cdROOTatNIXcdROOTatNIX Tsun-tsun-dere-tsun-dere-tsun-tsun~!


Nerdish loser otaku from Finland, currently NEET, all-purpose pervert, quite a bit of a prick, in touch with anime (intentionally) from year 2003 (Love Hina being my first) and without knowing what 'anime' meant from very very young (them dub cartoons). First figures bought on summer of 2007, enjoying photography since 2009.

Anime, Manga, Everything Cute (and Moe), IT (and computers in general), Music and Games are close to my heart...

I'm part of the MFC Translation Project, in charge of developing Finnish-language version of the site.

Leader of the Finnish Collectors Club, Alcohol Appreciation Club MFC and Conquering World with Ika Musume.

Registered February 12th 2010.
VIB since April 11th 2010.
1k GET April 15th 2010.
2k GET September 8th 2010.
3k GET February 10th 2011.

I try to be a helpful, honest and friendly fellow... No guarantees though.

My MAL. I-It's not like I want you to take a look at my list... Baka!

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03 years agoOssiriasOssirias
Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut!
03 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
03 years agoKitKattKitKatt
cdROOTatNIX (3 years ago) #2292183Happy Birthday! (/)__^

Thank you so much! :)
03 years agoPharaohSauronPharaohSauron
cdROOTatNIX (3 years ago) #2261009Happy birthday! (/)__^
Thank you!
03 years agoOssiriasOssirias
Awwww n__n
Ei se mitään ja iso kiitos *\n__n/*

cdROOTatNIX (3 years ago) #2261012Taisi taas vähän lipsahtaa ohi mutta onneksi olkoon (jo menneen) syntymäpäiväsi johdosta! (/)__^

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