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My favorite characters are Nozomi+Maki (LL), Mari+Yoshiko (LLS), Meiko+Rin+Luka (Vocaloid), Satori+Yukari+Ran (Touhou), Kirari+Anzu+Ranko (Idolm@ster), Ochako (MHA), and Miki (BGHS)!

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NozoMaki is my jam~<3

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011 days agoWario54Wario54
chocoloco (1 month ago) #18223591Thanks! ^v^
And ahah, that reminds me of what I did recently. I had four blue coupons (three and used stickers for the fourth) and tried an Aqours cheerleader scout in EN because i had gems to spare...I didn't get any cheerleader cards, but I got the initial Riko UR! That was one I had in my old account and liked, so i'm glad it's back now! ovo And the result of the blue coupon was somehow another UR! (Initial Nico) I've got an abnormally lucky situation going on, getting 3 URs in a row... Were any of the SRs you got of girls you like or event cards?
Yes, I still have enough gems for the scouting 'v'
Aww, i'm glad you were able to get the card easily! My event Nico is still unidolized, but that's okay! The unidolized one is really cute to me. c:
Yee, i've seen all the new ones! The Crystal Temps were so cute and the zoo arc was really nice! I especially loved the famethyst ^U^

Sorry this is so late! I have three midterms next week and I'm freaking out haha. Also super pissed that my DVR recorded an episode of Teen Titans Go instead of the new SU. >:/ Have you seen it? I really liked the Tiger Philanthropist episode as a huge wrestling fan at least, Lars is a classic smark.
Ooh initial Riko is one of my few URs, she's so pretty! Whoa that's a lot of URs. :O Hopefully your luck continues for the solo boxes! :D Also really happy that step-up scouting came to EN so soon, I just finished saving up 250 gems for Nozomi but I want to save even more for her now. *_* Poor Pana though. :( Unidolized rock Nico is really cute, I actually really love all of the rock cards unidolized haha.
01 month agoLostPrincessLostPrincess
chocoloco (1 month ago) #18372954Aww, it's okay! It's nice to hear from you again ^v^
And you're welcome!
I like all the gems in their own ways, and I tend to use mainly Peridot icons on social media because she has so many different expressions, but you are right that i like Peridot! :D
And yee, I did see the episode and thought it was interesting! What did you think of it? 'v'

I feel the same! (∗´꒳`) All the gems are special in their own way and I couldn't decide which one I like most. Peridot is such a cute little bean and somehow the meme queen of the whole show.

The episode was so emotional. ;^; Everything started out so nice and then Steven had the mental breakdown and shouted at Rose and everything turned dark. (´;Д;`) But it was about time that it happened. But to be honest, I still don't know if it was just Steven's imagination that created Rose or if it was really her (communicating through her gem or so). Idk, she seemed so real to me..
01 month agoLostPrincessLostPrincess
chocoloco (3 months ago) #16681216A Nozomi and Mari fan AND Steven Universe fan!? Heck yeah, sent you an FR!!
Also it's so cool that you speak German! I studied it for a couple years in high school so I can read it a little bit but i'm rusty when it comes to speaking it. >v<

First, I'm soooo sorry for the late reply, I'm a terrible person. (´;ω;`)

Thank you for the FR. ♥ I'm happy to meet you!! Yes, I adore Love Live, especially Nozomi, and Steven Universe! ( ื▿ ืʃƪ) I guess Peridot is your favourite character? Have you seen the latest episode with Rose?
01 month agoWario54Wario54
chocoloco (1 month ago) #17980570It's okay! Thanks ^v^ I didn't do much on my actual birthday, but the day after, I went to a bunch of places I like with a friend!
When I did my second blue ticket scout, I got the magician Maki UR! Very happy for that! ;v;
Even though I did a Bibi scout yesterday, I have a little more than 200 gems in my EN right now...and I think my JP has 180something. As long as I don't scout until Maki's birthday, I'll have enough for the discount scout in JP (120 gems) and 2 scouts in EN! (100 gems, but making sure I also have 100 for Nozomi...gosh, it's hard having two best girls sometimes. X3)
Aww nice, rock Nico! I got the unidolized version a couple days ago and that's all I really wanted, so i'm happy! I hope you're able to have an easy time tiering. ^v^
Oh yeah, there's been episodes this week and they'll be on a weekly schedule for the rest of February! The 10th, 17th, and 24th have episodes airing.

Sounds like a great day! And congrats on magician Maki, she's so cute!! And one of your best girls too, so lucky! I'm always so tempted to spend stickers on coupons (and I have lol) but I still have yet to get a UR from coupon scouts. ;~; Ohh that birthday scouting on JP is so cool, I hope it comes to EN soon but I'm happy to have solo boxes at least, and I'm excited to get the LP multiplier finally! I get too lazy to clear my LP sometimes, especially between events. :T Haha yep sounds pretty rough having two best girls that are basically equal, especially considering that their birthdays could be further apart, but you still have plenty of time to save! Do you still have over 200 gems? :O I only have like 140 and I'm already super tempted to scout as soon as a lily white box comes around. >.< That rock Nico event was actually really easy, I was tiering with my sister and a friend and we barely had to spend any gems. Such a precious card, both idolized and unidolized. <3 Now to tier for YohaRuby! :D
Have you seen any of the new eps? I really love them so far! The Crystal Temps were amazing omg, the whole zoo arc was great but that was the best episode for me lol.
01 month agoWario54Wario54
chocoloco (2 months ago) #17631441Yee, I always thought the Pool Eli UR was nice, but I thought I would never get it...I guess I have it now! ovo
And ooh, congrats! I'm glad you were able to get something that nice! I have a cool curse, but my own Lily White scout fought against that a little bit: Nozomi (pure) and Rin (smile) SSRs and 3 SRs, 2 of which were smile type. c:
Well, I wasn't saving for anything specific, but i did a few 3rd years scouts recently! (3 scouts and 6 SRs...i think that's pretty good! Lots of Eli and my first idolized SR: constellation Nozomi) And i still have 162 gems. I probably won't scout again until Maki's birthday because i want to scout a couple times for her and then a couple times for Nozomi.
On my birthday, i'm going to do my second blue coupon scout because i have enough for it! (The 27th)

Ah sorry this is so late but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Did you do anything fun? Get anything good from your scouts? :)
Haha that's funny because my cool team has always been the weakest, but I guess my smile team only has one UR too. Meanwhile my pure team has 3 URs. XD So many gems, I only have 85 and I'm still using a bunch to tier 2 for Rock Nico. Hopefully I can save up 250 for Nozomi box but I don't see myself resisting every single Lily White box. D:
Also Steven Universe started up again yay! I'm going to wait to binge all the episodes over the weekend so no spoilers!

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