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[color=#]pink[img][img]miku[/img][/img]Hi people i love nendoroids and figures! but duh that`s why im on this site im really cheap and trying to start up! any advice is read!

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02 years agoSumireSumire
Thanks for the friend request~!
02 years agoratatuliratatuli
blissa (2 years ago) #2348845Bitches be spying Y U SHPEE
03 years agoblissablissa
MooshiPirpy14 (3 years ago) #2043262hi there, thanks for the fr :)
hi no THANK YOU and i totally agree with your gif of "too many figures not enough money!!!"
03 years agoMooshiPirpy14MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
hi there, thanks for the fr :)
03 years agoblissablissa
Bloosica (3 years ago) #1915205I've seen the nendo before, but never knew what she was from. She kind of reminds me of a friend actually lol.
Lol we all have those friends lol

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