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Nice to meet you all! (*´∀`*)

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06 hours agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (3 days ago) #2630216Sorry for extremely late reply. TT_TT
My final exam is done at last...
Still, I think it's a good thing to spend Christmas with family. xD
Most of my relatives live outside my city so I barely know them. ;u;
As much as I like laptops, I admit that a broken laptop is the worst thing ever. I wish I could have extra space in my room to have a desktop but it's definitely not going to happen. My sister and I have too many stuffs here. xD
Same here! I honestly feel envy to my friends who already found out what they want to be or want to do in their teens. I'm here like.... what am I supposed to do? :")
I chose the major that I like but still, I'm worried about the future. "What if I can't get a job?" is my biggest worry. ;u;
I thought that at first! xD
I mean, hey both are idol thing so it should be similar, right? But it turned out to be quite different. orz
My friend have the game on his phone and I still have no idea how to play it. Love Live is much simpler. orz
And, how about Kancolle and Cinderella Girls anime? I'm watching both of them and so far I like them both. xD

Hey! No problem, I'm also not quick, hahah! How did your final exam go? :)

Ahh, all of my family and friend live far away, so I'm just a lot in the car and public transport. xD Otherwise I probably wouldn't have any social contact outside of my bf and the internet, lol!

Ah, I have enough room on my desk to have a desktop again, but then I would really miss that it's possible for me to put my computer on my lap and sit on the couch. xD

Well it's good and bad I guess. >.< Personally my standards for a job are pretty low, because I'm not really sure what to do yet. I have friends that have this dream-idea, and then get saddened when they can't find a job in that field.

You can do the same as me: do random jobs until you're sure what you want or are accepted somewhere that makes you really happy! xD

Oh lol, seems like I was mistaken too! xD So Love Live is a lot easier, huh? From what I read with Cinderella Girls, it's especially hard to get Anzu motivated to work for you, haha!

I tried to follow both, but so far I only watched the first 2 episodes from Kan Colle and nothing from Cinderella Girls yet! Work is so busy I barely have time! Q.Q
024 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (28 days ago) #2566745Happy New Year! I hope you'll have a wonderful year! :3
And you're welcome! :3
Your Christmas sounds fun! My Christmas went good too. Although my family never do any trip or party on Christmas, I think the most important thing is to be with your loved ones. We spent the day watching movies at home. xD
I glued myself to my bed, I guess. xD (Since I have laptop, not PC, I usually use it on bed, more comfy! >:D)
And I admit that December is the-time-to-be-lazy-month. It's rainy season in here and the rain makes me feel so lazy to go outside. xD
Since all classes are off, I only go outside to watch movies in cinema.
About the weather, it depends. If the sun shows up again after the rain, it'll be super humid. But if the windy weather continues, HEAVEN. xD
I'll try that! xD
It really depends on luck in here. Since you can't choose your lecturer. We're assigned to them randomly. OTL
I just pray that I won't get an annoying professor when the time comes. ;u;
Studying can be fun if you like the subject! :3
But if you don't, or the lecturer is super boring, studying will be a huge burden. OTL
Thanks for the support! Final thesis is really the final thing before I have to work so personally I really want it to be fun. ;u;
About the final thesis I mentioned, I agree. It must take great effort to write that! Some sources are only available in Japanese so you'll need extra time (and once again, effort) to translate and understand them. And it's all for one particle.... D:
I'm curious about Idolmaster as well. But since Love Live game already took a great amount of memory on my phone, I don't think I would install Idolmaster game. When I heard they'd make an anime of it, I was like, "Finally, a chance to know what Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls is like!" xD
Oh, and Kancolle is getting an anime as well. I like that too, looking forward for the anime, which will be airing in 7 days! :3

Thank you very much and the same wished for you! So far my 2015 has been great and I hope it continues to be! ^w^

Oh, I think you understood wrong, lol! My Christmas was just a family meeting. xD The thing is that I live almost on the other side of the country so it's 3+ hours by car and for me "a big trip" to visit them. xD

Watching movies is nice too! I used to spend my Christmas that way in the past when I still lived with my parents. ^^

I currently also use a laptop, but it's close to dying. :'( I think when it dies, I will buy a desktop again. >.< Although I love how portable my laptop is, I need a "heavy" computer (to run games, programs like Photoshop, video editors etc.), so I end up needing the big and heavy laptops which are not that portable. :')

Oh man, that's so different from here, haha! Here the wind is mostly freezing cold, even in seasons like spring, so it's not that fun when it's windy outside. xD

Yeah, mine was also randomly, but luckily for me the first lecturer had some other projects to do and I was changed to another one. xD You can't do much but try your best and hope to make your advisor happy! :D

With me, I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to study, so I did a study related to my hobby's (computers). When I did the education I also noticed this wasn't my dream-thing to do and now even with working I don't know what my dream job/field is. I just go with the flow, haha! I try a lot of different types of jobs and I hope that one day I will find my #1 thing to do! :) (I guess I'm just a lot slower than all the people that find out in their teens what they want to be or want to do. :P)

I think the Love Live game and the Cinderella Girls game are very similar? So maybe if you're one day finished with Love Live you could try the other? xD

I know I know I know! I'm super duper excited for the Kan Colle anime! Both with kan Colle and with Cinderella Girls I will try to watch both during the season! The only thing is that I'm so bad with keeping up watching something weekly. Q.Q But I'll try my best!
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2559421Merry Christmas! Hope your Christmas was good! :3
Lucky! xD
I always want to know how winter feels like. :3
Now is rainy season though. The weather makes me feel so lazy to do anything. >///<
Exactly what I have in mind! Especially if I get a conservative lecturer (in here you'll need a lecturer that act as your adviser/supervisor to do the final thesis). Pop-culture can be seen as "a way to burn money." ;u;
I really hope I'll get a younger lecturer as my lecturer. Usually they're less conservative.
4 years is seen as standard, I guess. Some extra diligent students even finished their study in 3.5 years. xD
But I can't be that diligent, studying everyday isn't me. I want to enjoy this time. :3
Butbutbut.... despite all the trouble I might be having later, I still want to write about what I like for final thesis. xD
I know what some people choose "normal" topics because they happen to like normal stuffs as well (like linguistics or history, or traditional culture). But me.... I prefer this "Japanese pop culture" which can be seen as weird stuff, even by the Japanese themselves. And for me, sometimes the normal stuffs can be scarier. Linguistics for example. I swear I ever found a final thesis titled "The Usage of The Particle "De" in Japanese" and it's really thick! I can't imagine how can you explain one word in +200 pages? O_O
That's me! Everytime I have to do public speaking, I'm super nervous! ;u;
I always make some notes to peek at. xD
I own a smartphone and struggle not to rely too much on it. TT_TT
I usually use it for gaming, though. I play School idol project a.k.a Love Live there. I'm into mainstream fandom lately. xD

Thank you very much and happy late-merry-Christmas back from me! xD My Christmas was very good! Shortly before Christmas I bought a new car, and my first big trip with it was visiting my family! Also my shared Christmas gift from my boyfriend and I was a ps3, and we're enjoying it really much! :)

Well it's nice and not nice at the same time! xD Here it has been freezing, so it's pretty dangerous outside to go somewhere with the car or bike. On the other hand, I enjoy my time inside a lot more! It feels much more cozy! xD I'm almost glued to the couch now with the PS3 and only go outside to work, haha!

It's humid weather at your place right? So it rains, but it's still warm?

Well you could just try the subject you want and then see if he/she approves of it? With my case I got a young professor as my first advisor and he really disliked my subject. Then it was an older professor that approved of it. xD I think the older one actually appreciated the subject more, because he knew less about it? xD

Ahh, nice that you are enjoying it! I personally didn't really enjoy studying, because I didn't like it much, haha! I was looking forward to being done and earning my own money. xD

Well your final thesis is sort-of the last chance to do something you like before you have to do things for money, right? So take that chance! :)

I'm quite curious now about "The Usage of The Particle "De" in Japanese", I can only imagine it being a huge effort to research something like that???

Well, most places don't make it a huge deal if you have notes! Even multiple lectures at conventions I went to was with people that need to use notes to peek at. xD

Ah, Love Live looks so cute and phone! If I had a smartphone I personally would want to try Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls!! Luckily it's going to get an anime soon too, so I can enjoy more about my favorite character, Anzu!
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2547670Totally agree! Although I admit that there are still days when I really look forward to go to bed, like during exam weeks. Everything feels so tiring. ;A;
Yup, the only downside is this degree takes four years. That's why people who want to work ASAP usually choose the degree. >.<
As for my final thesis.... I still have no idea! xD
I haven't figured out which category I should choose but I definitely won't choose linguistics. Too difficult for me. >///<
I think I'm going to choose between culture or history. I'm interested to write about figure-related stuffs but I'm not sure whether that topic would be accepted or not. xD
Your thesis sounds interesting for me. :3
I think writing about something you like will help to decrease the stress level a bit. 8"DDD
Final thesis is like the biggest enemy for all students in here, I see some of my friends are struggling on it. ;u;
My biggest fear in giving lectures is I'm afraid that I won't be able to give a good explanation. TT_TT
You know, that situation when you have something to explain but it just won't come out from your mouth. D:
Computers (or laptops) and smartphones! Can't live without them nowadays. 8"DDD
I save some important notes in my smartphone, it really helps. >///<

Oh man, in the winter in general I want to go to bed a lot earlier, lol! The cold weather makes me more easily tired too, I think. I also want to eat a lot more. xD

4 years is seen as long? Most degrees here are 4-6 years. :P

Yeah that sounds like what I did, haha! I wrote a thesis about one ofmy favorite hobby's which was slightly related to my study. xD To me it was a lot of fun to research and write, but afterwards it wasn't that much fun, because of the teachers not being that easy with approving of it. The subject was easily approved, though!

Well for me the writing was a lot more interesting than any "normal" subjects would have been. I was really interested in what I was researching! A lot of people around me were also having big problems with their thesis, but their problems were mostly low motivation and it being not long enough (we had a specific wordcount everyone needed to minimally write about). I had mine done on time, but as said earlier, afterwards I got into some slight trouble with it. xD

I know what you mean! Sort of luckily for me I never had that, but I had a lot of people in high school and college who reallly struggeled with speaking in public and/or for groups. They would forget what they were about to say or they would stress beforehand about the Powerpoint/their notes not being good enough etc.

Ah, I personally don't have a smartphone and I try to keep it that way, because I already rely so much on electronics that I don't want to get hooked to smartphones too! But I have a lot of cheeting lists and saved items on my computer, haha!

Merry christmas btw! :D
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2524245So it's not just me who's having problem to sleep early. xD
There's a separate degree if you wish to just learn the language. In here "Japanese literature major" means you'll learn about the language, culture, and yep.... literature and you'll graduate with a bachelor degree. If someone wishes to learn the language only, usually they'll apply for A.Md degree. :D
For final thesis we can choose which topic we want to write about, usually it's divided into three categories: linguistics (most difficult for me ;u;), literature, history, or culture.
It does sound interesting. xD
But I don't want to be a lecturer because I think I'm not a good teacher. Even if I understand something, sometimes I feel it hard to explain to other people. ;u;
I admire historians, actually. I mean, I have no idea how they could save so many little details in their brains. 8"DDD

Haha, no! I think it's actually a problem a lot of people nowadays have! xD There is just so much distraction and fun things to do, so if you're not tired you don't really look forward to go to bed. xD

Ahhh, yes then to me your degree sounds a lot more interesting, because you learn a lot of different things! :)

Do you have any idea for your final thesis already? I studied computers/technology and my thesis was a research about video game development, haha! Unfortunately the professor was not very impressed, but he saw how much research was done and every fact was right and tons of professional opinions, so it was still approved. ^^''

Awww, well to be a lecturer you have to feel confident doing it, so if you're afraid of not doing it well enough, then maybe you should follow some classes in it? You can feel this the best for yourself! >.< Personally I like to talk and answer questions a lot, so I like giving lectures. xD

Oh yeah for sure! I'm personally very bad with remembering things and that's why I like computers, I can always look everything up again. xD It's not that I'm dumb, I just have a really bad memory unfortunately!

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