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Selling collection, please feel free to check out my shop here: (mfc link)

Created a fan page/group on facebook, our mission is to help other collectors sell/buy 2nd hand rare vintage anime/video game merchandises. Best part is that all items are from fellow collectors and our reliable community so you can all take parts in this, buy or sell, or just window-shop :D

If you have a Facebook account, free feel to join us and participate, all activities are free of charge.
[ext link ]

Currently trying to sell off part of my collection, if any figure I have interests you and you have the money, feel free to PM me and we can go from there. also somethings that are not listed in my collection might be in my photos. so feel free to check them out.


started collecting pvc figures beginning of 2008 after watching the Fate/stay night series. first figure and still my favor of all time is the armored saber by French Doll/EBcraft...all my figures are female characters and I would most likely never get a male character figure since there usually not that good looking :D

heavily influenced by japan my room is tiny and over populated so I try to get only figures I really like. I'm nuts about large scale and exclusive figures and soon got hooked with resin kits(only completed ones as I can't build them myself) : My dream is to someday get a museum room and fill it with all the original and painted resin kits by BOME inside museum grade glass cabinets :D

aside from collecting figurines I also collect art book and anime cel but most of my disposable goes to resin kits nowadays.

feel free to add me when visiting my page, I'm happy to see new people and meet new friends!


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