animasteranimaster Nendoroid Card Captor Sakura! Yatta! XD

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012 days agoMing316Ming316
animaster (14 days ago) #2356460Hello and thanks for the FR! XD

same here, thanks for accepting my FR too ^^v
013 days agoChikiChiki
You're welcome :3 animaster (14 days ago) #2356458Hello! Thanks for the FR! XD
02 months agomayairrealmayairreal
Thank for accept.

Good luck for Wandering Fay 2 project and Nendonesia.
04 months agokwang93kwang93
yeah >.<
animaster (2 years ago) #990214Not really active on MFC? XD
07 months agoyamiraiyamirai
thanks for accepting. just started to use MFC again ^^
animaster (7 months ago) #2021289Hi there, Vincent! Thanks for the FR! XD

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