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I've been collecting figures for several years but only recently became more interested in it as a hobby. I'm a big fan of Lucky Star and try to collect as many LS figures as I can get my hands on (as you can see from my figure collection ^^;)

Most things Japanese interest me: anime, manga, art, language, etc. I also have a rising interest in photography and like to experiment with my figure photos. If you like to discuss photography, please let me know :D

Let's see... I administer an image board ( For more info on me and my hobbies, check out my blog ( Also, don't be afraid to send me a friend request here if you'd like to chat :)

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03 years agoLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
Congratz on your DD Marisa! She's so cute ^__^
04 years agoKrasterKraster
Your DD Yui is so cute! I'm so jealous :3
04 years agoFirearkyFirearky
anonymous_objectHowdy ^^

Thankies~ ^.^
04 years agoReverseTrapReverseTrap
Ho'shi, boss has a lot of figures XD

I mean hi~ Lily desu~
04 years agoLeoniaLeonia nya~
Glad to see your here ^^

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