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010 days agobmkercebmkerce
Thanks :) I couldn't hold out any longer lol
013 days agobmkercebmkerce
Oh ok thanks for the heads up on your figure. Yea I was looking at the GSC one and i've always liked it, but the price seems to be a bit steep in my opinion. I think ill have to wait and see what the Alphamax figure looks like painted before I get that or the GSC figure.
015 days agobmkercebmkerce
Hey anabel,

I was just wondering what you thing about your makise kurisu by kotobukiya. I really want to buy a Makise figure lol.

thanks, hope everything is well.
02 months agobmkercebmkerce
Awesome thanks! Yea that us a long time from now, bummer, but it will be worth it I'm sure
02 months agobmkercebmkerce
yea I cant wait for the Alter Eli, she always was my favorite. I like Umi a lot, but I agree with you, her design from alter wasnt my favorite. Oh and let me know how you like your Hirasawa Yui figure when you get it, looks like it is going to be really good.

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