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Yo! I'm Valerie. Obviously I enjoy collecting figures~ My preferences are usually pretty boys, traps, and petite girls with attitude/spunk, and I usually try to keep everything from series I'm into, but that's not always the case. I collect a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff too (obviously). It's pretty much my favourite series right now. I'm mostly into Duel Monsters and ZeXal. I've also been watching InuYasha (again) and HunterxHunter.

I'm also an artist and like to draw some weird, cute, colorful, and often morbid things. Two of biggest inspirations are Junko Mizuno and Manglo/Yukaman. Besides drawing I also dabble in anime and manga, but I don't average very many a year. I'm mostly a gamer, to be honest. There's too many to name so I'll just link my MAL account and my Backloggery account~

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04 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
Please email and they'll help you out. with product specific questions.adrikyn (4 months ago) #2108314Do you know if you'll be getting the rerelease of: item #162746 :O?
05 months ago (5 months ago)KoishiKoishi
adrikyn (5 months ago) #2033268I'm doing great! :3 I hope you are too.
And it really is! I'm getting into ZeXal now too, it's really good, it caught my attention right away unlike some of the other spin-offs. Though I still need to finish reading the YGO!DM manga, lmao...
Anyway, I'm pretty open to most ships if they have pretty fanart/fig, or just for RP shenanigans, but I really only go out of my way for Angstshipping, Tendershipping, and Thiefshipping x3
Second tier would be Geminishipping, Psychoshipping, Gemshipping, Deathshipping, and Puppyshipping!
...So basically anything with Bakura and Malik lmfao. And then a Kaiba for some variety.

I haven't really immersed myself in the world of ZeXal. I hear its really dark, though. My favorite spin-off series has to be 5D's. (Yeah, yeah 'Card games on Motorcycles!' xD) I really like GX too though I know nothing about it, really. Some major plot points and the characters is all I really know. Ohhh I love Thiefshipping and Psychoshipping too. Good pairings! To be honest, I'm more of a Prideshipper and Scandalshipper;; I also like Casteshipping every now and then. (Kind of completely different from your ships) I like doing the crossover ships also because of the Bonds Beyond Time movie and from a nudge or two from LittleKuriboh's version of it, too (Damn you, Synchroshipping;;;;;) Are you looking forward to Arc-V? The protag has a super adorable design ahh.
05 months agoKoishiKoishi
adrikyn (6 months ago) #2006732Aw thanks, you too!! It looks like we're a fan of some of the same things :D YGO, most notably!

Of course~ The series is like a drug. You have any favorite ships? :3 I hope you're doing well today~
06 months agofgrthiuyfgrthiuy
I hear ya, I'm still looking for them all, especially the Kodomo no Jikan ones, but they all do sure seem rare.
adrikyn (6 months ago) #2020458Ohh...awww! I was kind of hoping you'd be able to point me in a direction where I'd be able to get them XP oh well, enjoy your play stationary. They're all cute.
06 months agofgrthiuyfgrthiuy
adrikyn (6 months ago) #2019269You ordered the Pico pen holders? Where did you find them? :0Honestly, I'm not sure what I did there, it was pretty late the night I won some auctions for Play Stationery items and somehow I moved 15 items from wished to ordered instead of 11...

Lack of sleep will get a guy sometimes I suppose.

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