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016 days agoezakeyezakey
cereza (23 days ago) #2340445hiii! hope you've been doing okay. :)

Been doing okayyy, but kinda bad (maybe). Hate my job! :'(
How are youuu? Hopefully better than me!
022 days agoBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
cereza (23 days ago) #2340444just saying hi!
And a hi back! Hope all is well with you!
01 month agorenwbkrenwbk
I got the package on Monday. :) It was the day I got to bring my kitten home, so I had my hands full. It took hours of playing to tire him out and he doesn't seem to like when I use my phone (meows at me every time I touch it). I tried to message you last night but your inbox is full.
03 months agokuuumakuuuma
icon so cute~ so cute~~

09 months agoKyoyaKyoya memento mori.
o3o) ?
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