caliascalias there was a door?

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11 month agomisakitrancymisakitrancy
calias (1 month ago) #21613792you're welcome, thanks for accepting^^
12 months agoKotobukiyaKotobukiya
calias (2 months ago) #21023752Would you guys ever consider making Shinji and Kaworu Cu-Poches?
They would be some of the few articulated figures for those characters if it were to happen.

What a great suggestion! I will make sure to pass it on.
13 months agoBeilschmidtBabeBeilschmidtBabe
calias (4 months ago) #18612293Hi! Thanks for the FR!
And a belated welcome to the community~

Sorry sorry i Didn't notice omg
Thanks for accepting the request! And thank you~ the MFC community looks really nice! :D
13 months agoMikaGxMikaGx
calias (3 months ago) #19215215Happy Birthday! :D
I'm laaaaate, sorry!!!! TTATT
21 year agoMikaGxMikaGx
calias (1 year ago) #10095442Thank you for accepting it! You have such an big, amazing collection!! *_*You're welcome ^^/ Haha, thank you! >w<
I see you're an Osomatsu-san fan too!! *w*

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