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05 days agoMaakieMaakie
azusamukami (8 days ago) #25935618Oh my goodness i cant believe i missed this!!!!! I'm soooo sorry!!! Yes, i agree! I love 2D's voice when he talks as well! He's super cute!! I'm not a huge fan of the song "O green world" but it's not too bad! I love a lot of Gorillaz's vocal songs so mainly those, however the album Humanz is not top tier for me, i do like a few songs from that album though, i believe i told you this though! xD
True, Noodle was so cool during phase 1 but after that i mainly liked her for her image, she doesn't have anything going for her these days, it really sucks... still pretty though. Did you see Jamie's new illustrations and works on his instagram?? I love this one! <3 [ext link ]
Oh! my profile picture, well that is my waifu! She is Himiko Toga from the serie"Boku no hero academia" One of my favorite girls, I love her eccentric personality and her quirk is just amazing. I tend to fall for characters who are a bit edgy and are unstable but she is so cute and i love how she talks especially when she is blushing!
And then theres this post, to funny.
[ext link ]

Oh lol no problem! My life has been quite hectic recently, so I'm not really fast in replying anyway. :P And hrrm, a lot of people seem to dislike O Green World (especially the distortion in the song), while I was convinced they would make it a single when I was listening to Demon Days for the first time. How wrong I was. :P

Noodle is more of a quiet topmodel nowadays. She was very cute in Strobelite, although I feel bad for Russel being pretty much ignored in that clip. :/ And yeah, Jamie has been going fast with new artworks! :D I also really love this new one from their new clothing line: [ext link ] The sweater is so expensive though. Q.Q I hope to see more affordable nice merch when they come here with the tour.

I still want to watch/read Hero Academia! :D I'm just not that fan of starting a still ongoing series. >.< I already like her look and expressions though! :D You may notice that a lot of the things and characters I like are way over the edge lol. That said, you also into video games? :)
010 days ago (10 days ago)SmeySmey
azusamukami (10 days ago) #25814160Happy birthday!!

Waah, thank you very much! ( ;∀;)
014 days agoSvoy999Svoy999
azusamukami (14 days ago) #25623873Hi Paul!! Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you very much!, it is very pleasant to me, you are the only person who has congratulated me here, I am kind to you and good luck
Nicko cutie ^^
018 days agofranjandarfranjandar
azusamukami (18 days ago) #25511874Hi!!
Hello :)
028 days agoughroraughrora
azusamukami (1 month ago) #24956396Oh,no problem hun!! I just sold her right now! I honestly didn't want to give her up but I have so many figures coming in and I'm running out of space. Hopefully I can snag her again one day.

Ah, that's a bummer! :( I definitely understand what you mean though! I hope you can get her again one day. :)

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