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02 days ago27taichi2727taichi27
I see. I never use proxy before which website you use for the proxy shipping?broken-Toybox (2 days ago) #26290218No, it's still the same. That's just how it is over here. I already did that since there was an unexpected purchase (first time using proxy and they wanted the payment up front).
03 days ago27taichi2727taichi27
Well It will be the other way around if they knew about your birthday or it's still the same? Even if she doesn't support your hobbies it doesn't matter because she gave you money and you can use that money to pay for your anime merchandise if that what's your planning to do lol.broken-Toybox (4 days ago) #26200819Well that's how it is over here (no one even knew about my birthday). If I wanted to celebrate in a restaurant or something it'd be normal for me to pay for everyone too (at least if I wasn't a student and part-timer.^^
Well she transfered some money onto my bank account (I didn't specify what I wanted so that's okay) and she'll come here on saturday.^^
Well I told you before that she doesm't support my hobbies directly, but this way she paid for an unplanned figure purchase without knowing. X3
05 days ago27taichi2727taichi27
Wow that is interesting. It's your birthday, but you bought the cake yourself instead of receiving it.So did your mom gave you or sent you any present aside from just a normal greeetings?broken-Toybox (5 days ago) #26146829No, I brought cake for them I didn't even have a bite myself, there's was too much stuff I had to take care of.
Well she send me a message since or work hours don't mesh well right now.
06 days ago27taichi2727taichi27
Well that's good atleast you got a cake from your colleaques. Did your mom greeted you?broken-Toybox (6 days ago) #26121045Thank you!
Well it was okay, I had the late shift, but I got cake for my colleagues and it was nice. I'll also get and offer from the company I'm working at to stay (I only had a contract with a temp agency before).^^
07 days ago27taichi2727taichi27
Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day.

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