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i like a lot of things! mostly toys and baking. i have a toy blog shared with a couple of friends: (not very active bc im a Bad Blogger)

things i collect: tokidoki, figures, monster high dolls, ever after high dolls, furbies... general toy stuff!

anime: pmmm, dokidoki! precure, naruto/naruto shippuden, ttgl, eva, gdgd fairies, ano hana, sailor moon, panty & stocking, tokyo mew mew, revolutionary princess utena, heartcatch precure, yugioh, rozen maiden, yuki yuna, haikyuu, love live... tbc...

western cartoons/animation: steven universe, gravity falls, bee & puppycat, monster high

masterlist of characters i have crushes on lol

***if i don't respond to a message or follow up on a sales message, i'm really apologetic, but i'm a huge space cadet and i do lose track of things really frequently. i mean nothing, and if it's urgent that you hear back from me, feel free to send another message!***

fictional spouses, part 2

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019 days agomahou_shoujomahou_shoujo
caneton (27 days ago) #18598010hi!!! it's been like 8 years but i wanted to know if you got your secret santa gift (i'd have added my name to it but manda didn't really let me do that lol). i saw on the note thing that a lot of people didn't get stuff and things went wrong, so i wanted to make sure that everything went ok on your end!
Yes, I received my gifts! Thank you very much! I had no idea who it was from. I asked GodYagami who my Santa was but I was waiting for a response from you and forgot to message you. I tried leaving a message for you by alerting my wish list, don't know if you were notified. Thank you again!
021 days agoBabyfawnBabyfawn
Thank you! ♡ ^o^ caneton (21 days ago) #18747965happy birthday~
01 month agooiwaoiwa
caneton (1 month ago) #18290633hehe, thank you!! i always stop by the toy section in places like target or wal mart in case there's something interesting. it's super cool that you used to collect hamtaro, and i'm really sad that your collection got thrown away >: i loooved hamtaro when i was a kid. we couldn't afford the toys so i'd sit in the local KB toys and just like. play with the hamtaro plushies, lol. i wanna get some of them again someday...
also, harvest moon games are sooo good. i haven't had the time to dedicate to playing the new ones, but my gf has the first story of seasons and says it's great~

i'm the same way- i don't go out often, but whenever i do, i always check the toys section in stores, and target has a nice big toy section to browse through.

honestly, i still get upset when i think about how much hamtaro stuff i had that i no longer have anymore. i had every toy that came in burger king/mc donalds happy meal, books, vhs, toys, a dollhouse, and plushies as far as the eye can see. i'm still upset because hamtaro has a special place in my heart. i've re-bought some books and i now have a new doll-house with some mini hamhams. i've managed to build up a tiny collection but it's nothing like it used to be and im still upset at how much i've lost. have you ever had something like that happen to you?

yeah the story of seasons that came out a while back is amazing. i preordered it and got a cute angora bunny mini plushie. i need to preorder the second one coming out so i can get the lil capybara one. i honestly still play story of seasons religiously lol. i have almost every harvest moon game that has come out, but there are of course some i'm missing. but i'm a huge fan of the games. it's just great!!
01 month agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
caneton (1 month ago) #18274927i don't know if you collect gks, but i always see you around the site and noticed a louise gk while browsing yja, so i figured i'd send you the link in case you were interested!
[ext link ]

I do but that one is overpriced.. Looking to spend max 10k.. I stick to that.. Plus ive seen that kit in the past for 10k

Thsnks for message though, very appreciated
01 month ago (1 month ago)oiwaoiwa
i have stumbled across your profile on here a few times-- excellent taste.
i got a Daisy amiibo today at the store, and i saw your comment on her profile, and nodded in understanding!
then i went on your profile and remembered i've seen you before on this site. then i saw you had the Timmy/Tommy animal crossing plushie in your list, and realised i saw those at target today (when i got daisy)!! then i saw your comment that you got it at target haha. so yeah, just wanted to drop by and say, you have really great taste and i love your collection!

also I saw your fictional spouses and you have good taste in fictional crushes as well, i agree on lots of them. Monique from harvest moon is really cute, made me happy to see her on your list.

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