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Twenty-two. Australian. Biology. Music. Literature. Gaming. Anime. Winter. Europe. Nature. Life.

I'm 152cm tall, have a 143cm bust, 75cm waist and 145cm hips. I have waist-length red hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I wear prescription glasses with black frames.

Yay: sci-fi, ecchi, slice of life, mahou shoujo, comedy, harem
Nay: (with a few exceptions) lolicon, mecha, CGI, shounen (N)

I have ten billion waifus and hasubandos, including but not limited to: Kuroneko, Sakura Kyoko, Drac, Eren Yeager & Levi, Kurugaya Yuiko, Tsukiko and Tsukushi (sweet berry love huehue), Goku, Vegeta, Amatsukaze & Shimakaze, Kafuu Chino, Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka, Matoi Ryuuko, Kiryuin Satsuki-sama, Mikisugi Aikurō, etc. etc. *fangirls*

Please feel free to talk to me or add me as a friend! I'm happy to discuss a wide variety of topics, whether or not they're related to collecting.

よろしくおねがいします!!~ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ ♥

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01 year agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday! :D
02 years ago (2 years ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
alyssajayne (2 years ago) #2918623Hahaha man. It's hilariously silly, because I've been plenty of other users with NSFW avatars that have stayed the same for months on end without being reported. Weird.
And I think I'm a lot more pleasant online than in real life. In person I come across as very cold and uncaring which is unfortunately just me being awkward and not knowing how to cope with social interactions ;_; once I'm used to someone I'm a ball of energy and really outgoing, but most people don't get that close because they think I hate them, haha.
THAT WOULD BE THE BEST HAHA. I'll buy a big globe, make it look like it's being covered by life fibres and then put Ryuko on top of it. Perfect.
Ahh yes, some folk stories are really creepy! We've got lots of stories of ghosts or haunted locations. They're all really local things, though, not Australia-wide but more related to whatever city or suburb you live in. For example I grew up near Larundel, which was a psychiatric hospital that closed in the '40s but many of the buildings still had beds and equipment inside. There were rumors that if you went in there, you might hear a music box start playing and then a woman screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. Heaps of kids I know still insist that they really did hear those things, but I never actually went there. I regret not visiting it now, because it was a really interesting place with a disturbing but fascinating history and it's all been torn down in the past year.
I do get scared pretty easily, haha. Scary games terrify me, but I absolutely adore them as well. I'm that kind of person, I guess. I love being scared... within reason. Scary games and movies, yes. Roller coasters that go upside down? Nope! Haha.
And yessss I was wondering if anybody would notice that hahaha! It's kind of an inside joke among my friends and I. I've always had a very large bust and hips and their size is only emphasized by my small stature, so guys at school used to always ask how big they actually were. It became a joke between us after a while and we started to somewhat exaggerate my actual measurements... I actually think we added on 5cm every time someone asked, hahaha! I really am 152cm tall but I'm honestly not sure about the rest!

Tons of NSFW avatars out there and I somehow get targeted. I haven't posted in blogs for a few months. I usually just read the blogs and go on my merry way but last week I decided I wanted to reply in one then I get reported. LOL. I'm pretty sure you can go months on by with a NSFW avatar as long as you don't comment too much. Most of the time I'm commenting is when I'm talking to lovely people such as yourself. :3 So my comments aren't too public.

I think I have a different persona online too. LOL. In real life, I'm quite reserve and don't speak much. I'm not much of an initiator. Once we get more friendly with each other, you'll get to know the real me. If we went to school together, we'd probably avoid each other. LOL. But online, I really like to start up conversations and I'll be the same person from the beginning, middle and end.

That's an awesome idea! Covering the globe with life fibers!

The scariest game I know is "Bloody Mary". Not sure if you know about that one. If you don't know the game, save yourself being scared for a whole week and don't look it up. LOL

I'm a pretty big scaredy cat. I like scary games and movies but don't want to play them alone! If I'm playing a scary game by myself, I may not get too far into the game. If I get scared once, then I'll stop playing. LOL. Have you played Dead Space? That game has such a creepy atmosphere. I can't handle roller coasters either! The most I can handle are Disneyland rides so don't ask me to be your partner at Six Flags. xD

I have an eye for detail! Ah so you're saying you have anime proportions? :D Red head + megane + anime boobs/hips? That's quite an arsenal you have there! So that's why you have a fondness for large breasts because they reflect you. :D Question! What's your bust size? :P View spoilerHide spoilerI'm going to make your breasts grow 5 more cm aren't I? LOL.

Are you currently watching Triage X? The artstyle is the same person who drew HOTD. In Triage X, you will get hot nurses galore with large breasts. :3 Orchid Seed is making a figure of one of the characters! item #144769
02 years agoalyssajaynealyssajayne
Reycoenma (2 years ago) #2918413^( '-' )^ You have a very lovely collection.(>‘o’)> KAWAI <('o'<)Thank you!! ^_^ it's getting there! I still have a lot of work to do... just need more money and space, haha!
02 years ago (2 years ago)redxmaverickredxmaverick
alyssajayne (2 years ago) #2899115Your new avy is hnnngggg ;_; I'm interested to see whether you'll have to change it :P
And thank you, haha! I might attract the attention of some megane-lovers! :o hahaha! Maybe it's not my face that's bitchy then... maybe it's just me? :P
And yessss ordered in a heartbeat! I can't wait. Now I've got til October (or more) to work out where to put her! I'm not sure yet. I don't think she'll fit well in my display cabinet.
We do have a few things like that, but I guess they're not as popular or well-known, maybe. We have bunyips, which are like... swamp troll sort of things that come out at night to eat animals, children & women. Then there are yowies which I guess is pretty much the Aussie equivalent of bigfoot - a humanoid creature, taller than a man and covered in dark hair. There are a figurative ton of mythical creatures in Aboriginal culture, too. Most of those are only told in children's books now though. They're all Dreamtime stories, so nobody's out trying to prove their existance... at least, not that I know of :P
...Yep, bat-shit crazy. Australia probably is too... maybe not as much, though :P

Don't you just want to do all kinds of things to those breasts? xD The admin removed my avy and put my NSFW gifs in my About section of my profile in spoilers. lol. I've been using all these NSFW avys and gifs for a long time then a 3 month old member sends an alert.

Glasses + red head? That's too much! Deadly combination. Awwww no wayyyyy. You're very enjoyable to talk with. Then there is the saying if people around me are bitchy, then it may mean I'm the bitchy one. lol

You should get an Earth globe and put Ryuko on top of it. LOL

Seems like lots of countries of their own version of Bigfoot. It's always fun to scare children with mythical creature stories. :P Some of those can still be scary for us too! I heard one Puerto Rico folkore. La Llorona a female ghost that cries at night. She drowned her children then in the afterlife goes searching for her kids. Her wailing is heard on windy nights. Do you get scared easily? Can you play scary games? LOL

Small thing that's kind of bothering me in your profile. xD "I'm 152cm tall, have a 143cm bust, 75cm waist and 145cm hips" So you're round across your chest and hips almost as you are tall!?!?! Those are some radical measurements!

Thank you for the feedback~~

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