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A humble collector from city called Jombang at East Java Indonesia

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01 year agonaisornaisor
Hi, very cool collection. I'm also a Kamen Rider Fan; I love the SIC series, and my absolute favorite Kamen Rider (just KR, not necessarily the series) is KR Decade. XD

I love also the Saint Seiya and AGP series due to my love for souchaku (equipping) toys.

Yoroshikuna. :)
01 year agoadriadri
01 year agomarioyudhamarioyudha
Ok deh
salam kenal
01 year agoDynamiteDynamite
aikool (1 year ago) #2969648i know this is a very late reply. Thx you very much :)

Thanks for your answer :)
02 years agoinfiniteasuraninfiniteasuran
thanks for the FR, salam kenal bro :)

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