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A figure collector from Indonesia~

Nice to meet you all! (*´∀`*)

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018 hours ago (18 hours ago)MaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (2 days ago) #2409408Thanks for the tips! It'll be useful when I move out someday. xD
I never really pay attention to such things because now I'm keeping my collection in separate cupboards and I don't have enough space in each cupboard to stack them. >.<
I don't have many scale figures right now but somehow I can imagine how difficult it will be when I have to fit them all in one huge box. :"D
I think that's one reason why my urge to buy has decreased lately. I'm dragged to merchandise world, though. I ordered some rubber straos. Luckily, straps are easy to keep. It has small box and won't lean. xD

No problem! :D It's really important to keep weight in mind, especially if you're not quick with unboxing and they will be weeks/months in the same boxes! And yeah, I used to put all my boxes on my parents attic, so I also never realised how much I had until it was time to put them in moving boxes! :P The very very first time I moved, I had so little figures that I moved all of them without their boxes and just put them in lots of bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Needless to say multiple figures got damaged because of that and it's a beginners-mistake I will never forget! >.< Or unsee, because of the damages on my figures. :'(

Putting figure boxes in moving boxes is like playing tetris, haha!

Yeah I also had a period where I mainly liked and collected large items, but nowadays I'm more into the small stuff. It's mainly trading figures for me now, but in the future I want to collect lots of merchandise too! I recently acquired some bookmarks and post-its from series that I like...and they are so cute and easy to display! And cheap! :D
02 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (5 days ago) #2404630Nice tower! xD
I haven't experienced such a thing, though. I ever moved into another house but back then I was collecting comic books and because of budget problems (I was 12), I didn't buy many and all of my collections were packed in one box. Box's size was similar to yours in that picture. xD
Honestly I can't imagine if I have to move out with all my collections now. Some scale figures have huge boxes. It will take a long time to pack all of them. :"D

Thanks! It took quite a long time to stack, haha! And also to think about it! I wanted to be sure no heavy stuff was placed on the lighter stuff etc.! Boxes with trading figures are a lot more heavy than a box with 2-3 scaleds in there!

When I moved out of my parents home to my first studio appartment, I think my collection of figures fitted in just 3 moving boxes!! :') I mainly had trading figures back then and a few prizes!

Oh yeah, scale figures with huge boxes are a pain! For example my item #72239 and item #72240 are both 3/4 of a moving box! D: So with both I just put 1 or 2 figma's next to them and that was all that fit, haha!
07 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (10 days ago) #2397252Yep, I think I just need to see the good side that actually my parents are just worried of my financial management. I think that's all parents do. xD
Totally agree. I remember my early days of collecting, I was thinking, "I want this and that, I want all!" But now, I really think twice before ordering anything. I guess running out of space is one thing that caused this. ^^;

Ah, for me I was running out of space, but another big eye-opener was that I moved twice in the last 3-4 years and because of that I had to pack and unpack so much stuff...then you really start thinking about the amount of things you have collected over the years...

I'm now living in another temporary home and I don't plan on putting much of my figures on display. All my figures are currently in boxes, which are all stacked (prepare yourself):

It would be great if I can sell some of my bigger figures, as that would mean less boxes to move when I go to my next home. xD
010 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (22 days ago) #2376490That's the exact same reaction like my mom! xD
Well I think it's a completely normal reaction for someone who has absolutely no idea about this hobby. I'm really grateful that at least they still let me buy stuffs. xD
And yep, same again. Lately I've been selling some of my collection. I can make more space and get extra money so I don't think it's a bad thing to do. xD
My urge of buying is getting smaller too, it's not like I'm getting bored with this hobby, it's just... kind of being more selective, I guess? xD

Haha, I think it's quite a normal reaction from parents. xD They want to be sure that you handle money well so they are worried probably because of that. They mean well! ^^

Oh there's nothing wrong with selling parts of your collection! In the past I mainly was the type that wanted to own lots and lots, but now I really want to have small collections/sets of themes or series so I'm way more satisfied with the items I own! :)

Yeah I spend just as much, maybe even more, time looking at figures online and talking here on MFC as when I was at my peak of buying lots and lots of items. But my collection barely has grown in the last 2-3 years. ;)
022 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (24 days ago) #2373566That sounds nice! xD
My parents won't do that, though. But I guess I'm lucky enough that they let me to keep this hobby. xD
It's sad to hear some of my friends' stories. Sometimes parents can be very, very strict. :"D

Ah yeah...I remember from when I lived with my parents and one day my dad found out how expensive one of my figures was...he was not pleased to say at the least! :P From that moment on he also checked a lot more the packages that came in...

But a few months after that happened I moved out of my parents' home and my collection exploded when it comes to size. xD Now I'm a lot more calmed down, because that urge of buying has been a lot smaller since then (and I have been selling a lot too!).

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