to keep things simple!

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02 months agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
adrikyn (2 months ago) #11169478Yeah I think the lilies in the background are just beautiful and they compliment Saber so well ;w; The only thing I've been thinking of getting from FGO is some more merch of Saber, lol. I got a phone case and it says "Fate Grand Order" but it's just a picture of Saber Lily on it. I'm hoping the game leads to us getting more figs of unique characters! It seems to be getting some already.
I sure hope we get more! There are quite a few unique characters I'd like figures for. All I could even find that wasn't sold out was a phone pouch for Ruler, the artbook/magazines, a phone charm for Nero Saber, and a keychain of Ruler. It seems everyone has pretty much already snatched up all the merchant already, and most of the stuff for it isn't even old. They do have a lot of nice stuff though, so I can't blame anyone. Hoping you can still get the Saber stuff. Awesome you have the phone case, though. :). I don't think it was available for my phone, but I remember it was nice looking.
02 months agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
adrikyn (2 months ago) #11082155Ohh wow! Thanks for the links! I don't play Fate/Go so I didn't realize that's where they came from. They're all so cute though, I love Saber Lily's ruffled skirt ;w;

You're welcome! I don't play it either, but when my brother told me that Crunchyroll news had shown a bunch of unusual pictures of Saber and other characters, I had to check it out.
I agree, they are. :). And I do too. :). I love the colors this particular picture has on it, and some of the other pics they have are just plain awesome. I've actually bought some stuff for Fate/GO without even playing it because the art is so nice (stuff like art books/their magazine). XD.
02 months ago (2 months ago)Elise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
adrikyn (2 months ago) #10986507Ahh what a cute icon. I've never seen that Saber picture before...

Thank you! :D. I found it on a Crunchyroll post about Fate/Grand Order a few months back. There were a bunch of different pics from that game, including some more of Saber (including Extra Saber and Mordred). I'll see if I can find the link again, and edit this.

Post I got it from:
[ext link ]

And others:
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
04 months agoTakasugiTakasugi
adrikyn (4 months ago) #8916337Your inbox is full :o
My bad, fixed. Thanks for letting me know.~
04 months ago (4 months ago)maggiemaggie
adrikyn (4 months ago) #8741255This chapter's actually kind of disconnected from the last one, I think. They set up that there's gonna be a prince battle royale on the ship in the last one and this one skipped to Pika already having already rounded up some people to help him off screen. It feels like Togashi just skipped a bunch of set-up fluff.
Either way, at least you don't have much to reread. Just from 340. I'm excited...

I just want more Ging!!

...and I sincerely hope Killua isn't MIA for this whole arc.

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