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A figure collector from Indonesia~

Nice to meet you all! (*´∀`*)

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04 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (7 days ago) #2468146Sorry for extremely late reply. Exam week has started. ^^;
Yup, I open them once in a while. So far everything is good, except for older Nendoroids. Two of my Miku Nendoroids are already sweating. ;u;
There's a simple way to wash them clean but it still feels sad. D:
A nice room with lots of air conditioners sounds good, though. It'll be a perfect room for tropical country. xD
Nice idea about the brush! It's made for skin so it should be soft enough for figures. :3

No problem! I have also been very busy personally! Just started with a new job~

Too bad about the sweating! But if it's only sweat and not paint coming off, it can all be fixed! ;)

Yeah the make-up brush is great! I also just used it today on some pieces of cosplay armor I didn't work for weeks on, haha! It's very gentle and you can brush everything with it! :) It takes long if you would do it on big surfaces though. xD
024 days agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (27 days ago) #2431569I live in a tropical country where weather can be really hot and humid. That's why I keep my figures in the box. xD
Lean case is really common in here. ;A;
Good luck for you! >.<
Although I prefer to keep them in the box, I admit that looking at figures on the display is amazing. *A*
Even if they're in the box, cleaning dust is troublesome. D:
They just keep coming back again, again, and again. OTL
I think I should buy a mini vacuum cleaner to clean my stuffs. 8"DDD

Oh, but you do open your figures from their boxes once in a while, right? Because I also heard horror-stories about figures sweating in boxes!

But sometimes with figures it feels like it can never be right. xD Keep them out in the open: lots of dust and dirt, degrading material over time. Keep them in boxes: they can sweat, get stuck...

Well maybe in the future you can make a special super-airconditioned room to keep your figures in? :)

You know that I have been thinking about buying a thing like that? xD But in the end I bought a big make-up brush (ext link) and dust my figures and their boxes with that. :)
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2419458Whoaa, that's a lot of figures in your unopened list. xD
And I noted the tips! xD
Speaking of fragile-ness, that's the reason why I keep all my collections in their boxes. 8"DDD
I'm afraid I'll lose some parts and for scale figures, besides losing limbs, I'm afraid they'll lean. I know I won't be brave enough to put them in hot water and fix them so I'll keep them in the box to be safe. Sometimes I let them out so they won't be sticky.
And about lack of space, that's my current problem too.
Most of my scale figures are put outside my cupboards. They don't fit in there. ;A;
It's so troublesome to clean the dust. OTL

Yeah, haha! It's quite a good and bad thing, lol! But on the other hand it's also very useful, because everything is boxed now, so otherwise I would maybe get confused about which items I was planning to make a review from etc. xD

I think leaning doesn't happen that quickly, but it's also related to a lot of factors~ How good the quality of the figure is, the climate you're living in etc.! Personally I want to display and look at my figures, so when I live in a biiger place next, I will display all of my collection again like I used to do previously. :)

Oh yeah cleaning the dust of figrues not in cabinets/detolfs is horrible! From the moment I got my first cabinet, I decided to never put figures out of it again, haha!
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2413198Actually I'm really quick with unboxing! xD
I don't get my loots regularly so when they arrived, I just can't stop myself to unbox them! >///<
Aww, we all made mistakes. I still remember the first time I broke a Nendoroid joint. I was so... shocked.... ;A;
After that incident I rarely swap Nendoroid face now. It's a traumatic incident...
I see, I'm pretty good at tetris, hopefully I'll be as good when it comes to figures! xD
That's nice to hear! I want to display my rubber straps too someday, maybe when I have the space for them. :3

Hrmm with me it's so that I don't buy much, but when I buy I do big orders. :P So then it's quite overwhelming for me when there's a huge package or multiple packages and in combination with that, I also currently can't have much detolfs up for most of the items have to go back in their boxes currently, which takes some of the fun out of it. Here's my current list of unopened figures: (mfc link) But I have way more in storage, because of lack of space... q.q I'm really looking forward to moving to a bigger place, as you can imagine. :P

In general I'm always afraid with action figures, because most of them look so fragile and they can easily loose limbs. >.<

Just buy lots of boxes and start with the biggest figures first. After that you can look at it more calmly and see where all the small things fit. :)

Ah, I used to hang them at the iron bars of my detolfs! I don't have pictures of it right now, but I think it looked quite cool if I say so myself. xD
01 month ago (1 month ago)MaakieMaakie
bakainu0916 (1 month ago) #2409408Thanks for the tips! It'll be useful when I move out someday. xD
I never really pay attention to such things because now I'm keeping my collection in separate cupboards and I don't have enough space in each cupboard to stack them. >.<
I don't have many scale figures right now but somehow I can imagine how difficult it will be when I have to fit them all in one huge box. :"D
I think that's one reason why my urge to buy has decreased lately. I'm dragged to merchandise world, though. I ordered some rubber straos. Luckily, straps are easy to keep. It has small box and won't lean. xD

No problem! :D It's really important to keep weight in mind, especially if you're not quick with unboxing and they will be weeks/months in the same boxes! And yeah, I used to put all my boxes on my parents attic, so I also never realised how much I had until it was time to put them in moving boxes! :P The very very first time I moved, I had so little figures that I moved all of them without their boxes and just put them in lots of bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Needless to say multiple figures got damaged because of that and it's a beginners-mistake I will never forget! >.< Or unsee, because of the damages on my figures. :'(

Putting figure boxes in moving boxes is like playing tetris, haha!

Yeah I also had a period where I mainly liked and collected large items, but nowadays I'm more into the small stuff. It's mainly trading figures for me now, but in the future I want to collect lots of merchandise too! I recently acquired some bookmarks and post-its from series that I like...and they are so cute and easy to display! And cheap! :D

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