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05 months agoMobiusXMobiusX Chūnin Rank
cazzecaz5 (5 months ago) #1811655You have like ... my dream room ;w;

Ah, thanks! It's a little cramped in here though. Just enough for a guy like me XD
Hope to see you around! If you haven't already, go join the Naruto Collectors club :)
01 year agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday! ^^
02 years agoSmishedSmished
cazzecaz5105 figures D: omg Charlotte!!!!!!!!

Do try to keep up dear Caroline :I lolol I kid, most of them are probably trading figs =P or Toys from when I was little =3
02 years agoSmishedSmished
cazzecaz5Wait what?!

not sure why but she got delayed for 2 months lol
02 years agoSmishedSmished
cazzecaz5you have 24 on order?! o.o where do you get all this money!!!! Get me mami now betch >.<

Magic money =D Mami comes out in March now btw =)

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