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I love Hunter x Hunter and Saber! Among other things. I'm also an artist, a collector, an rper, and a gamer! You can find my art blog over here! I have a MAL and a Backloggery too, feel free to add me on any of them since they're just list keepers. I'm more social here on MFC, so before you FR I'd like to have talked to you and shared interests first.

What I'm watching this anime season:

• Space Patrol Luluco
• The Lost Village
• Kiznaiver
• Iron Fortress of Kabaneri
• My Hero Academia

If I have a manga/game added, it's the English language version. I only add them if the format and Japanese cover image pictured is relatively close to the English one, and only if the game is anime-styled. That's just to keep things simple!

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01 month agoTakasugiTakasugi
adrikyn (1 month ago) #8916337Your inbox is full :o
My bad, fixed. Thanks for letting me know.~
01 month ago (1 month ago)maggiemaggie
adrikyn (1 month ago) #8741255This chapter's actually kind of disconnected from the last one, I think. They set up that there's gonna be a prince battle royale on the ship in the last one and this one skipped to Pika already having already rounded up some people to help him off screen. It feels like Togashi just skipped a bunch of set-up fluff.
Either way, at least you don't have much to reread. Just from 340. I'm excited...

I just want more Ging!!

...and I sincerely hope Killua isn't MIA for this whole arc.
01 month agomaggiemaggie
adrikyn (1 month ago) #8696163Did you see?! Chapter 350 of HxH is out and translated!! ;A;

LOL I went to read it and was like, "what the hell is going on? I've totally forgotten @_@;;"

I need to go back and re-read I think. Ugh.
01 month agomaggiemaggie
Saw this in the user sales thread and thought of you! They have HxH posters, cells, dakimakura, etc. (mfc link)
02 months agochapters0chapters0
hey thought i should update you, so the petit set that i ordered from that ebay seller arrived today. and it included all 3 characters and is authentic! i was worried about it being bootleg the most but it turns out it isnt. thankfuly

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