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I like books, rabbits, soft morning light, coffee, and miniatures (an incomplete listing of which can be found in this account).

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07 months agolonkittenlonkitten
Hmm...Re-ment AND Moomin. Any interest in the upcoming Moomin-based food set?
04 years agoficcentricityficcentricity
I just wanted to say that I'm super inspired by your amazing collection and photos! You're such an inspiration. :>!!
04 years agoMittzMittz
caramelcake (4 years ago) #1274953T-Thank you! (Awesome collection, btw! You have all the playsets!)

^_^ thanks! I'm missing the cultural festival playset though... But I'm happy with what I have :)
04 years agoMittzMittz
It was actually you who inspired me to expand my nendoroid collection & start collecting rement. I had a couple but after stumbling across your blog and amazing photos I had to have more! Lol ^_^ you nendoroid & rement collection and photo's are awesome!
05 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hi there ^^ I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all of your work on the re-ment database.

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