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Oh. I forgot I had an account here. :\

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05 years ago
Feedback: Collet came perfect! Brand new, the box still wrapped in the tissue paper from manufacturer. Thanks again!
05 years agoRyokoH85RyokoH85
Leaving feedback. I got Echidna today! She was in mint condition. Thanks!
05 years agoBlackBeardTeachBlackBeardTeach
Feedback...Received package and took her out as soon as i got it. Very good condition no problem. Thanks a lot
05 years agoShadowShadow
Leaving Feedback: I bought a figure off archigram, received in the condition as described, new. She was packaged in a box very well. And thank you! :)
06 years agoAlexandreAlexandre
Amanda Werner arrived today. Thanks!!! Do you sell the Succubus Sylvia and Shiori Tsuzuki and how much each one?

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