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A figure collector from Indonesia~

Nice to meet you all! (*´∀`*)

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06 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (8 days ago) #2503426That's good to hear! xD
I always have trouble sleeping during semester break, though. I usually play online games with friends and suddenly... it's 2 AM. D:
That's okay, questions mean interest! :3
I personally want to be a comic translator. Other options are teachers (or lecturers) or any positions that requires Japanese language, most of my friends aim to work in Japanese companies too. :3
Being a historian sounds really interesting! But sadly in my country, being a historian means you have to be ready with extremely low wage. I don't know why nobody values historians in here. OTL

Haha, I know that feel! I always tell myself that during my workweek I should go to bed early, but it's almost impossible and I end up going to bed between 11 an 12 PM then. Q.Q

Ohh, I didn't know, but then you also do a study with really the Japanese language? I though those were seperate studies to just learn the language, or do both exist?

Being a lecturer sounds like an really interesting job and is something I would love to do in the future! Probably my dream-job, haha! But it's so hard to find a (fulltime) job as a lecturer, as most of them work parttime so you would need a second job or your own company to generate some more income...

Oh, I don't know any historians, so I have no idea if they get a fair pay here! I think most people here respect them though, for knowing so much (and sometimes also specific) information!
09 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (11 days ago) #2498724Aww... the schedule is indeed a downside. ;u;
I hope you'll stay healthy. Sometimes different schedule can affect so much. >.<
Thank you! I'm studying Japanese literature. :3
I agree with that. Cleaning sounds so sad. 8"DDD
Improving sounds more cheerful and fun~

Yeah...I would prefer a job where I would have specific days and hours so I can get a schedule/rhythm in my life. Now I live from week-to-week...but I shouldn't complain, since I got a government job which pays quite a bit more than the minimum wage which most of the jobs offer here...

I think it's going pretty okay with my health! I still do my regular sports and now I also have to bike a lot to work! And I try to be up every day around the same time, because when I sleep in I just screw up my whole day, I hope I can keep up! :P

And wow, that's interesting! :O Your probably get this question lot, but what kind of jobs can you get in the future with that? Historian? Translator?
013 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (15 days ago) #2491415Thank you and good luck with your work too! >///<
If everything is good, I think I'll graduate on 2016. xD
Oh, by the way, I tried your method to clean boxes (and figures) with make-up brush. It worked! xD
And it looks like my holiday would be busy with cleaning stuffs. I have some sweaty nendos that need to take a bath. ;u;

Ah, thanks! I got accostumed to my new job pretty fast! Only downside is that my schedule (working hours) each week are so different! Q.Q

And well it's almost 2015, so your graduating is pretty soon! ^^ What do you study?

Well, luckily (almost) everyone will have a few days off during that time, so you can spend that on improving your collection! (I rather call it improving my collection than cleaning, haha!)
016 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (19 days ago) #2483240Congrats for your new job! *A*
I can't wait to have a job and buy stuffs with my own money. xD
*stares at figure boxes* I don't think they're too big for make up brush so I'll give it a try! xD

Thank you very much! The circumstances aren't perfect, but I'm glad to have a job again! xD

And good luck! :D
025 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (28 days ago) #2468146Sorry for extremely late reply. Exam week has started. ^^;
Yup, I open them once in a while. So far everything is good, except for older Nendoroids. Two of my Miku Nendoroids are already sweating. ;u;
There's a simple way to wash them clean but it still feels sad. D:
A nice room with lots of air conditioners sounds good, though. It'll be a perfect room for tropical country. xD
Nice idea about the brush! It's made for skin so it should be soft enough for figures. :3

No problem! I have also been very busy personally! Just started with a new job~

Too bad about the sweating! But if it's only sweat and not paint coming off, it can all be fixed! ;)

Yeah the make-up brush is great! I also just used it today on some pieces of cosplay armor I didn't work for weeks on, haha! It's very gentle and you can brush everything with it! :) It takes long if you would do it on big surfaces though. xD

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