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Oh. I forgot I had an account here. :\

Trying to declutter the house, selling off a lot of figures. If you do see something you're interested in PM me and let me know. Not everything is for sale, but willing to at least listen to any reasonable offers. ONLY WITHIN THE US ONLY THOUGH, SORRY!

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05 years ago
Feedback: Collet came perfect! Brand new, the box still wrapped in the tissue paper from manufacturer. Thanks again!
05 years agoRyokoH85RyokoH85
Leaving feedback. I got Echidna today! She was in mint condition. Thanks!
05 years agoBlackBeardTeachBlackBeardTeach
Feedback...Received package and took her out as soon as i got it. Very good condition no problem. Thanks a lot
05 years agoShadowShadow
Leaving Feedback: I bought a figure off archigram, received in the condition as described, new. She was packaged in a box very well. And thank you! :)
06 years agoAlexandreAlexandre
Amanda Werner arrived today. Thanks!!! Do you sell the Succubus Sylvia and Shiori Tsuzuki and how much each one?

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