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04 days agotest-subjecttest-subject
azusamukami (5 days ago) #21387489Happy birthday, dear!!! Have fun!!
Thank you very much!
011 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
azusamukami (12 days ago) #21109361Hi!! Thank you , my girlfriend and I went out of town. You?
Oh sounds cute! Where'd you guys go? I hope she treated you to some nice cake~ Hmm...I don't remember what I did, but it wasn't anything major! I just remember my mom giving me money lol. I had a small graduation get-together with my family about a week later, so I'm sure they just lumped it together haha.
012 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
azusamukami (1 month ago) #19686625Happy birthday!!! Have a fun day!
Thank you so much! I know I'm really late, but it was nice getting birthday wishes~ I see that yours was recently! Happy birthday to you too! How did you celebrate?
016 days ago (16 days ago)RedCloudRedCloud Alibaka
Hope you had an awesome day! If you got gifts, even better!
Sorry for the lack of replies, have been busy with work and also plain laziness aha. How have you been?
OH! About the convention! I went a bit crazy and did a lot of firsts...
I got my first nendoroids.... item #248117 and item #248135 . I told myself I'd never collect these but they're too cute! Ok so I'm hoping to at least restrict myself to Haikyuu and more specifically Karasuno!... I hope (My wallet does too..)
I also went and uh... bought a dakimakura >////////<
Ok I WILL try and justify myself! One, it had Rem on it! REM, second, did I mention it had REM on it! Plus I've always wanted to get one, I just never expected to get one so soon!
Here's the one I got in case you were interested don't blame you if you think I'm scum now >//< item #478463

Anyways I hope you enjoyed your b-day! Again sorry for the late reply, I'm pretty bad with these aren't I?
016 days agotest-subjecttest-subject
Hello! Happy Birthday! Wish you lots of luck <3

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