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01 month agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest (2 months ago) #19722755Happy birthday!!!!!
I'm a month late but thank you so much for the birthday message! It's always nice hearing it from as many people as possible, ehehe.
03 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest (3 months ago) #18536375Oh wow, yeah that sounds like a full plate! Good luck!
Eeeep kittens! So at my university's dining hall, there's a cat that lives outside it and roams about. The last two days, it came up to me and jumped into my lap! So cute.
So I've been pretty knee-deep in school work. This semester I'm taking a lot of technical classes, and honestly not doing... great.... I'm in this honor physics class full of people who've already taken many AP Physics/calculus-based classes and whatnot, whereas my last and only physics class was a very bad algebra-based class in my sophomore year of high school. So yeah, it's been rough. We're using MIT's honors physics textbook for goodness sake.
I'm almost at the end of this current wave of midterms, and i've screwed up all but one hahaha..... Morale is low, but I need to make a come-back the rest of this semester for the sake of my GPA! Other than that, I'm still working in USC Rocket Propulsion Lab. We'll be launching our first rocket this school year next week! Last semester, we FINALLY succeeded in static test firing the motorcase. [ext link ] So yeah, that's gonna be exciting!
I think it's been a pretty low-key WF. The only stuff that really caught my eye were the nendos. The fat bear and Pikachu faceplate cases look so cute! item #549518 item #549521.
Actually actually I think what I'm MOST excited about are these! item #549863 item #549864
Zootopia is actually my favorite film of all time! Can't believe these are getting made! Eeep but I'm nervous about how their faces will turn out.
But yeah, my wallet appears to mostly be safe this year... for now....
How about you?

Thanks. My life got a lot easier when the mom cat came back though. It's been a bit since she has, but I'm still so incredibly grateful. I didn't really explain it in my previous message, but a cruel neighbor of ours decided to relocate her because he didn't want there to be kittens in his area. What he didn't know is that she had already had them, so I was taking care of them. It was SO hard.
Anyway, that's adorable! Friendly wild cats are the best. Is it your school mascot or something hehe?
Wah, why did you take that class so early, or was it required? I hope you do well, but you'll probably have to study your butt off.
You had midterms already? I have one in two weeks I think. Yes, work hard for your GPA's sake! I feel like mine isn't budging at all. Sigh, one or two bad grades and nothing seems to make it better, grrr. Whoa you're actually gonna launch one? I kept waiting for the thing in the vid you linked to blast off, but I guess that wasn't the point lol. Show me again when it happens.
YES THE FAT BEAR. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to add it to the db. That thing is so perfect. The penguin version just went up for PO. Are you going to get it? I STILL haven't seen Zootopia (I know, I know) so I can't be excited with you here, though I will hope they turn out good for you. Not too familiar with the company though. Did you check out their past work? Your list is quite small, though I applaud you for it. It's best not to spend so much, yeah? I have a slightly bigger list here (mfc link) but I'm not sure about the Portal stuff yet, despite the fact that the name of the list is "must haves" lol. I just ordered their ThreeA versions, so idk if I want a tiny shrine of them, or if just those figs will be enough?
03 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
atimidtempest (3 months ago) #18519644Thank you!!!! Haha, it's probably time zones, but you're actually early! Not my birthday yet. Honestly, I'm probably just gonna sleep and do school work if I'm honest with myself. OTZ
How are you doing?

Err, whoops. Well now it's definitely your day, right? So pretend I said it today lol.
Man, I know how you feel. All those people with summer birthdays are so lucky! They get to celebrate all they want, but I do the same thing as you lol also I am secretly lame and all I want to do is eat sushi for my birthday anyway.
I've been incredibly busy and I'm hoping it doesn't continue to be this way for the rest of the semester... I'm doing my co-op now, so I'll be teaching during the day, and on top of that I have 1-3 tutoring gigs lined up, so I guess I'll be teaching at night as well! Oh, how fun orz. I have to write my thesis this semester as well and I feel like that's going to be difficult. I couldn't even think of a topic; I had to talk to my supervisor extensively lol. On top of all that my cat just had kittens, so it's a tiny bit of a chore to take care of them. But they're really cute, so at least there's some good in that haha.
Tell me what you've been up to! And did you like anything from WF?
04 months agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey, happy birthday! Do anything fun to celebrate?
05 months agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Just dropping by to remind you to please check your PMs! I sent one about the Yuri on Ice Tag split. If you need more time please let me know!

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