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Hello! My name's Valerie and I (obviously) enjoy collecting figures! I've decided to be more strict for my collecting lately, trying to cut down on the figures I buy and swap out the desire to have "scales" of everything if there's a cute prize or rubber strap available. I mostly focus on collecting from things I know I'll always love, because they're something I'm really invested in and have been (or plan to be) for a long time. There's also a lot of other things I'll collect from if something nice and relatively inexpensive pops up. These are basically opportunist collections since I don't really go out of my way for them (or if I once did, I don't anymore). There's one more thing I'll collect no matter what, and that's trap figures I really like! (But I swear, I've actually watched Baka to Test.) So generally I try to only buy stuff from things I'm actually into, and I try not to let "new series and new figures" hype get to me anymore.

I'm also an artist and like to draw some weird, cute, colorful, and creepy things. Two of biggest inspirations are Junko Mizuno and Manglo/Yukaman. Besides drawing I also like anime, manga, and videogames. There's too many to name so I'll just link my MAL account and my Backloggery account!

Primary Collections
‣ Yu-Gi-Oh!
‣ Vocaloid
‣ Hunter x Hunter (just started!)

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02 days ago (2 days ago)MaakieMaakie
adrikyn (5 days ago) #2517862The whole series is a little narmy, but it's definitely easier to take later stuff more seriously, lmao. But you mean Capumon? I actually really like the Playstation2 game based off of that game! It's called Capsule Monster Coliseum. 'w'

Haha, yeah the original series is not for everyone, but still I recommend it a lot, because a lot of people see YGO as a series only about card games and I would like to show them it also has a lot of original games in there. :P

YES. CAPUMON. THANK YOU. That was the name I couldn't remember! Yeah, I read once about there being a PS2 game from it! I don't have a PS2 unfortunately (am planning to buy a PS3 for Christmas and I have a broken PS1 here :P). There are quite some PS2 exclusives where I'm also interested in, but in the future I would love to own a lot of consoles anyways, hehe!

When it comes to "different" YGO games the ones I have and played are Falsebound Kingdom for the Gamecube (which is a strategy game about owning and keeping buildings, but becomes turnbased when you fight) and Destiny Board Traveler, which is inspired by the Dungeon Dice Monsters game they play at the end of season 1 when they meet Otogi. :)
05 days agoMaakieMaakie
adrikyn (7 days ago) #2505561Hehe, I'm glad it made you smile! That scene always cracked me up... It's so needlessly dramatic.

Haha, yeah a lot of the original series is like that! I had a really hard time to take the yoyo-gang episode seriously. xD

I really do like the original series though, a lot of nice games were introduced! I personally like the game the most where they have this gashapon machine with level monsters in there (completely forgot the name orz), anyway the episode with the weird stalker-guy. :P
07 days agoMaakieMaakie
I went to your profile and just had to laugh at the gif from Kaiba you have. xD It's so dramatic and his bright-green hair from the original series always brings a smile to my face. :)
07 days agoMoroMoro
adrikyn (7 days ago) #2505258I see you have Hunter x Hunter stuff on your rule breaker list :0 ahhh you should totally watch the 2011 anime! It's like, my favourite anime ever. Ever ever. I think episode 5 or 8-ish was where I started getting super invested but I loved it from episode 1 too.
I actually have watched some of it! One of my friends is super into it. I watched up to about episode 10 or something like that but it just couldn't quite keep my attention, I felt like it wandered off too much.
But Gon and Killua are just too cute > w<
013 days agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (14 days ago) #2494092I was actually gonna tell you about it, but I saw you already found out yourself.... =w=
And I see, there's not as much Volks stuff added here if it's not an anime character. Though this one user adds all the pullip-line stuff? Maybe there's an archive somewhere of the old website info. Or maybe it's on the box they came in? Idk.
That's so sweet! >w< Apparently a lot of friends were expecting me to go nuts over it, which I guess says a lot for my love of Gankutsuou. I didn't think it was that well known how much I care about it!

These are anime characters? They're the Devilman Yo-Midis, which I was surprised weren't up here since I think the DDs that came from the same Dolpa are. I haven't checked but I imagine that the Cyborg 009 Yos from the same Dolpa are also missing.

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