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atimidtempest (2 months ago) #24242343Haha, I think I can understand that too. My friend who graduated this year was like, "I've been in school since kindergarten, and now I'm just not..." But yes that's awesome! What's next for you?
Awww, thank you that's very comforting! <3 My uni is one that has a LOT of school pride, so it's been really hard telling people I don't feel comfortable here. LOL well that certainly describes the sororities and fraternities.... What GoT episode are you on? Basically we're known for being extremely rich, and kinda "buying" our prestige. We even have the right colors! (gold and red) We're also a huge party school. So yeah, everyone acted like it wasn't that big a deal, and also people were confused about why the LA Times had it out for us. One guy I know was like, "What, do we not pay the LA Times enough money?"
Apparently the president of the university had been receiving complaints about this dude for YEARS and the LA Times had been pestering him for over a year after getting footage of him smoking meth and popping ecstasy pills in his office. But NOTHING was done because the dean of medicine had done such a good job fundraising and increasing the prestige of the medical school. The LA Times article is here if you're interested for some reason LOL. No pressure, it's long, but it's also insane...
This is my second summer WF. Haha, well I think I went really crazy really quickly with figures when I started so I'm trying to slow down! Also my mom has kinda been bugging me about the boxes in my room... I really need to figure out how to display my figures before getting anymore!
Lemme go back in time and buy that figure from you... xD Omg I swear I always see it for like $300-$400. One time I saw an Ebay listing for like $200, but it was in Australia and then shipping would have been crazy. If I can just get something nice for under $200 then I'll be a happy camper. >_<
Yeah New Game was a sleeper hit! I liked the first season a lot, it was very cute. Haven't started the 2nd yet. Definitely a slow slice-of-life though! Hehe well a cheongsam is just a traditional Chinese dress and I'm Chinese. Although I grew up with Mandarin so I'm more used to word qipao. Cheongsam is more common in English for whatever reason though.
Yessssssssssssssssss you have to watch Zootopia! Have to have to! It's my all-time favorite movie! (Which has led some people to judge me, but whatever!) My friends wanted to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and I'm basing my character off of Judy sort of. xD

Gaaaahhh I wrote this whole thing and then accidentally went to another page TWICE (-________________-).

Well, my (shoddy) plan is to keep applying for jobs until around December, at which point if I don't have one I'll come back home and get my TEFL certificate, which takes around three months, and then travel and head back and start applying for jobs again. Don't know how that's going to workout, but that is my plan so far lol. Very well thought out, I know.

I'm glad I could help, even if just a little! I just watched 6 today, so no spoilers! Actually, my sis just spoiled something for me the other day with a really random comment. I keep reminding her that she ruined me. Ha, you're not painting a very nice picture of your fellow classmates. There's got to be some people who are more grounded right? I mean, how can you say something like that? Ugh...people. Also WHAT?! How in the world does that guy still have his position? It's so sad that he can be that corrupt with no repercussions. Lol, this is going to sound super lame, but it reminds me of an old Good Charlotte I know (-_-;) song that had a lyric along the lines of "if you were caught smoking crack, McDonald's wouldn't even want to take you back, but you could always run for mayor of D.C." Too true lol.

Oh right, we talked about your first one last time, didn't we? Lol, I'm so sorry for forgetting! Can you tell it's my worst habit? I think everyone goes through that "buy everything" phase when they first start. I know I sure did. Though, now that I'm looking at your collection...you already have more figs that I do! Ah! Am I just a really slow collector? I mean, I know I am but jeez, didn't think it was that bad. Btw, did you buy ITEM #396832 for the Halloween parts? If so, I want her for the same reason. Also I love that you have ITEM #321897, aka gay Miku, ordered. I hope the final product comes out as lovely and colorful as the proto. Do you keep all your stuff boxed up? I hear you about finding ways to display figs. Do you have enough room or will you need to do some creative tetris? I like the way all my figures are set up, except the four I have on one shelf. They don't match at all and it drives me crazy, but I have nowhere else to put them! Ugh, I hope you don't have these problems lol.

Haha, hey don't worry! I'm sure that Enma's price will go down once all the new stuff starts coming out. Nothing stays expensive forever, right? Lol, can I still be impressed you knew the name of that dress, or should I consider it "cheating" :p? Have I already asked you if you speak Chinese? I probably did, yeah?

I will I will! I'll need to write it down or something, cause I never remember it when I'm thinking of movies to watch. LOL, do they think you're a furry or something? Omg that is so cute! Let me know how your character turns out.
2 months ago
atimidtempest (2 months ago) #24131638Oh damn! Congratulations. :)
So I actually am in LA right now. School starts in a few weeks, but I took a summer class. I wanted some time to explore LA, cause I feel like during the school year I never had enough to really take the city in. I'll be honest, I'm still having a bit of a rough adjustment period, ugh. My uni's dean of medicine was just caught in a HUGE scandal involving hookers and meth, and ugh, it's not even the scandal itself that bothers me really, but the reaction from my classmates kinda just shows all the things I really don't like about this school. Idk if you follow Game of Thrones at all, but essentially we are the Lannisters haha.
Mmmm, I don't think there's anything that I'm 100% getting, but a few things piqued my interest. That sucks but that Miku does look really pretty! I wonder how she'll turn out. Makes me a little glad I skipped out on Hanairogorumo.
I'm pretty excited for all the Enma Ai figure announcements! Nervous and excited for the long-awaited fourth season of Jigoku Shoujo. Hell Girl was a really big anime for me back in the day, and the Alter figure ITEM #505 and ITEM #301 and the Pure Neemo were sooooo expensive and grails of mine for a while. Fingers crossed that I'll have new, better, more affordable options!
Because I'm a completionist, realistically I'm PROBABLY gonna end up getting Hifumi from New Game! ITEM #603756, although I'm not sure. I never opened up my Aoba so... ^^;
I skipped out on a lot of Digimon figures, but I'm still a huge TK fangirl so ITEM #604459 definitely is one to watch. I don't have high hopes though, so many of those G.E.M. figures were obvious cash grabs at nostalgia. e___e
Oh and I don't follow Love Live! but I'm actually kinda curious about these. ITEM #604584 I'd love some cheongsam nendo bodies. *__*
I think that's it for me! I did check up on some of the prototypes I was watching (not sure if they were painted during WonFes, but WonFes prompted me to check haha) and I do really love the paint job on ITEM #581731 ! OH and I actually remember us talking about this last WonFes BUT JUDY HOPPS IS PAINTED AND AHHHH I'M EXCITED FOR HER ABOVE ALL ELSE. ITEM #549863 She looks so so so so so good!!!!
(did you watch Zootopia yet.....? :P)

Oh, I didn't tell you before? For some reason I thought I had, which is why I wasn't like I GRADUATED YESSS AAAHHHH lol. It's such an amazing feeling! One of my friends graduated this year as well, but he's not as excited as I am. He's more like "what do you mean I can't go back to school?" lol. But anyway, thank you!

Don't worry about not adjusting just yet, I think it's completely normal. I don't think I ever really adjusted to my school (until my last year at least) and I had a friend who never did and ended up leaving his college and transferring to one back home. If you're sticking it out then you're doing better than both of us lol. Were your classmates thinking it wasn't a big deal, or defending him or something? I actually just started watching GoT, so I only know a bit about the Lannisters. So uh, are you guys all evil blondes lol?

Was this your first WF? If so, I'm surprised that there was nothing you were 100% set on buying. My first few were always like that, but now I'm lucky if I find just a handful of things. Oh you're right, that new Miku does kinda resemble the Hanairogorumo one. I love the Meiko in that line, so gorgeous!

I was really surprised by those! It's getting a new anime or something isn't it? Hah, I used to have that Alter Enma back in the day, but I ended up selling it to someone on here. I'm sure these new ones will be even better, considering how far the figure industry has come since then. They'll probably be way more expensive though.

You watch New Game? It seems to be popular, but I haven't watched it. I thought it sounded kinda boring, but the girls are really cute. There's SO many nostalgia bait figures lately! Have you noticed? I'm glad for everyone who's been waiting for figs like that, I just wish the series I liked would get nice figures cough BANDAI AND SAILOR MOON cough. Oh, I didn't see those Love Live bodies! The maid one definitely piques my interest. Did you know the name of that outfit off the top of your head?! If so I'm impressed lol.

OMG that Miku! I didn't notice it at all so thanks for the link! She looks adorable and I love her toothy smile aaahhh. I need it lol... Whoa Judy looks amazing, I can't believe they pulled that off. Gah, I KNEW there was a movie I've been meaning to watch but I couldn't remember that it was Zootopia. I made a list of other movies and everything nooo. I'll have to add it lol. You need to remind me like every few days haha.
2 months ago
atimidtempest (2 months ago) #24116554Yo Windsor, how's life going? :D Any WonFes announcements/prototypes you're excited about?

Hey! Good to hear from you. I'm still on summer break so I'm doing alright. Though, I guess I should be saying I'm on forever break...? Since I graduated idk if I can really consider it summer break. But anyway, what about you? Do anything fun so far?
This was a pretty meh WF for me, disappointingly enough. I was actually a bit excited, but I see now that was for naught. The only thing I put in my wishlist was ITEM #604409 I hope it was better for you! Tell me what you liked/disliked.
2 months ago
atimidtempest (6 months ago) #19722755Happy birthday!!!!!
I'm a month late but thank you so much for the birthday message! It's always nice hearing it from as many people as possible, ehehe.
5 months ago
atimidtempest (7 months ago) #18536375Oh wow, yeah that sounds like a full plate! Good luck!
Eeeep kittens! So at my university's dining hall, there's a cat that lives outside it and roams about. The last two days, it came up to me and jumped into my lap! So cute.
So I've been pretty knee-deep in school work. This semester I'm taking a lot of technical classes, and honestly not doing... great.... I'm in this honor physics class full of people who've already taken many AP Physics/calculus-based classes and whatnot, whereas my last and only physics class was a very bad algebra-based class in my sophomore year of high school. So yeah, it's been rough. We're using MIT's honors physics textbook for goodness sake.
I'm almost at the end of this current wave of midterms, and i've screwed up all but one hahaha..... Morale is low, but I need to make a come-back the rest of this semester for the sake of my GPA! Other than that, I'm still working in USC Rocket Propulsion Lab. We'll be launching our first rocket this school year next week! Last semester, we FINALLY succeeded in static test firing the motorcase. www.youtube.com... So yeah, that's gonna be exciting!
I think it's been a pretty low-key WF. The only stuff that really caught my eye were the nendos. The fat bear and Pikachu faceplate cases look so cute! ITEM #549518 ITEM #549521.
Actually actually I think what I'm MOST excited about are these! ITEM #549863 ITEM #549864
Zootopia is actually my favorite film of all time! Can't believe these are getting made! Eeep but I'm nervous about how their faces will turn out.
But yeah, my wallet appears to mostly be safe this year... for now....
How about you?

Thanks. My life got a lot easier when the mom cat came back though. It's been a bit since she has, but I'm still so incredibly grateful. I didn't really explain it in my previous message, but a cruel neighbor of ours decided to relocate her because he didn't want there to be kittens in his area. What he didn't know is that she had already had them, so I was taking care of them. It was SO hard.
Anyway, that's adorable! Friendly wild cats are the best. Is it your school mascot or something hehe?
Wah, why did you take that class so early, or was it required? I hope you do well, but you'll probably have to study your butt off.
You had midterms already? I have one in two weeks I think. Yes, work hard for your GPA's sake! I feel like mine isn't budging at all. Sigh, one or two bad grades and nothing seems to make it better, grrr. Whoa you're actually gonna launch one? I kept waiting for the thing in the vid you linked to blast off, but I guess that wasn't the point lol. Show me again when it happens.
YES THE FAT BEAR. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to add it to the db. That thing is so perfect. The penguin version just went up for PO. Are you going to get it? I STILL haven't seen Zootopia (I know, I know) so I can't be excited with you here, though I will hope they turn out good for you. Not too familiar with the company though. Did you check out their past work? Your list is quite small, though I applaud you for it. It's best not to spend so much, yeah? I have a slightly bigger list here list/80901 but I'm not sure about the Portal stuff yet, despite the fact that the name of the list is "must haves" lol. I just ordered their ThreeA versions, so idk if I want a tiny shrine of them, or if just those figs will be enough?
7 months ago
atimidtempest (7 months ago) #18519644Thank you!!!! Haha, it's probably time zones, but you're actually early! Not my birthday yet. Honestly, I'm probably just gonna sleep and do school work if I'm honest with myself. OTZ
How are you doing?

Err, whoops. Well now it's definitely your day, right? So pretend I said it today lol.
Man, I know how you feel. All those people with summer birthdays are so lucky! They get to celebrate all they want, but I do the same thing as you lol also I am secretly lame and all I want to do is eat sushi for my birthday anyway.
I've been incredibly busy and I'm hoping it doesn't continue to be this way for the rest of the semester... I'm doing my co-op now, so I'll be teaching during the day, and on top of that I have 1-3 tutoring gigs lined up, so I guess I'll be teaching at night as well! Oh, how fun orz. I have to write my thesis this semester as well and I feel like that's going to be difficult. I couldn't even think of a topic; I had to talk to my supervisor extensively lol. On top of all that my cat just had kittens, so it's a tiny bit of a chore to take care of them. But they're really cute, so at least there's some good in that haha.
Tell me what you've been up to! And did you like anything from WF?
7 months ago
Hey, happy birthday! Do anything fun to celebrate?
7 months ago
agentmozellRGBlv16 nerd extraordinaire
Just dropping by to remind you to please check your PMs! I sent one about the Yuri on Ice Tag split. If you need more time please let me know!
9 months ago
Hey If you are still interested, there is someone @ the myethos club that is looking to give away their amiami PO.
11 months ago
atimidtempest (1 year ago) #14434196Yeah big cities next to the beach is definitely a SoCal thing. :P No worries, so many people have zero idea where Sacramento is, even if they live in California... I've met so many SoCal people here who are like "Oh, so Sacramento is like in the Bay area right...?" or even people from the BAY AREA believing we're in the Bay Area..... I mean c'mon guys, we're closer to the mountains than we are the ocean. XD It's all because most people think of the Bay Area as BEING NorCal and it's like no, there's more up here than just Silicon Valley elitism! There's lots more up here!we have... cows.... and strawberries and apples... yeah... we have things i swear! Okay I'll shush my ranting now.
Uni's okay. Class work is hard... I was asked to draw a scale model of the solar system using this: ssd.jpl.nasa.go... Without any training whatsoever on it... yeah it's been rough. But even though I still hate LA, I have to admit that USC was probably the right choice. They just have SO many resources, especially for my major. So I just gotta grit my teeth and try to make the most out of it all.
The international dorm has a decent mix of international/domestic students. My roommate is from China. It's called Parkside, and the saying is "Parkside Darkside" because we're supposed to be the anti-social dorm haha. We're pretty far from the center of campus. It's great for me though since it's right next to all the engineering buildings. We're also one of the few dorms with air conditioning, and our dining commons are supposed to be the best. So suck it frat boys and sorority girls, we got it good :P
I've been to NY once when I was very young. From what I remember, and of course stuff may have changed, I feel like some parts of LA are pretty similar to NY, but LA is probably more spread out. I think the biggest difference might be the public transportation. The NYer I met was complaining about how hard it is to get anywhere on LA Metro haha.
I'm playing a little since free wifi on campus. :P And there's SOOOO many Pokestops here. Omg honestly though, my parents are more obsessed than I am... they were trying to come up with an excuse to go to San Francisco just because there's more pokemon there....
Dang it! Yea Mirror's Edge was fun for the parkour, not the combat. Totally random, but I had this twitter fight with someone ages ago because they believed Mirror's Edge was stereotyping Asians because Faith (MC) has a mysterious past and does martial arts.... like, seriously??? This person obviously never played the game. ALL THE RUNNERS have mysterious pasts, if anything Faith's is the least mysterious since we learn about it by playing the game! And Faith's "martial arts" is literally just street fighting, not kung fu or taekwondo or anything. Then she basically said I've been brainwashed by the media my whole life, and that it's not okay for white people to write stories about minorities until there are minorities in the mainstream media... It was ridiculous, almost as bad as that Filipina girl who was hating on China. xD
I actually am on the PC version of L4D2. :( I think I got it through a HumbleBundle haha.
So the first three Fatal Frame games are all originally on PS2. But FF1 and FF2 both got Xbox releases as well. (The FF2 release was actually an expanded edition with more cutscenes/different ending options, as well as a FPS playthrough option.) The 4th FF was on the Wii(JP exclusive), and the 5th FF is on the WiiU as a download only.... pretty confusing I know. I've finished the first three, but the fifth will have to wait. :( As well as being scary, they actually have a really good story too. Although the English voice acting in the first game is TERRIBLE so the story's hard to get into there haha. I really recommend at least playing the second game though, it's probably the best. The story is just lskj;asldkfjasdf HEARTBREAKING and really enhanced by the different endings. The third game is also really good, but it ties in directly with the first two so you kind of need to play all three in that case.
I actually own the HTTYD2 DVD but I havent watched it yet.... xD Dude omg most of her stuff is commissioned and it's crazy expensive. She also made a GIANT Toothless magnastorm.devi... which was auctioned, and I think the starting bid was $1000.
It was the first movie, I haven't actually watched them all yet. xD I watched PMMM when it first aired and then just kinda forgot about it until now tbh haha.
Okay, so the drama is actually kind of split in the 2nd season between the two rival teams, Samezuka (with Rin, Sousuke, Momo, and Ai) and Iwatobi (Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei, the actual technical main cast) There's a lot of drama with Haru (the actual main character) deciding whether or not to go pro. He's a kuudere, who's catchphrase "I only swim Free style" basically is him saying he'll only swim for himself, never for competition. But ofc he's super fast and catches the eye of all these scouts. At regionals, when all the pressure is on, he suddenly stops swimming in the middle of the lane. www.youtube.com... This is a crazy moment, like all the build up they did to this in previous episodes was intense. I think right after the clip ends he says, "I'm not free", showing how he feels trapped by the pressure.
Thing is, I think the resolution to this arc was poorly done. It was really rushed since the series was coming to an end. I also would have liked them to address how hard it must have been for Haru to find a college that wanted him after pulling THAT.
There's a bunch of other drama too. Free! has a great supporting cast, but I don't think the series had enough time to give everyone the attention they deserve. That's why I'd actually love it if the new Free! series focused on the old characters, but the old SUPPORTING characters. Give the kohais some love! :P There were also some young characters introduced. It'd be cool if the series showed Makoto's little brother and sister getting interested in swimming due to his legacy, and having Hayate (a little boy Makoto coached) join them. There were also some characters that only appeared in the movie. I'd love to know what happened to them. Basically if KyoAni decides "let's just do a repaint of Free!'s original cast, and swap personalities a little, because hey, bishies make cash" I WILL BE PISSED. So yeah I'm wary of a new cast. :P
This is her store massdeformityin... Omg but I've already spent so much on just her stuff. x___x Like probably over $200. She's so prolific when she gets attached to a couple.
Yeah most of my artbooks are either from American artists or from resellers (or stores like TOM). I guess that's why I don't have nearly as big a collection as you. :P I just don't know how, or what the best proxy is, and I haven't had the motivation to do the research. I guess I probably am getting ripped off sometimes when things are a lot cheaper on Surugaya or other places. Do you have proxy recommendations?
BTW what does the SHSL by your name mean? I keep seeing it on older users.

Ah okay, I'm glad I'm not completely clueless and embarrassing myself here...it'll happen eventually though..weh. Heh, you make it sound so farm-y. There's no way that's all you have up there! I'm not believing there's any place in Cali that isn't filled with stuff to do. Though I will give you 345532 points for strawberries. They're my favorite fruit! They don't sell them here so I have to eat a bunch when I'm home in the summer. I feel like I didn't get my fill this summer ;n;.

Um..what was that link even? I tried for a minute to just read it and attempt to comprehend, but alas, I am a dense blob. So how did that assignment go? Resources like what? I wish my uni was more like that... I feel like we have nothing to help us in any way.

Oh! I should've thought of something like that, but sadly that was not the first thing on my mind. That's pretty cool, I'd like to meet lots of international people, and living with them seems like the perfect way to do it. What!? The other ones don't have AC?! GAH I would die. Mine has been out of commission since I got here and ugh..I've been sleeping in one of the other rooms. Yeah, take that party people!

Did you travel a lot when you were younger? The other day at dinner my mom was like "You've been to England." and I said "When I was young doesn't count!" I wanna travel more now, not then! Anyway, you're lucky your public transportation even exists. I would use it if it was efficient or y'know, more existent around here. I've had bad experiences with it before, so I'm still hesitant lol.

Are there are a lot of gyms too? Did you ever get to manage one of those? LOL really? My mom downloaded it for a minute and was worried about that whole email debacle that went on when the game first came out. Soooo she deleted it, even though I think it would've been good for her to walk around a bit more. Maybe me too lol.. I've been incredibly lazy lately ughhghg.

Sometimes people are just...why. I hate it when others assume they know what's right and what's not for other cultures, because then it gets to the point where x race can't like y thing because it's only a stereotype and nothing else. Lol and WHAT was with those out of nowhere insults? This person wants there to be more minorities in media but criticizes one that does exist? Jeez... Haha, yes it seems like you do get into trouble there. I say continue using Twitter and see what fiasco you get into next!

So many consoles.. Sounds similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. Before those collections came out, you needed like 3 or 4 different consoles just to have the whole story. Scary and heartbreaking? Is it possible? Also, is it actually scary? I guess I shouldn't really be asking since even the smallest things scare me, but still. Lately I've had such a craving to play scary games. I was thinking about replaying Dead Space or trying out something new like Outlast. Have you ever played either?

Watch it! Even if it's not as great as the first (things rarely are) it's still an entertaining movie. Plus Toothless is still really cute! He reminds me of a cat I had.

Nooo, how can you forget about PMMM? It's one of my favorite series of all time, and Mami is definitely my favorite female character from any anime.

LOL that catchphrase. I always saw that on merch and stuff and thought "how ridiculous", though it's good it actually ties into the series. That video! I CANNOT imagine that happening in real life, shit. He would get so much flak for pulling a stunt like that. You said he did end up getting in a college for swimming, right? Cause yeah I was gonna agree, people would start pulling scholoarships.. Oh! While we're talking about swimming, an older relative of mine was the captain of their swim team in college, and their coach was Ryan Lochte's dad. Someone just told me the other day and I felt the need to tell someone else lol.

I can definitely see KyoAni pulling something like that. It seems like that's what most companies do. You take the winning formula and just repaint the people, and everyone will be drawn to it because it's shiny and new. I can think of so many series that have done this, for better and worse. But hey, don't write them off just yet! Maybe they'll be a whole different set of deres, eheh.

ALSDJKSDF the "aw yea dogs" line is adorable and I want the stuff so bad. Look at those fluffy floofs (ノ ´∀`). I wish she'd do a ship I like, cause I really like the art and designs of her merch. And tbh I just really have been wanting an acrylic stand lately. I used to think they were useless, but they've grown hard on me. ...Okay sorry, just got distracted browsing store envy lol. It's a lot like etsy it seems.

Lolol, I think I've been collecting a lot longer than you have, so give yourself some credit! I'm sure your doujin collection will grow (~ '∀')~. this emoji is supposed to make you want to buy more books...somehow Lmao I feel lame, but I was looking at your collection and was going to say "I have the same books!" ...and then I realized those are the ones I sent you orz. I'm glad you got them okay! Anyway, I used to use FromJapan a lot until I figured out (more like a friend had to walk me though it) how to use Big in Japan's forwarding service. It's so much cheaper (the fee is only 500 yen!) and plus you can order things right away without them selling out! Sometimes doujinshi just flies off the shelves, and it's always right when your proxy is being slow lol. I would only say you're getting "ripped off" if you're ordering more than a couple of books, but honestly it's nothing to feel bad about. When I first started collecting, I paid $60 for a book that's probably worth 1400 yen now, and even when I was a more seasoned collector I've paid more than I should have because I was being lazy. If you ever want help with BiJ just lmk! I need to enable you lol.

It's from DanganRonpa! It means "super high school level", and it's from the fan translated version, which is the one I played back when no one was licensing it. I think they changed it to something weird in the official release. Basically each character has a special trait (or something? it's been so long), like SHSL idol or hope.
1 year ago
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