aeoniaaeonia death by figures ♡♡♡


collector since 2013.

i collect:
- lewd / 18+ figures.
- figs of my absolute favorite characters.
- artwork-based figs on my favorite pieces.
preferred scales: 1/6, 1/5, & 1/4.

all my babies are authentic, i never settle for less.

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12 days agoWindomWindom
Thank you for the sale and fast shipping! I got home the other day and was confused to see a package on my doorstep lol
11 year agoKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
aeonia (1 year ago) #9899107ah no problem! yes i've noticed that too, i've definitely seen you around on R18+ figure pages and such!! lol yeah these are my favorite. I think they are very beautiful and interesting. But my favorite theme is the bikini armor XD
11 year agoDragonBallz01DragonBallz01
Thank you!!
11 year agoKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
Thank you for accepting the friend request! Your collection is lovely and I noticed you an I got a very similar taste :)
11 year agoLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
Thanks for joining the souls-club! Praise the sun!

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