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Hello! My name's Val! I've been collecting for a few years now and recently I've decided to be more strict for my collecting. I'm trying to cut down on the figures I buy as well as the amount of shows I buy from. I mostly focus on collecting from things I know I'll always love.

I'm also an artist and like to draw some weird, cute, colorful, and creepy things. Two of biggest inspirations are Junko Mizuno and Manglo/Yukaman. Besides drawing I also like anime, manga, and videogames.

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01 month ago0akira0akira
Thanks for the PM.
I responded back :)
03 months agoWeeacvntWeeacvnt Redhead Enthusiast
Happy birthday! <3
03 months agoWeeacvntWeeacvnt Redhead Enthusiast
I love your Hisoka figure. <3
04 months agokurapikaakurapikaa
hey!! so unfortunately i lost my tablet pen and wont be able to replace it until around christmas time so im rlly sorry i cant finish your request at the moment ;;adrikyn (4 months ago) #3683988Take your time! :3
04 months agokurapikaakurapikaa
aa i originally planned to reply to this when i was finished with the request but it's taking me a but longer than i had planned!! sorry!! i hope you dont mind waiting adrikyn (4 months ago) #3595713I'm glad you like it! I had a lot of fun designing her outfit--and Sure! How about Killua wearing the same cute hoodie...but with kitty ears. 'w' I'm weak to eared hoodies.

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