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01 year agolavalunarlavalunar
Nendo fundoshi arrived in the mail today, safe and sound! Thank you so much!
01 year agoteliiiiteliiii
Hey I just got Umaru's nendoroid today! She came in perfect condition. Thank you!
01 year agowewewewe
Sinon has arrived safe and sound! Swimsuit too, without a scratch. Box... going in the trash! XD

I kid, but it rhymes, so whatever~ thankies for the simple sale! ^^)b
01 year agochiisai-himechiisai-hime
azuly (1 year ago) #10898375Inbox still full btw D:
I'll try contacting you tomorrow as well but I do have others waiting ^-^"

Sorry, sould be okay now ^^ Weird that I didn't get a notification for your first comment.
01 year agohikaridranzhikaridranz
azuly (1 year ago) #4436745oh =\ awkwardd lol
and that's fine thank you ^-^

mailed ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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