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Het: Gray x Juvia, Seto x Kisara, Nanami x Ren/Masato, Nadeshiko x Bishop/King/Knight, N/hero x heroine1/2, Heroine x Shin/Ikki/Kent/Toma/Ukyo, Nozomi x Kurou/Benkei/Hinoe/any, Kirito x Sachi/Sililca, Lulu x Alvaro/any, Alice x Peter/Julius/Boris, Free! boys x Gou, Yato/Yukine x Hiyori
+ way more that aren't popular in doujinshis >_<

Otherwise: Canada x America/England/France, Hong Kong x England/any, Illumi x Hisoka/Killua, Marik x Bakura, Kensei x Hisagi/any, Kise x Kasamatsu, Katsura x Hijikata/Taksugi/Gintoki, Marui x Jirou/Kirihara/any, Abe x Mihashi, Rollo x Lelouch, Natsume x Natori/Matoba/Nyanko-sensei, Nagisa x Rei, Kai x Aichi, Toudou x Makishima, Kageyama/Oikawa x Sugawara

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02 months agorivalappearsrivalappears
Hi! Sorry, it took much longer than I thought it would for my moving boxes to arrive at the new place. Are you still interested in Undertaker? Your inbox is full.
05 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
09 months agoAryaArya
chiisai-hime (10 months ago) #13409042Wonfes!!! It's a good day to be a CCS fan. I've been praying for a Yue since forever! I'm trying to hold back from more than one figure of a character (except haha Natsume cuz he's beautiful and there's Madara's head), so unfortunately I won't be getting Li's nendo and figma or Sakura's gorgeous GSC scale. They're making some of my favorite Tourabu boys so I'll have to think about maybe just one other to display with Mikazuki... and that scale of damaged jiji is gonna be so hnnngg >///< From the guy rhythm games, Ensemble Stars is getting a bit of attention too, but I'm not too crazy about the charas or the game. I think I'll get them only if they bargain bin. I am looking at one of the Utapri boys though, almost missed those! As usual, lots of pretty Love Live figures. I'm glad I don't collect them because the outfits and poses are pretty cute. Also glad Yu-gi-oh is getting some love. Have you seen Kaito's painted prototype? He looks a little plain but a guy in traditional clothing is hard to resist!

Yes, so many figures from CCS left and right. And besides GSC Sakura, Koto is also doing a new one that looks lovely. I really hope Yue turns out amazing, because with his design anything less is unacceptable! That being said, with his wings and all, he'll probably be very pricey x_x That´s right, I´ve been meaning to ask. What is it that makes Mikazuki the most popular guy? He´s very handsome, but then again, all of them are xD What is his personality like? That Honoka from Alter is really lovely, and the orange outfit makes her a very eye-catching figure. Too bad I´m sure that if I got one of the girls, I´d have to get all nine of them, so it´s still a pass. Hmm, to tell the truth I´m pretty disappointed with Kaito´s figure. For starters I don´t really like how his back is arched. Plus both Miku and Meiko got some nice flowers to go with them, and the poor guy gets nothing. It sucks, I´ve been wanting a scale of Kaito for so long now, but he´s really not doing it for me. Maybe it´s finally time I indulge myself and buy his cheerful nendo?
010 months ago (10 months ago)AryaArya
chiisai-hime (10 months ago) #12849146I'll have to take a pic some time ^^ I have the Xilias on the left and then Luke with Lloyd next to him (they're sharing center with their pretty swords in the air). Zelos is to the right behind his boyBF and then Estelle next to Zelos (because he was begging for a girl). I don't have the rest of Vesperia but I'm not huge on them anyway. I think Edna's figure is super nice, but she's not a guy so no room for her XD Are you watching Zestiria now then? I just couldn't get used to the CG everywhere. It's great in a game, but for an anime, I'm not sure I like it much.
As for game series, have you tried Fire Emblem? It's pretty different, but still fun (until you need to cheat and look at a guide :P) And Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm... but I don't have data on my phone so there's no real point in starting for me.
Haha, if you-know-who shows up at all in Danganronpa this season, I'll be the first to know! For Soma, I pretty much had to skip all the food tasting because it just got so annoying! Otherwise, it's pretty interesting. I get past ep 1 of OPM... it was great until he went bald -_- Yeah, I'm superficial, but the genre's not my cup of tea to begin with. maybe if they put in Ishida Akira...

You really should! When I have more money I´ll definitely have a Tales shelf, with Lloyd as the centerpiece~ Ahaha poor Edna, she´s a great girl. She's always teasing Mikleo and that´s a big yes in my book. I´m thinking of waiting till the end of the season to actually watch all of Zestiria, but I liked what I saw. Maybe the CG can get excessive, but seeing the cast interact again is just so warming that I let it pass xD
Oh, I never told you? I played a lot of Awakening, and I´m in the last chapter of Birthright as of now. Yep, I also don´t have data in my phone. Nevertheless, I don´t really get the hype over it. It has an interesting concept, but you need more if you want me outside in this heat. I´m melting...
Don´t you have any favourites in the 2nd game cast? Komaeda is quite popular, for example. You should have waited till Genos appeared!!
So, Wonfes! I´m pretty sure we're big on the same things so: Syaoran (!!), Yue, a new Natsume, and Roy Mustang *^* However I still feel that half of Wonfes passed me by, with the hype of Kancolle, Idolmaster and Touken Ranbu still going strong. But that´s probably a good thing for my wallet, so I shouldn't complain. Ah, and there´s also the scales of Utapri, you liked the games, right?
010 months agoAryaArya
chiisai-hime (10 months ago) #12799381Yay, congrats on becoming a couch potato again! Yup, my Tales shelf is looking pretty complete to me. I wasn't too into Zestiria and the new one doesn't look as awesome either, so my wallet is safe in that regards. I have to say, Lloyd looks really good with Luke~
Yeah, I've heard of it but I haven't played it. I like my games to be voiced since that's half the reason I buy them in the first place XD I've been playing mostly mobile games lately!
This season hasn't been too special so far. Half watching Soma, Tsukiuta and Handa. Arslan might be the only keeper for me. Danganropa doesn't have my fav voice actor this season, but I'll probably watch it after it finishes to save myself from cliffhangers!

Thank ya~ Yes, your Tales shelf is pretty awesome, are you missing someone besides Xillia 2/ Zestiria? I´m part of the minority who actually likes Zestiria, and I really wanted a decent Mikleo figure...why Koto, why? T_T You were the chosen one...Llyod is with Luke? Not with Zelos? :P How come?
Looking back on it, a voiced game would be way more helpful for my learning, but oh well. Gonna finish this one first. But my reading pace is still very slow, so it´s going to take ages before that happens >_<
Pupupu, which voice actor could you be talking about? ;) I have nooo idea xD I´m still very much hoping he will make a grand appearance by the end, in good Togami-style. Ah, I watched like 4 eps of the first season of Souma already, and it seems interesting. I haven´t got that far because I was busy with One Punch-man and My Hero Academy. But now I will probably pick it up again, now that I´m done with those two.

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